Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grandmother Selling Suicide Kits To Help People ‘Die With Dignity’

From April.

Summary: A 91-year-old woman in South Carolina is selling helium kits to aid suicide out of her home, after watching her husband's slow, painful death from colon cancer.

"My kids have a hard time understanding when they hear how badly our society has degenerated. America has declined so far and so quickly that it is hard to even get my mind completely around it -- and much of it occurred duriung my lifetime."

Me too. I blame television and the liberals behind it.

It has taught people to take the easy, soft way. Something for nothing.


I was born in ‘51. All the change has occurred in my lifetime. Looking back, how could we not see the end? The 60s. 70s. Only fools could not see we were going to destroy ourselves.


I do not believe in nor condone assisted suicide. No one know how many sun rises you will see except God.

If you want to off yourself do it at your own hands and keep it real.

Otherwise you are faking your death.


"“It was terrible to treat people that way… To make them suffer to the bitter end,” Charlotte said."

Interpret as "I had to wait too long for the insurance money or inheritance and spend too much during the wait."


  1. I can mock most things, but I have a really tough time when privileged people tell the non-privileged how they should feel. Double that when you involve terminal illness. Go F*ck yourselves about how awesome life is, I watched my very Catholic grandfather live through month of misery because he was worried that quitting= hell, even though he was pretty much not gonna get better, due to the cancerous bleeding and such.

    So happy that a 40 year old drinking sweet tea on her porch knows what was better for him.

  2. Suffering is virtue of course, to these people.

  3. Half of these sound like excerpts from Fallout cutscenes. The other half...

    "Otherwise you are faking your death."

  4. It always comes back to money for these sick fucks!