Saturday, January 14, 2012

Urination Excitation! (Are the Marines Being Set Up?) (2)

I was only going to do one post on this subject, but then I struck gold with this vanity thread.

Original post:

The buzz today is Drudge's headline, "P@$$ed" and the associated Wapo blog

Most Freepers know that I'm as far from a conspiracy theorist as one gets. But this seems too convenient. You have:

a president whose polling is tanking, whose re-elect is deeply in trouble, and whose policies cannot possibly improve things in the next eight months;

a president who despises the military (there is a new book out by Michael Hastings, The Operators, reporting that Obama in Baghdad didn't want to shake any more soldiers' hands or sign books;

a president who desperately wants out of Afghanistan and Iraq and who has refused to take the recommendations of his senior generals;

and now, out of nowhere, a video of Marines "desecrating" the bodies of Taliban killers suddenly appears. (For the record, I seem to recall Patton urinating in the Rhine and it was cheered by the press. Also, for the record, I seem to recall Taliban/al-Qaeda types actually cutting off the heads of living Americans, and I'm supposed to get upset by urinating on the dead body of an enemy? Sorry, gotta meditate on that one).

Also for the record, to me the video is extremely staged. The bodies are neatly positioned, the Marines lined up, and obviously this wasn't spur-of-the-moment passion, er, erupting. At the end, the photographer apparently says, "Is that it?" So the video was meant to be released.

As I say, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but for an administration desperate to be hailed for something positive and desperate to radically reduce the size of the military, this little incident seems tailor made.


Is the date the video was made public knowledge yet? How old is it?

Has it been in the wings, waiting for an operative to spring to the MSM?


Maybe the marines were paid by a liberal to do that.
Might sound preposterous, but who would be so stupid to video it and put it up on Youtube, if they aren't against the Military?


One can believe that since the lame-stream media loves and adores our Nation's Military they only have their best interests for our Nation and Nation's Military in their hearts. {Dripping sarcasm}

The lame-stream would never offer aid and comfort to America's enemies. That has never happened, and there are no instances which can be referenced. {more Dripping sarcasm}

Our Nation's lame-stream media has been more than lame-stream, or Drive-By, as Rush coined. Saddened by the lame-stream leaving NO DOUBT whose side they are truly pulling for in this war, yet no surprised.


"Maybe the marines were paid by a liberal to do that."

There are no liberals in foxholes.


We have become a nation of sissies. We are doomed. Seriously.

It’s only a matter of time.


The thought I’m mulling in the back of my mind is that Obama is using Afghanistan to get rid of the patriotic troops, either by death, injuries, or demoralization.

The most telling moment, I think, was when Obama’s people wanted to apologize for bombing Hiroshima and Japan wouldn’t let them. The thing the terrorists/Islamists want more than anything is a protracted war where the opposition views it as immoral to actually kill first before the enemy kills you. The free world could turn the Islamic world into glass and be done with it. Instead, we’re letting grown men use their women and children as human shields so that they - and we - can die slow, painful deaths while an Islam (that is hell-bent on terrorizing the whole world into becoming Muslim) spreads all over the world.

We talk about Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, and rightly say that appeasement only fuels bullies. Well, Islam is by its very nature a bully bent on domination through violent means and the suppression of anybody who has a free, independent thought. It’s Hitler on steroids. If it was OK to take out Germany and anybody who sided with Germany, then why is it not OK to take out the Islamists and anybody who sides with them? Because Islam calls itself a “religion” they’re untouchable? Murderous tyrants are OK as long as they claim to be doing it for God?

I think we need to think long and hard about the enemies we face and get serious about facing them.


Several months ago, there were some news articles about US military urinating on dead bodies.

Is this the same incident or a new one?

CAIR is notorious for trying to stir up trouble. They have been trying to claim hate crimes against Muslims for years, but only had a few cases that even seem close. But, they keep trying.

Also, recall some faked videos of British military (IIRC) several years ago in Iraq.

Per one report I heard, at least one of the guys in this current video has been located and has been out of the military for a while.


BTW, Feb. 2 is groundhog day and also the State of the Union speech.

In one case you have an insignificant little creature pontificating about the future and the other is a ground hog and his shadow.


It could be as simple as Obama wanting to get the Alice in Wonderland party off the front page. He is that insecure.


Unfortunately, we do know that the Obama regime has no problem with staging “fake but accurate” images - as can be seen by their staged photo of people anxiously watching a screen where the Bin Laden assassination was (not) being shown.

Somebody suggested that the timing of this could be to prepare for another attack. I’ve been reading up on the Holocaust and realizing just how much the Reichstag Fire was used to get Hitler’s nose into the tent. That’s how tyrants always get their foot in the door. Like a computer trojan - get somebody to believe their computer is in danger and click on the box, and voila! you’ve got full control to take over everything.

Obama tried fomenting trouble with OWS but people could see through that stupidity so it didn’t work. So now Obama has to come up with something else to be the spark to ignite the communist-slamist takeover of America. Could be the Israel and Iran situation. Maybe this attempt to raise another Abu Ghraib scandal is a back-up plan to that, or maybe this is to serve the double purpose of demoralizing the troops and distracting the public while he grabs more unconstitutional power in a race for martial law before the judges find him in contempt for refusing to fork over his documentation.

Lots to think about, for sure.


  1. I really like that last comment because of what it declares without ever realizing it: I have no idea how to use a computer.
    "...get somebody to believe their computer is in danger and click on the box, and voila! you’ve got full control to take over everything."
    In other words, I clicked on the popup that told me that I had 72 viruses on my computer, then I got scolded by my grandson for downloading malware.

  2. "Struck gold," huh? Did it come in shower form?