Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway shooter, part 4

"The plot thickens. First a Christian, but then a Marxist? White guy who goes on a killing spree on the day the DHS Video warning about White Terror comes out? Now connecting himself to Pamela Geller.

How convenient. "

He was not a Marxist. He hated Marxism in all its forms. I’ve only just begun to read his manifesto abd have so far found nothing to disagree with. His solution was wrong and horrific, but his thinking and research were not incorrect.


[quote from the guy]

There is an intellectual disconnect here. Many of his ideas appear completely reasonable, then he kills 90+ children.

Where is the logical or illogical connection?

I’m not buying it.

There’s something rotten in Norway.


The writer [of this manifesto] is a native US speaker. Unless this guy is from the US, the author is no more Norwegian than I am.


I've seen the video based on the Berwick manifesto and I have to agree with almost all of it. I'm starting to read the manifesto and so far, it is dead on. I just think something snapped in this guy, the Norwegian shooter, in order for him to do this. I would have to ask a whole load of questions. Is he under extreme financial pressure? Girlfriend problems? What is his job situation? I can go on and on. I'll also like a full medical examination, I keep thinking of the Austin shooter, Whiteman, back in 1966, they discovered in his autopsy that he had a brain tumor.


We should not extrapolate European problems onto ourselves. Most of our ancestors left Europe. And they left their European problems in Europe. This incident to me was a political attack and represents an escalation of civil war within the European continent. There is a reason the Euro is failing. Perhaps another great European purge has begun or is looking for justification.


Why is anyone wondering why he did this?

In Norway there have been 2 groups of people:

1.) People who are beautiful and almost suicidally tolerant and open

2.) People who suck off the system, are fatalistic, often deal drugs, clitorectomize girls, shut their women in and enslave them as baby factories, and then and go around preaching death and all manner of ill-will to their credulous hosts

The man saw the Norwegian Labor Party as endlessly willing to import members of group 2 in ever-larger numbers. He got very mad, and saw the KIDS of this Party as being the thing they valued most —so he attacked that.

Can you debate that what he did was black-hearted? No. But why is ANYONE wondering about his motives....?

It’s the most obvious thing in the world and the Left more than any group at all wants him to have no opportunity to speak.

The reason is that the divide in Norway between groups 1 and 2 above could NOT conceivably wider, but multiculturalism pretends they’re the same.

They’re not, and what they require is for people to go on pretending that they’re the same.


It is too bad this guy didn’t decicde to follow Lenin’s or Mussolini’s methods of coup d’etat instead of doing what he did. I’m not sure if he was hoping to provoke a revolution, like Tim McVeigh did, and if he did, he has failed, but certainly, like many others, some of them murdered by the Islamists, or, say, Oriana Fallaci, he has certainly raised the awareness of the danger. For how long and with what results?

I’m afraid that as frustration and rage among Europe and America’s non-elite natives raises there will be more like him and McVeigh.


He considers himself a patriot for taking out the future leadership of the leftwing that is destroying Norway.
He reached his tipping point and acted effectivly.
How soon will that day cone for the US?


  1. "The writer [of this manifesto] is a native US speaker."


  2. So basically they agree with the guy. Nice.

  3. Blaming the victims. Stay classy, conservatives.