Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood Cuts Contraception, Not Abortion After De-Funding

Article from Life News

Summary: After losing government money, Planned Parenthood has cut back on many other programs, but not on their abortions. Article author thinks this is because Planned Parenthood is crazy about abortions 24/7.

Makes sense from their point of view. Less birth control equals more abortion business.


Population control - they need to keep the ovens in operation, since that’s 9/10ths of the law. They don’t want to risk stopping and not being allowed to start again.

They (the statist lefties) like the inner city destitute populations as a voting block of sheeple, but they don’t want their population to grow beyond what they need for a voting block. They expend great efforts to make sure their sheeple keep getting sex, drugs and government dole to keep them happy.


To them, contraception is just public relations. The important thing to them is that the human sacrifices continue. Who knows what sort of strange and unusual horrors Moloch might rain down on those running PP in any area where they're forced to stop abortions.


How ironic! In the ‘Live Free or Die’ state Planned Parenthood is choosing to murder babies in the womb over preventative (possible life-saving) exams.

--- More like, how ironic! People tried to point out to you that if you cut Planned Parenthood money you would cut the preventative exams and not the abortions, and you said that was a lie! And now you're surprised.


Well, this really puts the lie to the claim that abortions aren’t funded out of tax dollars.

An organization that provided women’s health services and contraceptives while staying away from any aspect of the abortion industry could be quite successful. But it probably wouldn’t bring in the cash that abortion does.


The issue of exams and other medical services provided by PP is irrelevant. If the Ku Klux Klan ran a soup kitchen for the homeless, would we give it a pass on its lynchings because, after all, it was doing some good?


  1. I think the last guy is asking in a serious manner so he can finish writing his proposal for "charity funds" for his local chapter.

  2. "Well, this really puts the lie to the claim that abortions aren’t funded out of tax dollars."

    I just don't understand how your thoughts can be so opposed to reality. I mean, this literally proves the OPPOSITE of what this poster thinks it does.