Tuesday, July 19, 2011

'Ground Zero Mosque' Clears Legal Hurdle to Build

I love me some Ground Zero Mosque derp.

Article from ABC news

Summary: New York State Supreme Justice Paul Feinman dismissed a lawsuit by former firefighter Timothy Brown who argued that New York City was wrong to allow the destruction of a 150-year-old building to make way for the Islamic center.

"Is [the Judge] Jewish?"

They probably have some child/porn proof against him and are bribing him—OR he is a Marxist like several of our SC Justices.

Govt. wants irrational laws and chaos for their revolution. Divide and conquer so we can establish totalitarianism.....One World Government.

Why would you allow a foreign government system to be established inside a US city when it is antithetical to the Constitution? And this person was trained in a US legal system?

OH YAH!!!! Oliver Wendell Marxist Holmes’ type of law-—That Postmodernist cr*p which is irrational and immoral...and Marxists took over our Universities and “twist” the history and censor the content, so law grads have NO CLUE as to what the intent and meaning of the Constitution is—oh, it breathes!!!!!!!!!

There are NO Universal Truths except what “we” decide— homosexuality is “good” and you can only put “positive” info about the pederasts in elementary text books, and you can’t mentioned that Hays—the founder of the movement was sodomized as a boy, even though he loved it. You can’t mention that Charles Manson was sodomized as a boy and went on to sodomize others. You can’t mention that a lot of the serial killers were homosexual—and a lot of them killed the little boys—after sodomy, of course. (Dahmer, Gacy, etc.) It MIGHT give the little boys nightmares—can’t mention the truth.

OH, but TV only shows “good” “loving” “cute” homosexuals who are just a little bit narcissistic, but so creative and talented—much more than “average” people!...It is agitprop—they have an agenda—The Marketing of Evil documents Hollywoods brainwashing techniques and the advertisers and Foundations who put billions into TV and movies to change your perceptions—market THEIR ideas....YOU are brainwashed by methodologies designed by highly paid psychologists that all TV shows hire and all commercials hire.

We do live in Goebbel’s Germany. It is more sophisticated now. Look for it—you will see the techniques.

The homosexuals I’ve known for real are extremely self-centered and hedonistic, one did prison for molesting boys and the lesbian I knew ran over her “girlfriend” in a rage. They are deeply dysfunctional in a most profound way and have a very warped, self-centered worldview (like zero).


"Of course this was fought on the religious freedom issue. The only trouble is, not every Muslim group is purely religious. Many are a combination of religion and political policy. This is a description of a people hell bent on creating Sharia Law, which is not the separation of church and state as codified in our Constitution."

Islam IS POLITICAL. It is a system of militaristic fascism with elements of religion.


Therein lies the argument. The judges hands are tied if all Islam is, is a religion. He had to accord equal treatment to Islam according to the Constitution. But if Islam were ajudged a cult, or a conspiracy, then we could legislate against it and the courts would treat Islam like Scientology or Peoples Temple. who knows for all I know these might be religions today..


The Ground Zero Mosque is dead in the water,
and has been for more than a year.
It’s absurd to say some judge’s ruling gives
a ‘green light’ to its construction-—this challenge
by the firefighter is just one among many, and many more to come. The Ground Zero Mosque is NO CLOSER than it ever was to being built-—I was there among a thousand others
at the last very loud protest at the site last year, was interviewed by a European newspaper,and I can say with certainty that this Mosque WILL NEVER BE BUILT.
Is it any wonder that this whole issue has quieted down
drastically in the last six months?
It’s THEY who have very few cards to play, and this story makes it look like the Mosque’s opponents have very few cards to play. This story has got it ass-backwards.


A mosque in the U.S. is a political outpost designed to recruit, raise money and give support to the islamo-fascists. Given the opportunity, they will use our laws to undermine our society. They will use the same tactics as the gays.


I wonder how long it will stay standing. Anyone got a pool going yet?


Gut instinct...if the radical Islamist can't institute Sharia law in the U.S. within a certain amount of time (They plan via numerology), or their politically correct left wing protection wavers, that building will become a bomb. Other mosques will be the same.
People are forgetting the goal of Islam is world domination. If the NYC pagans refuse to bow to Allah the moon God when they're ordered to do so, they will die.




... New York State Supreme Justice Paul Feinman thinks by appeasing them he and his family won't be put into cattle cars when they take over....

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”,

Men have been emasculated by a 60 year process instigated by cultural marxists—starting in force with Alfred Kinsey, Freud, and Hugh Hefner and the Beats. It was a movement to intentionally destroy the patriarchy and, with it, the family, which destroys the future generation.

Marxists knew that it was the white Christian man which made America the greatest place on earth and the most independent—with an individualist/responsible slant not easy to enslave. Men exactly like Col West used to be more the norm in America. Women made it possible by playing their role of raising and nurturing children, so the men were able to accomplish things outside the home, and the children would grow up with sound role models and be emotionally healthy. Their perception of reality was not created by TV—it was experienced by doing.


This post is way too long to quote all of but it's pretty herpy


(re: taking American back in 2012)

I really hope you are right, but I am a little nervous with the muslim in chief still in office and homosexualizing the military and schools.

What type of minds will be left inside America to reinvigorate the ideas of freedom and selflessness, where someone is even willing to fight for a greater good and the future (their children). The narcissism and materialism and self-worship will destroy the nation and freedom.

Worldview determines everything—virtue— and the Marxists/fascists are creating the perceptions and controlling the minds of too many of our children and destroying their ability to be virtuous—understand good and evil, right and wrong, because of the dysfunctional families government has created and their indoctrination in the public schools and TV.

Great evil is afoot and if I didn’t believe in God, I would be very, very frightened.


I cannot bring myself to spell certain words correctly, among them musslums, mosk, and osama (the president).


Only in America do we allow our enemy to kick our asses on our own ground. Dumb.


  1. Ugh this is particularly disturbing.

  2. The long post about Marxists is absolutely insane. It's so sad, it's almost funny.

  3. When your best explanation for something not going your way is that the people on your side are being bribed with child porn, you may be fighting for hte wrong side.

  4. One poster has a point though. Wouldn't it be terrible if some mainstream group mixed religion and politics?

  5. Wow. The guy who manages the neat segue from a rant about Muslims to a rant about the gays is extra special. Life must really suck when you're so full of hate; I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't trying so hard to make life suck for the rest of us too.