Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Majority of Conservatives See Romney as "Acceptable" (Gallup)

If Romney gets the nomination, I’ll sit this one out. And yes, I’m quite aware that it may give us four more years of Obama*.

*I still do not believe Obama will finish his first term.


I have not met a single Conservative in Mississippi that would pee on mitt if he were on fire. Everyone I speak with... unless they are party line hacks... refuse to vote for the rat bastard if he wins the nomination. Most despise mitt as much as obama. I have spoken with hundreds of voters here in the last year. Maybe up north or out west they like lying pos progressives... but mitt will not win the Southern vote and he cannot win the election without us.
Sometimes I think America does not understand us very well. Ask charlie gibson about how we ran his ass off the coast when he tried his anti Bush crap in Biloxi... post Katrina... he got in his car and left the state pronto.


Pure BS. As is the notion that these little northern states should have anything to do with picking the Republucan nominee. Iowa? Really? Lol! New Hampshire? Double lol!

We are witnessing a kabuki theatre run by the MSM. What a farce. Too many people simply don’t stop and think what a joke all this is. The Republican Party is run by a bunch of liberals who have no desire to do good for the nation. If they did care about the country they would trash the current system and construct a sensible way to choose a nominee.


The solution to our current problems is not political. We are beyond that.

I’ve said that either Obama is a piker, in which case he will go down hard, or he is the antichrist, in which case it will take God to sort it out.

If he goes down and is replaced by Romney, I think Romney fits the bill of the latter even more.

IOW, I LITERALLY consider Obama the less of the two evils.

And to be clear, I consider Obama to be the worst president in our nation’s history.


In other words, 41% of all GOP, conservative and RINO consider Romney unacceptable.
59% will hold their nose and pull the lever and the others may not. Great job GOP establishment for pushing another RINO on us while undermining conservatives and allowing a Soros puppet libertarian (a crazy one at that) to screw up the process. And what does the nation get if Romney wins the POTUS? A liberal. No thanks.

It is third party Tea Party time. The GOP left didn't get the message in 2010, maybe they need another lesson.


” I’m quite aware that it may give us four more years of Obama*.”

And that means the suspension of the Constitution. A Marxist/socialist government and situations reminisent of Germany 1939.


I’m thinking that Hillary gets the nomination - if the Alabama or Georgia case results in Obama’s decertification, all hell will break lose.

I will vote Mitt if forced, but I’d rather have Newt and enjoy the debates.


Figures lie and liars figure!

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