Friday, July 22, 2011

Boehner Ends Talks With White House on Debt Deal

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Good. Wait for the jug-eared moron to provide his own idiotic plan in writing.


“We don’t mind cleaning up the mess Obama made, we just ask that he sit in the back of the bus.”


Obama is lying. He's playing politics and trying to make it look like he's the sensible one. What he really wants is to destroy our economy, raise more taxes, so he can continue destroying this country.


Asking the liberals to reign in spending - is like asking the Neo Nazis to do Jewish outreach.


Barry is throwing a tantrum on tv now.
He’s furious and his voice is getting high pitched.
Not at all presidential , like a three year old throwing toys around.
Now the disabled and veterans might not get their checks along with Medicare and Social Security..
He orders Boehner and the rest to return at 11 am tomorrow and they better have something tangible to show him.
I guess he’ll give them detention if they don’t.
Me, me I was willing, they weren’t , corporate jets, oil companies , the rich, blah, blah.
Apparently Boehner walking out on him
and refusing to take his phone call this afternoon
has sent him into orbit.


"(on Obama choking on his lies)

I really don’t care what he chokes on so long as it is irreversible.

If we are lucky he is choking now."

or have a stroke...but then someone will dig up a look a like to try to fool the American people...with a group of henchmen to try to keep the Commie plans going and with luck, just like the movie....what was the name....and get a guy who sees how bad all of this is and make changes..oh well we could dream couldn’t we..
I wish 0bama would just go to_________________ fill in the blank...whatever suits you.


obozo’s eyes look strange....small and deep-set. Is he sleepy, angry, weepy, drugged? Yea.


when does he, the wife and kids have their vacation planned for Cape Cod? Isn’t that the real reason for the Aug 2nd deadline?


Of course you are right,but there is no moral equivalent.

Fact: Obama is on the side of the Devil and we are the warriors of God.

Or a least he is the bad guy and we are the good.

Do you consider that last line an opinion or the truth?


(on Obama's speech)

I have never ever seen anything in my life that even vaguely resembled what I have just witnessed. This was a fullblown, unadulterated meltdown for the entire world to see.
If Boehner doesn’t show up tomorrow, what is he gonna do? shoot him?


"I pray he chokes on one of his lies...and soon. May God intercede where evil dares to tread."

Oh, don't say that unless you want a visit from the SS. Me, I'd rather see him spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison, only to die a natural death. Terminal syphilis from multiple anal rape is natural, isn't it?

--- Real Christians don't wish death on people... because of the Po-po


I’d laugh in Barry’s face if I were Boehner. Who the hell is the President to demand the Speaker of the House come to him at a certain time? Barry’s presidency is pretty much toast at this point. Notice the lack of any support from the Dems, other than the vile Blabbermouth-Schultz, who is protected in her district.


The baby boomers who make up a large part of the democrat party are now collecting Soc Sec, in no way will Obama stop their checks, cause if he does....goodbye dammit!



yobama is a teenage drama queen ,,let the GOP call his bluff,this ain’t Chicago, fuxk him


Regardless on how this plays out, one thing is clear. This is obama’s economy and the Republican candidate has nothing to do with this.

--- Yeah because General Republican Candidate has no ties to anything that's influenced politics in the last 16 years. This is a plus! I swear.


  1. “We don’t mind cleaning up the mess Obama made, we just ask that he sit in the back of the bus.”
    "Fact: Obama is on the side of the Devil and we are the warriors of God."


    These people vote, and that makes me sad.

  2. Can you post some of their reactions to Allen West's recent temper tantrum? Like with Herman Cain, I always enjoy watching the free thinkers at Free Republic play the race card the instant a black Republican is criticized.

  3. “We don’t mind cleaning up the mess Obama made, we just ask that he sit in the back of the bus.”

    But they aren't racist dammit!

  4. When Boehner does it, he a hero. When Obama does it, he's being immature. In my opinion, walking out of a negotiation this important is an asshole move, regardless of what party you belong to.