Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10th Circuit: Amendment Banning Sharia Law is Not OK

So is the Tenth Circuit now saying its okay to stone women to death who are victims of rape? The good people of Oklahoma should be applauded for rejecting that barbarity known as Sharia law, and shame on the Tenth Circuit for apparently accepting it as just another set of religious beliefs which must be accomodated by the courts.


So another form of government is allowed to trump US law?

On our soil?

Let those judges offer up their daughters to honor killings and acid attacks or cutting off their fingers for wanting an education, then get back to me.


Hitler wanted Germany (and possibly the rest of Europe) to be Islamic. The Leftists in Europe are fulfilling his dream. With America continually becoming more and more and more Euro-peon-ized that may happen here.


[[after the above poster was rightly questioned on his remarks]]

I was watching a History Channel documentary or one of the other really good documentaries on Hitler and WW2 and they mentioned this in passing.

I have read in the past that one of Hitler’s goals was to build airplanes large enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean and kamikaze them into the skyscrapers of Manhattan because that is where Jews were concentrated. And who ran airliners into the WTC buildings?

I have also just recently heard that his book, “Mein Kampf” was based on Islamic teachings. I’ll have to do some research on that. I do know that the yellow star of David that Jews had to wear did come from Islam when Muzzies did that to Jews a long time ago. I don’t know how much of Islam Hitler studied but obviously he was influenced and inspired by it.

If you read the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and its connections with the Nazis and Hitler

it doesn’t surprise me how much Hitler was influenced by it, used it, and wanted all of Germany to to adopt it. Considering he was a Leftist who was “down with the kampf/struggle/jihad” and how similar Leftism and Islam are is it any surprise to see how Islam is spreading all over the Middle East, Europe, America and other parts of the world with the help of the Left?


A slippery slope from hell.

I hate this!

And Zero could get 4 more years to appoint all kinds of nasty judges.


“I find it amusing when people say “Gingrich is angry,” and then turn around and say “we need a fighter to take down Obama.” Which is it?

Personally, I don’t see him as “angry, but rather frustrated that there are so many un/misinformed American voters and the MSM’s (and some FReepers) obsession bashing him.

Do we want a fighter, or another wishy-washy Bob Dole like Santorum? (And I like Santorum a lot)? “

I like Santorum a lot too. But, I’m like you, I want a fighter, someone with a love for the constitution, and the balls to slap down these judges who legislate from the bench.

Heck, if Holder, Odombo, Bernache and all the rest refuse to follow the constitution, and make up their own rules, why the “XIEFSLK<>FM” shouldn’t we do what we da*##M” well please. If the people of a state determine what is best for them, by making a law, the Feds then have no power to make us feel like we’re breaking THEIR laws.

I am so tired of the FED telling me HOW I HAVE to live, when all my life I’ve taken care of myself, just fine, thank you so very much!! I’m a veteran, I’m eighth generation American, am law abiding, and pay my taxes. I am so SICK of watching we the people just muddle our way through THEIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS.

I will be a slave to NO ONE!! The people of Oklahoma have spoken and acted in a lawful manner. If Newt is willing to honor us, and kick out the sludge on the benches, then he’ll get my vote. So will Romney, and Santorum too. Who ever actually gets the primary.

I am so darn mad now.......


The current administration MUST GO!!!!!


Since when are the courts in the business of accommodating religious beliefs? Will they regard an honor killing as anything other than murder just because it has a “religious belief” involved? The 10th Circus is unconstitutional.


I see little difference in the practice of Sharia Law, and Vigilante “justice”, or even the “justice” on carried out by the KKK.


  1. Hitler wanted... Germany... to be Islamic???

  2. I repeat: Hitler wanted... Germany... to be Islamic???

  3. hitler more like hitlerbama am I right

  4. Wow. They've gone entirely off the deep end now.