Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norwegian suspect, part 3

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Of course he "acted alone."

He simply looked up on the Internet how to manufacture an Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizer) bomb and much like the rest of us do when searching how to make a good apple pie, proceeded to successfully accomplish what even practiced terrorists have had much difficulty accomplishinng, build a huge bomb and detonate it successfully.

Likewise, someone who had (apparently) no Military training/experience, goes out and obtains some weapons (including difficult to acquire--as reported--fully-automatic ones) and ammunition and proceeds (without ever having praticed, prepared or had any "instructions") to massacre some 80+ young children.

Makes sense to me!!! /sarc


"Was his objective to kill and then have the public believe it was done by Muslims?"

It's worked with some people here. You could have a full confession from this guy and they would say it was a Muslim. I know that we ask many times "If mainstream Islam isn't represented by terrorist why don't more Muslims come out and condem those attacks." Well, I'll be the first to say publicly that even if this guy claims to be a Christian and a right winger he doesn't represent me, my faith, or those of you who stand with me for what is right. Our cause isn't about seeking out and killing a bunch of kids.


Am wondering how Europeans in general feel about the Muslim problem - is the tide turning? Is it too late?

Muslim refusal to integrate will ultimately destroy their host’s cultures - what an unimaginable tragedy that would be.


The traitors who unleashed the Muslim immigration onslaught against Europe made this madness inevitable. The Viking blood of Norway has been sleeping, but it didn't go away. Let's remember that the Viking was a warrior, but also capable of butchering innocents if that would get him what he wanted. Ask the monks at Lindisfarne.

God grant solace to the families. Having lost a child myself, I know that nothing will ever be the same for them.


Here’s a clue for the clueless - Islam demands war against ALL non-Moslims.

Moslims are fighting a Crusade against the nom-Moslim world as I type this.

As for the crazed Norwegian murderer, he is hardly the first to see the necessity/inevitability of a crusade against Islam. Anyone who knows Islam, loathes Islam.

Shooting non-Islamic children is hardly a valid argument for the destruction of Islam.


Look at it this way...

You are in Germany circa 1937. You know where one of the National Socialist retreats will be where future Nazi's are being indoctrinated.

What would you do?

--- In the interest of fairness, several Freepers replied to this guy saying he was a sick fuck.


>> He’s just your average National Socialist. He thinks
>> conservatism means racial purity.

I see. Integration has worked so well for us. We have become such a great multicultural post-racial society since the 60’s. And it just keeps getting better and better.

Sentiments like yours make it clear. You’ve lost the culture war and you don’t even know it. They’ve managed to change the way you think and most of today’s conservatism is ideologically crippled and emotionally neutered to the point where it is always on the defensive. To steer clear, and not insinuate and never be confused with, or gosh forbid with anything that the other side labels “racist” and “offensive”.

Conservatism in its present form is a dead horse.

You think 2012 will save you? You think Palin or Bachmann will save you?

Just like coming here post-election day 2008 and finding some people slowly, painfully waking up to reality.


He is obviously a nut..a mean nut.

But he is dead on that multi culturalism will kill Europe as he knows it just as surely as it will kill America as we know it.

It's a work in progress chugging steadily to a fait accompli.

Doesn't excuse his murdering but dismissing him as a National Socialist misses the point of what is happening to all of us.

We have already lost California to multiculturalism...Colorado largely...New Mexico to, Texas and Florida could be next...if Texas goes the way of California then we are beyond the point of return.

The demographics who vote for more government and contribute less will outnumber those who don't forever.

His fantasies about a modern Knights Templar notwithstanding..

some conservatives are very slow to wake up to this and will use this maniac as an excuse to resist the obvious

I recall around here 5 years ago just proposing that amnesty was a bad idea because those in need of it tended to invoke charges of bigotry like your’s here and even zots.

Now look at us.

We have one demographic block that votes 90-95% Democrat..12% of the population

another that votes 80% and they are anywhere from 16-18%...who knows really?

That is a 25% lock on the electorate for the takers. Add stupid white people and other minorities who with few exceptions vote Democrat as well and it's already a tall order...throw in their birth rate and it just gets means we have to get around 66% of the remaining votes once we get past just those two aformentioned minority locks...does anyone here actually get how tough this is?

Only difference is in Norway, whites did this almost 100% to could argue that the North Sea oil turned their backbone to mush

Nobody wants to claim this me ..but dismissing him as a purely Neo Nazi misses the point..or trying to claim he's really a socialist is inaccurate..we have freepers here from Norway who have read his ramblings and claim much of it is in sync with this site

That he is crazy is without question..why kill kids?...if just had to go ape then why not take the party head on? soft targets are just that..soft and I suppose in his wickedness he knew this would hurt..bad bad hurt...the worst kind and hopefully bring more govt clampdown to further his vision for when traditional Europe will finally get a backbone and resist the sapping of the culture by particular Muslims

I think Europe needs to wake up too and no matter what a devil guided jackass this guy is doesn't detract from the fact that Europe has a problem with immigration, Islam, revenue, wacky criteria etc and that the dilution of traditional demographics is only making a bad situation worse Europe..France is their California...they lose France to Islam and it's a big problem..who will stand up against it?

Germany and England? ironically the former East block shows more resistance to the follys of multiculturalism experiments..course they can't afford it

He was going after the political party who were in his opinion enabling the Muslims to destroy their culture. More pointedly, he was going after their future generation of leaders and trying to nip it at the bud so to speak. From what I read these were the kids of the elite, the future movers and shakers of Norway.

Horrific as it is, there was a logic behind the madness. Pretty sure he didn’t act alone either.


Just exactly what type of retreat was this? They keep saying a youth retreat but what type? Was it Christian? Jewish? Buddhist? Muslim?

It's hard to comprehend that someone would commit such a devastating act in order to make a point unless the actor was a Muslim and not a Christian as alleged.


Noble goal, lousy method.


[As a kid,] Reagan was a democrat - suppose a crazy guy attacked his summer camp.

This is more like the sunni and the shite killing each other in the name of allah.


While it all too apparent that one must condemn this attack one can also reserved his or her own thoughts about how they when they are backed against the wall will confront Islam and its predetermined eventual world domination.

What would Americans think about all across America the Boy Scouts were forced to learn the Koran? or this scenario that Obama does indeed get re-elected and forms his Youth Corp?

Islam creates the Timothy McVeighs of the world.

My postings do not accept or support the actions of the Norway shooter and his choice of political protest. But during times of war everyone is guilty at one time or another of atrocities.


  1. That italics fail made me fear for your sanity for a moment there, LE.

  2. Wow, they are starting to side with him. I'm shocked, I tell you.

  3. Deflecting fuckwits...

  4. That whole thing was a bunch of people saying "He was forced to do it by Islam!"

    But don't call them racist.