Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jim Robinson: Taking stock of our dwindling conservative inventory

This is a vanity post by the founder of FreeRepublic, Jim Robinson, asking the community which candidate they should endorse.

His message ends with: But if we don't land on one soon and raise him up over Romney, guess who we're going to be stuck with? And it ain't going to be pretty. And if abortionist/statist/progressive Romney (or moonbat Paul) is the one, might as well get used to four more years of Obama. I won't vote for or support either one of those two.

I'd suggest that we all stop trying to tear down the other conservative candidates in the race and instead concentrate on trying to build up our own personal favorites. Who knows? May even discover an acceptable conservative (if not a great conservative) in the bunch. We've never had a perfect conservative yet. Not even the magnificent Ronald Reagan. We and they all have warts.

But we do want to have a candidate with at least an actual CONSERVATIVE record and not an out and out liberal progressive RINO. So let's compare their records and their actual conservative accomplishments but not try to destroy them personally.

God bless and may the best CONSERVATIVE be our nominee.

The comments:

I’m sticking with Gingrich to the end. He’s the only one with the political experience, the longevity, and knowledge of the system to route out, and squash all the Leftist bug larvae infesting the corpse that is what’s left of our government today.

Renew America while we still have some of it.


I like Santorum but it’s gonna take a Newt Gingrich to roll everything back pre FDR.
If we can just get Newt in then the only way that he could be prevented from restoring a constitutional republic is impeachment...he has already indicated he will not be constrained by the courts.

At this late date we require a pissed-off bull in the china shop to fix this mess. I can see no other avenue of escape. Can you?


A lot of this is being orchestrated by the GOP establishment. They put out soundbites and tidbits trying to show how XYZ conservative has departed from the true faith in some case, and then they use this to dismantle the candidate in the eyes of conservatives. All the while, they don’t want you to notice that they are doing it to push through what would be the most liberal GOP Presidential nominee since Nixon.


I’m convinced that Newt Gingrich is the junkyard dog we need to rip Obama a new one and send him running back to his Chicago cesspool with his tail between his legs. Newt has DC experience, executive ability, and his silver tongue is razor sharp. He delivers his messages straight up and he can also be very witty. His work with American Solutions was very impressive in that he was able to spell out principles around which the vast majority of Americans agree. He also has plenty of practical ideas for making government work better for the taxpayers. Is Newt pure as the driven snow? No. Whatever Newt’s “baggage”, it’s miniscule compared to Obama’s load and Newt is 100% American. Newt is like Larry the Cable Guy: Send him to DC and he’ll “Git ‘er done”. Junkyard dogs are not show dogs, but they’ll save your bacon.


"What we REALLY need to be worrying about is how to split up Paul’s base."

I don't think his base is real.

In polls, his base is a bunch of spam monkeys.

In Iowa and soon to be other primaries/caucuses, his base is cross-over liberal voters.

My theory: His numbers are fake.


I’m sure Santorum is a perfectly nice guy.

This just isnt a nice guy election.

Newt is the most fearless guy to run for the white house since Reagan. He knows how to fight and does not need time to train and get up to speed.


Good post. While it looks like "Mitt" at this stage the actual elections are yet to come. "Mitt" will probably take New Hampshire but Newt is certainly a big force in South Carolina and Florida.
I take the view that Iowa was a defeat for "Mitt" as the anybody but Romney vote was the majority.

Hopefully we can keep the "Eleventh Commandment" for the remaining primaries.

--- LOL I love this logic.


There are lots of flaws among these conservative candidates but a Romney vs. Obama race means America goes socialist forever. Whatever their flaws Santorum, Gingrich or Newt would reverse this.


I’m not certain just what can be done. Free and fair elections are clearly a thing of the past. The media is central to the problem. Fox is about as bad as the others now.

What is clear is that anyone even remotely viewed as conservative will be savaged as soon as they show signes of strength. The Republican elite has joined forces with the progressives. The country can not stand a second Obama term as he is now intent on ruling by himself. Romney is no alternative. Occupy will trash any direct appeal and the control of the Internet seems at hand.


People complain that Newt is a bomb thrower. IMHO, given washington and the mess we’re in as a country, I wish him luck and will happily assist in crafting bombs to throw.

