Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Beyoncé and Jay-Z leave hospital with Blue Ivy (No apology for thuggish behavior...)

Just in case you were beginning to believe the "we don't hate him because he's black, we hate him because he's a socialist!" rhetoric.

From the article: Three days after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter, the singer and her husband Jay-Z left Lenox Hill Hospital.

A hospital spokeswoman confirmed that the couple checked out early this morning.

...The departure could not come soon enough for other new parents.

The pushy parents had installed bulletproof glass and burly bodyguards at the Upper East Side hospital where their diva daughter was born — and even booted worried moms and dads out of the neonatal intensive-care unit once Beyoncé checked in on Friday.


Typical Hollywierdos! I can understand their concern for the safety and privacy of the Mom and baby; but common sense ought to have prevailed. It sounds like they had planned this birth at this place for 2 months now. Shouldn’t they have set up a procedure for the other parents who had babies in the same hospital unit?

It’s a case of narcissism at its worst. No one is as important as me, Me ME. I love me, I love me, I love my self to death. I love me, I love Me, ‘til I’m all out of breath!!!!


Why would Holders peeps apologize for anything?


"Shouldn’t they have set up a procedure for the other parents who had babies in the same hospital unit?"

To do that, they would have actually have to cared that other people would be hurt by their actions. But why did the hospital let it happen? somebody there ought to be canned.


No apology because they are thugs. And coming out to make people feel sorry for them because she had a previous miscarriage is sick. Like most women in the world have never had one. Well, they have. People make like this make me want to throw up and make my skin crawl. It’s really sad they had a real live human being to raise. Think of the filth and nonsense that they will fill her us with.


How many killas were packin’ they nines?


Their behavior was boorish and reflects their contempt for the people that were also having a baby at the same time in the same hospital. I loath this kind of pretense to royalty that many super-wealthy people exhibit, be they business tycoons, basketball stars or singers. Had Mrs. Carter chosen to deliver her baby in Los Angeles, I'm pretty sure the big hospitals there have 'special' sections for 'VIP''s and she and her husband could have done the whole super-security routine without disturbing 'regular' patients and their families on the maternity floor. But then, what fun would that be? By disrupting others, these two are simply flaunting their wealth - and their own insecurity about how important two singers really are in the overall scheme of things.

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  1. Is "boorish" becoming a new dog-whistle code for "blah as all get-out"?