Sunday, January 15, 2012

Live Thread: Obama On Television Asking for Sweeping Authority For Executive Branch

I know I already did one about Obama wanting the authority to merge two agencies (something that you'd think anti-federalists would be at the very least reluctantly supporting), but the reactions in this one make the other look like calm, reasonable concerns.

Obama is asking Congress to reinstate his Executive authority to streamline six agencies into one, so he could "help businesses grow, save businesses time, save businesses money."

He's making it sound like the best thing since sliced bread. News media is eating it up.


My God! This sounds very much like a Hitler moment!

Or am I over reacting? Hitler’s stuff seemed pretty good at first, and even got some stuff done, but the devil was in the details.


I understand on the surface it would sound good...from anybody but him. it just me? Gives me the chills.


Someone just told me that he is wanting to make Govt different which takes power away form congress and gives him more power.

Is this true?


I’ve told people that I firmly believe that Obama will not finish his first term. What most don’t know is that I use that wording very specifically for a reason: One way he could not finish his first “term” is if elections are suspended. At that point he would no longer be in a “term” even though his term would have finished in January when the new president would have been sworn in.

I don’t expect it to happen, but if it does, my prediction will have come true.


The dick just keeps being a dictator.
I can't stand watching him. The way he talks makes me sick.


"Obama: Reform and remake our government so that it works. This should not be a partisan issue."

Then why are you making it a partisan issue?

The countdown on the Obamayan Calendar continues....


From some things I read earlier, he is essentially asking for fast track authority to reorganize government agencies - congress must still approve though. Reagan was given this in the 80’s and Obama wants it now ...

Of course, the proof is in the pudding - IOW, once he is given the authority, who is to say he wont abuse it, as he has every other authority vested in him.


To be honest I have NEVER heard him complete the first sentence. If I am EVER on a channel and his face comes on, I immediately hit the mute button and change the channel. I REFUSE to watch or listen to the puke. There is absolutely nothing that I want to hear him say. IF he ever quit, I will listen to that two words and cheer. But, I will never listen to the puke.


Obama has been setting us up for a civil war for a long time. That’s what community organizer is all about.


As I was typing away I actually DID hear him say something to the effect of, "Of course I won't abuse that authority"...and then he chuckled.
Believe me, I almost yakked.


Every FReeper needs to read up on the Nazis rise to power. Economic crisis, handing the reigns of power over to an individual, etc. It is that obvious.


I would lose no sleep what so ever if the north east and the west coast went on their merry way and they can have bozo, Romney , illegals , homosexuals, cross dressers, etc


Skimmed this quickly - this sounds so Hitlerian . . . looks like he going by the playbook . . . time is running short to complete his “fundamental transformation of America”.


BO/BS is really saying if Congress doesn’t further violate the Constitution, then he will issue another Executive Order.


He has to achieve absolute power so he can cancel elections ad pronounce himself king.

We all knew that, but no one listens.


God deliver us from this megalomaniac before it’s too late and we lose America.


"The Constitution is very specific: the Obama’s term of office ends on Jan 20, 2012. If no successor has been elected, then the office devolves to the Speaker of the House."

Yes, the constitution is very specific. It is also very specific about eligibility, but, there he is...


"Kristallnacht is coming. I can smell it in the air. Only this one will target conservatives and, yes, perhaps also Jews and evangelical Christians."

History repeats, but never exactly the same. The Jews were notoriously passive. In the US, the conservatives are the citizens with most of the guns and the training and will to use them.

It would NOT be pretty.


When I think of all the money they’ve stolen thus far, I think they took their funding for anything they want to do already making Congress almost irrelevant. Between this guy as POTUS, his E.O.’s, and his own stash of cash, his command of the military, it looks as though there isn’t much anybody can do about that wee birdie he is flashing in our faces.


Of course he is starting with the SBA. It is fascism. You want to start a have to get permission from the SBA by summer. You have to run it like they tell you, hire who they tell you, pay what they tell you or you won’t be able to get any business loan from the banks or grants to start-up. Watch.


"Obama has been shredding the Constitution with increasing regularity. Boehner huffs and puffs, then devolves into tears and bends over. Why would you assume that someone in the GOP will suddenly stand up and demand that the President actually follow the laws of the land?"

Right and this is not a smart and fair game/challenge between gentlemen/women but a tough fight against agressive and cynical liars.

Defend your lives and faith ! Occupy the occupiers in the WH


People forget that the NAZI’s (as well as the fascist in Italy) rose to power not because of a social or nationalistic agenda, but because of their ECONOMIC agenda.

All the other stuff (the racism, ultra-nationalism, and war) emerged later (after it was too late for the people to realize who they had put in power). The original reason the NAZIs came to power was pure economics.