It would be nice if the Republican Party had even a smidge of sense. The so-called elite are not only out-of-touch...
they are downright sinister in their ignorant mediocrity.


Some people have poor up-bringing. I read a post calling Gingrich a “scumbag” and I asked - how conservative is that kind of language?

And the reply I got was totally clueless to what my point was.

Thanks Hollywood!


"Why not Gingrich & Condeleeza Rice in 2012?

OR Santorum & Rice in 2012?

Putting Rice in the veep slot takes a LOT of wind out of Demoncrat sails. It may split the black vote on the other side and think of the disaffected women in the ranks of the RATS who'd jump at the chance to make history once again."

I read where Condi supports murdering innocent babies in the womb, if that is true then she’s a non-starter.


I’d turn that around and put Santorum at the top of the ticket, with Newt playing a Cheney-type role. Can you imagine Newt suddenly presiding over the Senate? I can. I think he would relish it.


"Newt is the most fearless guy to run for the white house since Reagan."

Couldn't agree more. We need a fearless, patriotic fighter to represent us now. Look at what we're up against. This country has never seen anything like Obama before.

It's going to take someone who puts on his war paint every morning to galvanize the base and defeat him.


Well said, but I fear we are victims of a biased media who is largely responsible for fomenting personal attacks on the candidates rather than focus on issues — their candidate’s weakness.

Think about it, we know more about Santorum, Cain, Perry, and others in this race than we know about Obama. Perry’s college grades were released. Where’s Obama’s? Cain may have had a few flings. Did Obama? We hear about Newt’s writings and positions in the past, where are Obama’s writings from the Harvard Review?

I am optimistic that the American people have had enough of Obama, and will vote him out regardless who we nominate. That said:

Gingrich - Santorum 2012


I have been guilty. I have been very guilty on the Perry thread. Well I am not doing it anymore. Your article is correct. I can go with Santorum, Newt, Perry. I am leaning towards a Newt/Santorum ticket because Santorum is young enough to be President in 8 years and after the two of them transforming our country, we will be in good shape for another 4-8 years of a Republican President. So if we go with this ticket it is possible that we have the Presidency until at least January 2029.


Well said Jim! I hear you and it’s pretty frightening, to say the least. Romney is essentially “Odrama lite” which is why the MSM is pushing him....

God in heaven needs to hear our prayers and help people get it together enough to support someone decent. Or maybe He needs to open some people’s eyes.


Gingrich didn't serve, but his ENTIRE family going back 100 years did, unlike that degenerate scumbag from Kolob Romney.
That glad handing non chicken skin eating douchebag will NEVER be POTUS, and third party candidates to stop him could include Palin , Gingrich, and Trump.

Better to let the communists own the collapse than put some blue blood corporate raider crypto-crony capitalist bourgeois con man in the White House.

Obama reelected only speeds up the inevitable collapse and reset.

The US Federal Government post Civil War has turned into a criminal enterprise run by lawyers and bureaucrats for their own perpetual enrichment at the expense of the productive class.

It has also ceased to be a representative Republic and has turned into a sure to fail Democracy.

The Founders didn't put a right to vote into the Constitution for a very simple reason; they didn't want imbeciles, those under 21, and lazy parasites to be enfranchised, in fact warned against it, leaving the States to determine who could cast ballots.

This government must be reset with all Amendments other then the original Bill of Rights repealed.

The franchise must be limited and determined by the states.

Incorporate term limits, rotate the Capital amongst the States, and ensure dueling is legal so big mouth politicians will think twice before telling outrageous lies and slanders.


Jacob was a cheater, Peter had a temper, David had an affair, Noah got drunk, Jonah ran from God, Paul was a murderer, Gideon was insecure, Miriam was a gossiper, Martha was a worrier, Thomas was a doubter, Elijah was moody, Moses stuttered, Zaccheus was short, Abraham was old, Lazarus was dead.... God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the CALLED!
jus sayin.


"I agree with all you say, except Romney is still quite a bit better than Obama."



"Really? You can’t think of 3 ways Romney is better than Obama?


I’m not aware that Romney has surrounded himself with avowed communists. Maybe he has and I’m open to correction on that issue. Obama is surrounded by hard communists who want to turn America into Italy on its way to Vietnam."

-- 1: Look up the history of his close friends Ted Kennedy in south/centeral America and John Vietman Kerry and reask the question.


