Monday, July 4, 2011

Fox News's hacked Twitter feed declares Obama dead

Keep it classy folks!


Have the riots started yet


You got that right, this will be viewed as a threat to the President. With this country badly divided as it is, this is the LAST THING the conservatives NEED right now.


You can be sure Baraq Sheik Obomba and his posse orchestrated this. They want to shut down opposition news outlets once and for all, just like Hitler and Stalin did.


Ohhh Good lord almighty. That is the LAST thing this country needs. The would represent (facilitate) absolute civil war and major US cities would be burnt to the ground. Take that to the bank, national guard in the streets and civil liberties suspended by an irate President Joe Biden


This hurts us all and makes a day of celebration
all about Obama.

Whoever did this is lower than low.


Sick but I'll guarantee it was an Obama supporter who did this.


Obuma did it.

He’s insanely jealous that Americans are celebrating the Founders and not him. He ordered the secret service to hack Fox so people talk about him on July 4. Everything is all him.


I would be pleased if the man would just resign and we can start this nation on the correct track.


you know for a fact (again, as Ann Coulter points out repeatedly in her books) that liberals are slavering for something like this to use against conservatives and tea party members.

If they had any conscience, values or morals, they would be embarrassed or chagrined by the constant scorching of their faces with exploding cigars, but they have none of those characteristics, so they simply pick up and move on to something else when it turns out to be confirmed liberals...

Just like the “Drive By Media”. (Again, the redundancy)


What I was thinking.....a liberal/democratic operative...

...or Soros!

To make conservatives look bad.


They definitely did this to plant the idea "conservatives are violent and want to kill Bambi." If they can't find any evidence of this or stir up such a sentiment, they still try to plant the idea.


"if you watched KEN BURN’s version of the Civil War you wasted your time."

I've watched it several times, and was given DVDs for birthday a couple years ago, which I still watch and enjoy often. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in that period of our nation's history.

"Well if you like a BS version from a liberal nut like Burns, whatever floats your boat."


“We live in a republic, and we are conservatives, not anarchists or revolutionaries. We change our officials by elections, not assassinations. We need to focus on removing President Obama — and yes, he **IS** the president and deserves the respect of the office — by legitimate electoral means.”

Anybody who doesn’t realize we have already become a fascist country (or a socialist country, or a tyranny or dictatorship, take your pick) is living with wool over the eyes and all over the rest of their body too. We change nothing meaningful by elections anymore, except we make it worse.


Barack Obama is undoubtedly the worst president this nation has had. (Yep Jimma, you’re off the hook...)

It’s not just his ineptitude, it’s his willingness to trash our allies and kiss the ass of our long term enemies.

He has also done things to seriously damage this nation, and seeing it unsuccessful to turn things around, wants to do more of it.

I detest this sick bastard.

That being said, the person who hacked the FoxNews Twitter account should spend some serious time behind bars for having done this.

You don’t mess around with certain subject matter in conjunction with a president. The very last thing we need right now is to have Obama turned into some sort of god like Kennedy was. And doing something like this, which may be attributed to a group like the Tea Party or Conservatives out of the box, is character assassination by design.

Catch this guy and put him out of our misery.


Here was the plan:

1) Announce the death of Obama by Twitter.

2) Watch 4th of July patriotic folks and try to videotape or camera phone conservatives cheering the death of Obama.

3) Use the images to harm the Tea Party and support Obama’s reelection.

It wouldn’t work because Tea Party types don’t behave like that. However, the Liberals don’t know that. They try to catch us in a bad light and this was their ticket. I wouldn’t be surprised if some Obama supporter inside Fox did the twitter.


"This could be taken as a threat to the President."

How so? It wasn't a threat when Wikipedia reported Rush's death.


  1. Freep still loves Coulter? I thought they denounced her as a false prophet after she started insulting birthers.

  2. Depends on what she's saying.

    Interesting to read all the projection and supposition going on. Lots of persecution complexes.

  3. PLEASE post them talking about Santorum's gaffe where he says Obama created 240 million jobs.