Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Bachmann posts: Marcus Bachmann owns a "pray away the gay clinic", and Libs call Marcus Bachmann gay

Summary: Marcus Bachmann's clinic helps gays who want to go straight through Jesus do so, and the dirty liberals want to make this sound like a bad thing.

Back when America still had some moral fiber, the fact that a candidate’s spouse helped gays go straight with Jesus’ help would have been viewed as a PLUS, not a minus.

So sad how far we have fallen.


"We have to understand that this is literally a clash of WORLDVIEWS.

Unrepentant gays believe that there is no need to do God’s Work on their behalf because GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY. There is NOTHING TO REPENT.

Hence, trying to change them is akin to changing what God Himself made.

Of course, what people don’t see is that the Bachmann’s aren’t forcing their worldview on people. They are trying to help those gays who struggle with their identity and do not subscribe to the the worldview of the unrepentant gay."

What true believer of any religion, let alone Christianity, believes that God made homosexuals as they are?

It's leftists and secular humanist argument that has been advanced by Communists in this nation going back to at least 1963.

Anyone claiming God made the way they are isn't speaking for God.


To even suggest that the gay life style may be a choice (at least for some) is to be accused of “hate speech.” And even if if it’s not a choice that doesn’t make it natural.


Summary: The evil liberals are accusing Marcus Bachmann of being gay/ex-gay.

...and how is it that they have not pronounced Obama gay for marrying such a “man-ish” gal? I would imagine this hypocracy has not escaped most of us, so how did it escape the media?


Leftists [communists] can support two opposing agendas* at the same time if it furthers their power and advances communist domination (ie, destruction of capitalism and Christianity),

so hypocrisy is not a stretch.

(*Islam and feminism/homosexuality)


"The Homosexual movement is a greater threat to American freedom than Islam."

Given the choice, I'd rather take my chance with the poofers than with the jihadists.

At least gays aren't trying to bring down airliners.


I happened to hear this on ABC news this evening. It was their lead story. I agree, the tone was derisive. They sounded aghast that someone would pray for a homosexual this way. I did not hear them ask if it had helped any one. They probably don’t believe it ever would and/or don’t want to know.


I have often wondered how the lefties can so wholeheartedly support Muslims AND the homosexual communty when they have to know that muslim radicals want to destroy gays much MORE than they do the rest of us.


I think Zero is probably a poofter. At least a part-time poofter.


"At least gays aren't trying to bring down airliners."

No. They're trying to sodomize your sons.


Have we forgotten Larry Sinclair? Whatever happened to him?

--- Oh man, I should totally do a Larry Sinclair post.


Have you ever seen [Obama] walk down the stairs of Air force 1? His wrists are held together and bobbing up and down - it's weird looking.


I bet Jon Stewart is a pickle smooching sodomite.

Sure looks and acts like one.


Truth be told I believe the Obama stories out of Chicago

I do. They were never really refuted, just unreported.


"Take away the canned laugh-track [on The Daily Show], turn your brain on, and I think you'll realize that most "comedy" material is mere stupidity (or worse)."

It's worse. It's programming.It takes advantage of the human tendency to laugh when others do, regardless, (people will, even if they don't know what's funny).

Once people have been programmed to laugh, they equate the stimulus with humor, or at least de-sensitized to the normal reaction of disgust they might have had before. It's almost Pavlovian.

Given even a second to think about it, they would likely not laugh at all.


0bama looks and acts like a flamer. The professional buffoons don't tell people to laugh at 0bama; they don't mock his effeminate mannerism.

The problem isn't the sodomite thing.

The problem is the "getting your political ideas from buffoons" thing. If you're right, if a critical mass of folks in the American electorate really do decide how to vote based on the antics of buffoons, then we're screwed. Such an electorate can be relied upon to select the worst of all possible candidates.

Todd Palin being "kickass" is irrelevant. It just means that the buffoons will need some other angle to mock the Palins. Same with Mr. & Mrs. Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Cain.

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  1. What a horrible bunch of people. You almost pity them until you realize that they'd probably kill you for being liberal or a communist or whatever the hate du jour is this week.