Obama is a Muslim who bowed to the Saudi King and has assisted the consolidation of power of fundamentalist Islam in Egypt, Lybia and Tunisia, and he is trying in Syria and Yemen. Really, Do you really think Mormon Romney would promote the spread of radical fundamentalist Islam abroad?"

-- 2. Did we think before Obama was elected he’s do the kind od damage in ME relations he has?


Obama has limitless funds for destruction from George Soros. Romney has no such benefactor."

-- 3: Liberals with control of Treasury Dept are proven to proint whatever cash required

"#4 Obama has an army of support from ACORN and SEIU to engage in widespread voter fraud. Romney has no such army of support."

-- 4: Sure he does. He’s a liberal too.


Obama has a complicit media to cover up his scandals and
damaging policies. A president Romney would be held in check by a left-wing socialist media."

-- 5: he is a liberal left wing socialist too. RE ROMNEYCARE. GUN CONTROL etc.

"#6 Romney, to my knowledge, never ran guns to the Mexican cartels in a manipulation ploy to pass gun control laws."

-- 6: Nor has Romney - but he’s not President. Yet. See “Left wing socialist who hates guns and may well use it like Obama did to drum up anti-gun hysteria.)

"#7 Romney hasn’t tried to destroy the US coal industry."

-- 7: Yes he has. Hes a global warmist.

"#8 Romney did not nationalize banks and car companies in Massachusetts."

-- 8: He nationalized (relatively speaking) ROMNEYCARE

"More than any single reason why WE MUST DEFEAT OBAMA is to repeal Obamacare. Obamacare kicks in right after the election and 4 years later will see it entrenched with no hope of ever repealing it. Romney would not lead the fight to overturn Obamacare, but he could be dragged kicking and screaming to “compromise” and repeal it by a determined House and Senate that sends him a repeal and dares him to veto it."

ROMNEYCARE. What part of “NO ROMNEY NO WAY” is a problem. In Jim somehow someone people here feel free to ignore?


I don’t blame you but I’ve decided to go down with the ship. I want to escape from California, but I’ll make my last stand in Virginia, and if it means going down in the USA, then I go down in the USA. I can’t leave my nation. There is simply no place better to go. As bad as we are becoming, there is no place better to go.

Here is a simple test.

Think of any country you might want to flee to. Imagine that country.

Now imagine going target shooting in that country with an M1 Garand rifle, or an AR15.

Now imagine using the country’s head of state for that target practice. In public.

Now you tell me what nations on earth where you can do that any day of the week and live to tell the tale, not thrown in some hellhole dungeon for crimes against the state.

Simple test.

I’m going down with the ship. My last stand will be in Virginia. Damn the torpedos... uh, commie bastards!

-- Wait... is this guy saying that the best way to test if you're in the best country in the world is whether or not you can assassinate the head of state without getting thrown into a dungeon? or am I misreading that? Anyone?


Gingrich has too much baggage, IMO. After he gets done savaging Romney with ads, he ought to drop out and leave the field to Santorum.

One on one Santorum can beat Romney. We have to clear the field for him. He's the last one standing.


“I know its a dead horse, but Palin not running was a sad loss for us and the nation.”

Amen to that. If things get bad enough, and the nomination process fails us, maybe she still will.

By the end of the thread, Jim Robinson was banning anyone who questioned the anti-Romney stance.

On a side note, yesterday, the number of unique visitors to this blog quadrupled, with no discernible reason. They appear to be visitors who came here directly, rather than via a link or a search engine. Does anyone have any explanation for that? My numbers went back to normal today.


  1. Why do these people hate RON PAUL so vehemently?

  2. Probably because he's an actual RINO and thus destroys their narrative about people like McCain and Boehner being "RINO"s

  3. I think he means to use an anti-head of state target (like paper target) in a publicly visible shooting range. Apparently this guy does that. Go 'Merica! We're #1! We're #1!

  4. "it’s gonna take a Newt Gingrich to roll everything back pre FDR."

    Exactly how many of these morons were even alive and old enough to remember the utopia America was pre-FDR?

  5. "Whatever their flaws Santorum, Gingrich or Newt would reverse this."

    Gingrich and Newt are different people now?

  6. "Exactly how many of these morons were even alive and old enough to remember the utopia America was pre-FDR?"

    All of them.