Saturday, July 23, 2011

Explosion in central Oslo

"Those violent Amish again?"

No. Clearly white, gun-owning, Ron Paul supporters are responsible for this.


The fingerprint of islamic immigration.


“Michelle Malkin just tweeted that Norway had just taken some sort of action against a Muslim Cleric.”

What did they do? Limit him to 5 wives? Cut back one of his welfare payments? Stop him from beating his wife to death? Told him he couldn’t bomb the PM building?


Isn’t unbridled immigration wonderful? It brings in people that care so much for your country and culture. /s


Does anyone know if this is near the US embassy?


BHO is at a town hall event joking about his skinny legs.


"...because our government devoted most our resources to Iraq instead"

Nice you have strong feelings on this issue. Unfortunately your feelings are wholly incorrect.

Why Iraq

One of the really infuriating things in modern politics is the level of disinformation, misinformation, demagoguery and out right lying going on about the mission in Iraq. Democrats have spent the last 3+ years lying about Iraq out of a political calculation. The truth is that even if Al Gore won the 2000 election and 09-11 still happened we would be doing the EXACT same things in Iraq we are doing now.

Based on the political situation in the region left over from the 1991 Gulf War plus the domestic political consensus built up in BOTH parties since 1991 as well as fundamental military strategic laws, there was NO viable strategic choice for the US but to take out Iraq after finishing the initial operations in Afghanistan.

To start with Saddam's Iraq was our most immediate threat. We could NOT commit significant military forces to another battle with Saddam hovering undefeated on our flank nor could we leave significant forces watching Saddam. The political containment of Iraq was breaking down. That what Oil for Food was all about. Oil for Food was an attempt by Iraq to break out of it's diplomatic isolation and slip the shackles the UN Sanctions put on it's military. There there was the US Strategic position to consider.

The War on Islamic Fascism is different sort of war. in facing this Asymmetrical threat, we have a hidden foe, spread out across a geographically diverse area, with covert sources of supply. Since we cannot go everywhere they hide out, in fact often cannot even locate them until the engage us, we need to draw them out of hiding into a kill zone.

Iraq is that kill zone. That is the true brilliance of the Iraq strategy. We draw the terrorists out of their world wide hiding places onto a battlefield they have to fight on for political reasons (The “Holy” soil of the Arabian peninsula) where they have to pit their weakest ability (Conventional Military combat power) against our greatest strength (ability to call down unbelievable amounts of firepower) where they will primarily have to fight other forces (the Iraqi Security forces) in a battlefield that is mostly neutral in terms of guerrilla warfare.

Did any of the critics of liberating Iraq ever look at a map? Iraq, for which we had the political, legal and moral justifications to attack, is the strategic high ground of the Middle East. A Geographic barrier that severs ground communication between Iran and Syria apart as well as providing another front of attack in either state or into Saudi Arabia if needed.


The Muslim Brotherhood plan of colonization of the “infidel” West can be seen by a casual drive through almost any small town or city in North America. Unlike any other ethnic group which has come to North America in the post-agricultural era, the muslims are spreading themselves into the hinterlands - not just the major urban centres. They want to be an influence in every corner of Canada and the US - not just Dearborn, Michigan. It is not accidental - it is a deliberate plan. And our politicians are either naive or complicit.


Nations turn away from God and God’s commandments and this is what happens. Terrorism, natural disasters, etc. Notice the porn on Oslo TV station’s web page.


Anybody thinks WH or State dept will issue a lame statement telling us not to jump to conclusions? That idiot Napolitano will double her effort at checking the TPers and reassure the public ‘the system worked’?

Any time now.


The liberals in Oslo gave Obama a Nobel prize for his willingness to coddle these terrorists. This is a symbolic bombing as well.


Two points on the youth camp shooting:

First, don’t be surprised if the guy wearing a “police like” uniform turns out to be an actual police officer, hired to fulfil some affirmative action program.

Second, it’s more than just a bit creepy that political parties have their own youth camps, which I expect are aimed at indoctrination.


Those yout camps are probably teaching Islamic tolerance.


Islam and Muslims around the world are at war with America, Israel, the West and EVERYONE whom Islam labels an “Infidel” i.e., EVERYONE who does not believe in their false god “Allah”, or his false prophet mohammed.

According to Islam, all us “infidels” get one of three “choices”:

1) Convert to Islam by force or by choice.

2) Become a slave subject to Islamic masters and under Shariah Law.

If you refuse these two “choices”, you only have one choice left:

3) You can DIE for your faith or lack thereof!

These are the ONLY choices Islam offers all us “infidels”.

There are no “moderate Muslims”, there are only Muslims, and the above, along with what we are seeing take place today is exactly what they believe and practice. They are in a perpetual state of war with everyone who is not them.


  1. It's funny, because the guy they actually captured for killing 80+ kids at that camp is apparently a far-right, christian fundamentalist.

  2. It's 2011 and people are STILL dragging out the "flypaper" argument to justify Iraq?

  3. Affirmative action? Jesus fuck these people are messed up.