I’ve got a group of middle-schoolers who are going to be researching with me how the Holocaust was able to be tolerated by the German people. I gave them some preliminary questions to help them organize the issue in their minds:

How was the system supposed to protect from this happening?

Why didn’t the system work to prevent this?

Did the people know it was happening?

I’ve been looking up Holocaust timelines so they can get abreast of the facts, and the thing that stands out is the role of the Reichstag Fire to get Hitler’s foot in the door so he could make the LEGAL/systemic changes that consolidated all power for him.

And now what you’re bringing out is Kristallnacht turning the propaganda into physical results against the targeted group.

What we’re seeing in this country is staggering. At some point these Congress-critters have to sue Obama in court so that his power grabs are ruled to be unconstitutional. If that doesn’t happen, then our system will have failed to protect us just like Germany’s system did. The German system failed because the people within it refused to fight. And we’ve got namby-pambies in Congress who still want to pretend this is about “reaching across the aisle”.

This is a full-out power grab by a tyrant, and if we don’t find somebody who will stand up to it so the system can protect us like it’s supposed to, this country is going to be torn limb from limb by the consolidated power of Obama’s handlers.


Control who can buy and sell. It makes sense now. That’s straight from the description of the beasts of Revelation. The consolidated powers lead to the mark of the beast, without which nobody can buy or sell.


This is on Obama's road to try what Hitler did and that is to get Congress to give him the authority to make all laws for 4 years, just like Germany did for Hitler. Hitler didn't take power, Germany gave it to him.
Enabling Act of March 23, 1933

This is Hitler's speech to the German congress for that act. It is similar to Obama's speech.


I’ve been saying all along that he is the reincarnation of Julius Caesar.

“To Caesar the art of government meant the promotion of any measure, however inconsistent with his previous or even present professions, that promised to advance the next in his plans; his only long-range objective which can be definitely identified was the enhancement of his power. For this he indulged in a lifetime of double talk, professing slogans of democracy, while debasing and destroying the powers of the electorate, and insisting on constitutional technicalities, while persistently undermining the constitution.” ~ Death of a Republic: Politics and Political Thought at Rome 59-44 B.C.

--- Being a reincarnation of Julius Caesar is a really bad thing? Hokay, John Wilkes Booth...


He’s trying to trick people into thinking he’s a “small government” guy. I’m sure 99% of posters here know that’s a bunch of bullspit. There are those independent voters, though, who will look at it and say...well...that’s the guy I voted for originally...maybe he’s not so bad after all.

Trust me. This is all in a playbook by Mr. Axelrod to make him look like he’s trying to retract government. Unfortunately, a lot of the lemmings will fall for it.


“IMHO why have a war?
I would lose no sleep what so ever if the north east and the west coast went on their merry way and they can have bozo, Romney , illegals , homosexuals, cross dressers, etc”

A simple explanation of why that won’t happen:

Those who represent “the traditional America” would be quite content to peacefully separate themselves from the left (and those portions of America that will forever “remain left”), re-segregate themselves into a new conservative nation (or perhaps more than one nation), and to “go their own way”. To the left, conservatives would say, “we’ll live our way and leave you alone, if you’ll do the same towards us”. Sounds rational enough, eh?

It is the liberals and the left that will NEVER agree to or allow this to happen. So long as they have a measure of control over the nation’s institutions, law enforcement and military, they will use the full force of that institutional power (including police, paramilitary, and full military power) to prevent it and to compel conservatives to live under the hell they have created for us.

There may or may not be a “second separation” coming in America’s future. I am not advocating one with this reply. But one thing is clear to me: that if that separation does come, it won’t be a peaceful one.

Just like the first one....


I dont see Obama has having the characteristics that Stalin, Castro, Mao, Che Guevara, Hilter, Franco, Tito, Mussolini, Ceaușescu or Tojo had that made them want to have unlimited power. It often seems like he is struggling with the level of power he does have. To be sure, he is interested in making many decisions without going through the procedures he is suppsoed to, and of course we can never be sure he wont abuse the power he does have. But honestly, at times I seem him as someone who would rather be a figurehead, more like the Royal Family of England than the Soviets. That is not to say for a microsecond that he cant, and hasnt already, damaged the US down to its core with the authority he does have.


"Reagan was given this in the 80’s and Obama wants it now ..."

Not quite. Presidents had this ability for 50+ years, through Reagan's first term. Then the Dems took it away from him in '84, and no president has had the power since. And this president should not be given this power, either. He is too irresponsible (or insert your favored descriptive term here).


  1. ah yes, "president" BO/BS.

    I didn't know freepers were Outkast fans?

  2. I shouldn't be surprised, but surprised I was, seeing how many unconscious references were made to an unwillingness to look at Obama. I wonder, wonder, wonder, what visual detail Obama might have that bothers these people such that they can't stand to be reminded of it?

  3. It's his lankiness. Suspiciously lanky...