Monday, July 25, 2011

What Did The Oslo Killer Want?

Last one before we turn our focus to the impending default.

Summary: He wanted to start a war between Europeans and immigrant Muslims.

Why would anyone waste time analyzing this guy’s motives and reasoning? And why give him a forum to “explain himself?” Bottom line is that he wanted to kill innnocent people and he succeeded. He should be strung up, but sadly, he probably won’t get the justice he so richly deserves here on earth.


Let me offer a third possibility.

The killer was influenced by the same kind of random terror attacks that he’s now seen his whole life, starting with the Lockerbie bombing in 1988, when he was five years old (I think), and ending with the July 11, 2011 killing of seven children by a suicide bomber in Pakistan (19 were injured). As he’s grown, he seen more and more people from Islamic culture, and he sees a ferocious loyalty to their culture. He’s seen how they do things. He creates this mirror world to Islam, and finally decides to act in defense of his vision of the world. He was using jihadi methods for his own purposes.

And, yes, those media claiming he’s a Christian of some sort. I have an answer right here on my middle finger.


And, yes, those media claiming he’s a Christian of some sort.

I bet he's just as much a Christian (in action, not just in label) as Obama.


He's a bit like Obama. Try to destroy the current nation in hopes that you can rebuild it in your preferred political image. Obama is trying to destroy us economically via the political process. The shooter wants a more direct route of military destruction to move the process along with more speed and surety. Both fail to understand that once everything is ripped down to dysfunction, there is no guarantee you can restart it as you please. The mentally ill in positions of power.


I’m going with repressed homosexuality. His object was to kill these young boys, ( although girls too, I believe, ) as an acting out of this repression. An old story, and to some errant nonsense. When you’re talking about a twisted mind, though, there is something twisting it.


“It’s also possible, that like many Nazis, he was enamored with certain aspects of Islam, like the concept of Jihad, which was not out of line with the old Pagan concept of Valhalla, in fact, Himmler himself, stated that he regretted that Islam didn’t take more of a foothold in Europe, and displaced Christianity, which he considered a cowardly religion.”

My thinking as well.
The common thread of the communists, nazis, islamicists, and hard left is this:
They are willing to take people, line them up against a wall and kill them, if that gets their ideology advanced.

Christianity hasnt been that tough on heretics and opponents since the days of witch burning.


  1. Wow, they managed to make him a left wing homosexual Muslim Nazi. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or afraid.

  2. who's a bit like Obama.

  3. YAY! BRING BACK WITCH BURNING! These people literally want a return to the culture of the 1600's.