Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Lady Celebrates B-Day at Steakhouse Featuring $28 'Obama' Burger--Kobe Beef, Bacon, Cheese

There's some disagreement between articles. They're not sure whether she had the $28 burger or split the $80 steak with her husband, because the restaurant wisely said they weren't going to discuss the private party other than to say that they were honored the Obamas were their guests.

As much as I dislike Obama and his policies, if we didn’t foot the bill, I’m not sure this is news worthy of criticism.

I’ve had prom dates that were this expensive, and Mother’s Day that make it pale in comparison. Not every day, mind you, or even every year. The Obama’s are Millionaires, there’s probably no food on earth too expensive for their budget.

On the other hand, if we had to pay for her birthday bash, she should have had some oatmeal and a twinkie with a candle jammed in it. Happy Birthday M. Antoinette!

---As far as I know, this is the first defense I've ever seen of anything that Michelle Obama has ever done. And there was a second one!:


"This shouldn’t even be a story. I’m glad that no one follows me around writes about my meals. Some things should be private without any regard to politics and this is one of those things."

You miss the point. Moochelle is always trying to tell us the serfs what we can and can’t eat, and that we don’t eat healthy foods. They are such hypocrites! They eat at the finest restaurants, take the most expensive vacations, and the zero says he’ll never rest until we all have jobs. Does that mean he won’t rest his jaws or Air Force One?


Sasquatch greedily scarfs down the super-expensive Obama burger.

These amazing pigs and social parasites are partying endlessly on the taxpayer (Republican) dollars.


The First Heifer pigged out at the trough again? This is news?


We heard you was comin' Miss MooseChelle, so we filled up the hog trough


Wow, now even the cows are hyphenated?!
WTF is American Wagyu Ribeye?
That should be American-Japanese Beef Ribeye.

---FYI, the hyphenation thing is a reference to a Teddy Roosevelt quote I see whenever the Obamas say African-American that I don't think I've posted: "There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism... a hyphenated American is not an American at all. This is just as true of the man who puts "native" before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen."


No thanks, Moochelle-Antoinette!
What a pretentious menu!
We’ll stick with Peter Lugar’s, the best steak in America.


She loves to spend our tax money.
It is about to come to a halt. . . . . . . .


While her and her husbands supporters eat mac and cheese for the millionth time........................ Yeah keep voting color, looks like this color runs, away from you!


Just read the menu prices...........must be nice. Someone show this to those idiot occupiers. It is amazing how far gone our once great nation is. I wish I would have been born in the 40’s instead of 66. I can barely take it anymore. I’m trying to make enough money to get out and live in a place like Costa Rica, I’ve had all I can take.


"After a trip to the men’s room midway through dinner, the president took a slow walk back through the main dining room, shaking hands and greeting fellow diners."

Don’t tell me nobama REALLY did get up in the middle of dinner to attend to something in the Men’s room???????? If so...HOW GROSS!!! Where, if did they learn manners?

-- I think this is a new standard for "it's okay when white people do it, but when Obama does it..."


My My 48 years old that is menopause country
if you think she is nasty now.....whew


Like to see this angry, shelf ass choke on a parogie.


If you are not sufficiently “joyful” you will be hauled off for six months of re-education.


  1. Hah... well the few defenses in there sort of renew my hope for mankind a little bit

  2. "Don’t tell me nobama REALLY did get up in the middle of dinner to attend to something in the Men’s room???????? If so...HOW GROSS!!! Where, if did they learn manners?"

    Maybe someone can explain this to me... I might not have the best table manners, but I'm pretty sure that excusing yourself to the restroom during dinner isn't inappropriate. I guess that waiting until your dinner is finished might be more courteous, but sometimes the digestive system isn't worried about courtesies.

    Or does this person think it was an innuendo? I just don't get it.