Friday, July 15, 2011

OBAMA ABRUPTLY WALKS OUT On Republicans in Debt Talks (Video)

He threw a temper tantrum, typical baby..doesn’t like what he hears so he storms out. No wonder Michelle eats so much, who can blame her, look who she is married to


If his resignation is forthcoming, fine. Otherwise he’s just a spoiled snotball who has never heard the word NO.


Guess “Obama” isn’t Kenyan for “Mature” [but if you swap the “t” for an “n”...].


barry the zero thinks he is CEO of America, with the Senate as VPs reporting to him, the House as directors reporting to THEM (and ultimately to him), and the American Public reporting to them.

When he is slapped in the face with the fact he has it bass-ackward, with him reporting to we the people and Congress and not the other way around.

But when you understand this is his mind-set a lot of his actions make sense and are rather predictable.

That is why Boehner should STOP going to the WH — summon barry to the halls of power: The House has the purse strings and that is the source of the real power.

Someone needs to teach barry the manchild a few rules about life and the USC.


"[picture of a pack of cigarettes]"

I thought the "sophisticated urban male" preference was:

[picture of a pack of Kools]


As said in another thread, all obama needs to do is to get on TV (with his teleprompter) and announce that he will not be a candidate for President in 2012. Even with a temporary fix for the debt ceiling, the Dow will go through the roof, investment will surge, and in 6 months or so we will have lots of new private-sector jobs.

Since obama can’t handle being President anyway, that’s exactly what he should do. But he probably won’t.


He has never had to do a real deal before and people close to him are starting to see how inept and stupid he is. I see words like "Jello" and "demogogue" coming out of the mouths of Boehner and even McCain now.

He is being shown up as an idiot in real talks behind closed doors.

Baby Bambi can only perform alone before a podium...he doesn't know how to really think and do work. All that's left now is temper tantrums.


Obama pulls this stunt a lot. There were reports that he walked out on the Prime Minister of Israel, leaving him sitting there alone while Obama ate dinner with his family. The Jewish delegation was not offered kosher food.

Also, remember that Newt Gingrich’s temper tantrum in 1995 helped turn the tide against Republicans. Clinton and Gore later admitted they they deliberately treated the Republicans like dirt in order to provoke them to rage.


I guess the man needs to be reminded this is a republic with separation of powers. He is NOT a king, he is simply the President.


It’s drama queen time for the community organizer!

He’s sayin’ “I got the banksters in my corner and they own the owners of the media and if you don’t give ‘em the dough, we will smear you to kingdom come.”

It’s the ole Jesse Jackson shake down move writ large. Pay us off or you will be smeared!


This pos is a coward who can’t even control his own wife let alone his party. Lets watch the show and get ready for the flaming skulls


The House should impeach him. The Senators who vote for acquittal will have some 'splainin to do next year. They won't be able to distance themselves from this would-be tyrant. There is also a chance that some Democrats will consider him enough of a liability to vote for conviction.

Obama is trying to teach us all to be obedient. The only alternative is to go on the offensive and impeach. If not now, when?


Does anyone realize what this cowardly POS is doing? He is trying to add $4 Trillion so he has another slush fund when he loses the next election(2012). He knows he is toast. He just hasn’t fully funded his LOSS yet. He recently was caught giving $Millions to ACORN. Anyone believe this was not a deposit on his future income?


He thinks he's a king. He grew up in Indonesia, and that's the pattern burned into his brain as a child.

This is why he bows to other kings. He idolizes them, and we despise them.


FUBHO. You louse, you tick, leach, bloodsucker.

You’ve lost the presidency when you ignored the majority of THE PEOPLE. When you use dictates to rule over us.

Since when you represent the American People? You and that wife of yours never acknowledged those of us who have grievous concerns about your legitimacy, your lack of leadership, and most of all your allegiance to the USofA.

Except when you and that wife of yours bring us up to belittle. I use to have the respect for the office of the presidency, not anymore, as long as you sit in that office. You started it and never let go, so don’t blame me.


I remember buying our very first home, $36K at 18% interest rate, 1985. This lousy president is going to fall big time. Did you see that gallup poll? Obama loses by 8% to an UNNAMED republican. He's not toast, he's burnt toast.

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