Saturday, January 14, 2012

Request: U.S. Marines probe video of men urinating (1) on Taliban corpses

I use the term "request" lightly, as Jackson Herring added that "frankly a big part of me doesn't even want to know what Freepers have to say about it." If you agree, then CTRL+W now or forever hold your peace.

Better to be urinated on than set on fire, dragged through the streets and hung from a bridge.


"I thought this was SOP."

Just don’t film it.


I do not like to see reports of U.S. soldiers cutting off fingers or ears of dead Taliban. It just strikes me as disgusting.

On the other hand, I am perfectly happy to see them urinated on.


Why would Marine Corps officials even make a comment before being able to authenticate the video? This kind of presentation can be easily staged and faked.


"Dishonorable discharge maybe even a few months behind bars. This kind of disgusting and pointless vulgarity will just further enrage the Afghan mob and may cause violent retaliation against other soldiers, these retards may have inadvertently killed American soldiers."

--- This reasonable remark was made by a new member, and had quite a few responses, including:

**Oh BS. Who gives a good damn about enraging a people who want you dead anyway.?

Do you really think that this will make them want to kill Americans faster than they already do?

It may draw them out where American soldiers can kill them quicker.

**Hey nOOb troll, You are an idiot if you think ANYTHING done to the taliban by our men is gonna ramp up or regulate their hate and rage against us westerners, military or civilians. Yeah, like they need reasons. They are muslims! that is what they do, hate, hate, hate. Remember our men strung up on that bridge? Oh I suppose that was okay with you? Get a clue nOOb.

**Cry me a river.

I think this is hilarious and have no problem with it, considering what the goatfackers have done to their brothers. Other than filming it and having noncombatants seeing it, that is. Foolish, what happens on the battlefield should stay on the battlefield.

Get some Devil Dogs.


Before anyone starts wailing about this, let’s not forget that these are the Taliban we’re talking about, here. They don’t care a whit how they’d behave, if the situation were reversed. Their atrocities are far, far worse.

The Koranimals are bipedal automatons, and do not deserve to be dignified by being considered human.


Love all the sappy handwringing on the site. “Oh, this is so shameful!” “How can the Marine’s investigate themselves?”


We are at war.

These are US Marines peeing on dead Taliban.

This is a good thing.


Those disgusting little scum supported the death of 3000 Americans, shot at our troops and somehow this is going to get more of our troops killed. Give me a break. If I was in charge there wouldn’t even be a Afghanistan person alive to kill one more American. To many people loss sight of the fact that they want our brother sisters son and daughters dead.


Stupid, prissy, SOBs, whining about nothing. I want LBJ disinterred so I can piss on his corpse and I pissed on more than a few dead VC and NVA to earn the right to do so.
I think the whiners need a special "right to bitch" one week training course after which they're dropped of in the middle of bad guy country with whatever ammo they can carry, fifteen year old rations, a compass, and part of the map they need. Tell them that if they find their way back to friendlies that are, "just sixty miles over yonder", and they're still upset about the corpses of the people who tried to kill them their complaint forms will be stuck at the bottom of the pile of paper the VA routinely takes a decade to process.


Promote those men... see if any of them want to run for congress


  1. On the bright side, I learned a new keyboard shortcut today.

  2. I like to call it the "Hey, sounds like my boss is approaching" shortcut