Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rolling in the Freep: One Year Of Derp!

So as I mentioned earlier this week, today marks one year since I created the Freep Impact account on Fark. I'd been going to FreeRepublic whenever a ridiculous story popped up for years, and I'd seen CDP in some threads, bringing over a quote every once in a while, but the first time I decided to start bringing quotes over myself was in the aftermath of the Loughner shootings. About a week later, I made the account.

By the way, other names I considered were Freep Throat, Freepless in Seattle, While My Guitar Gently Freeps, and Don't Fear The Freeper. Yeah, I like puns.

Anyway, here is a sampling of some of the derpiest derps from my Fark account. This covers January - May, when I created this blog. I'm sure I missed some, of course, but there's just so much to go around.

I'll do another post Best Of post in May when this blog will be a year old.

"Boehner on birthers: 'It's not my job to tell the American people what to think' "

You're right.,. it's your job to LISTEN to what they think...

and a lot of us think the Kenyan is illegal- and everything he signed should be NULL AND VOID Including the two $1.4 trillion years of deficit spending.


We need to put the campaign into high gear now. The 2012 campaign has now started and we still have no BC. Buy post it notes and fill them out before shopping and "Drop them" in public places. "Where's the Birth Certificate?" .

At every Bank Teller machine.

Above public urinals or toilet stalls.

Above the eggs and Milk.

Inside shoes.

Inside jackets.

On golf clubs.

On baseballs.

On Fast food drive through Menues.

At movie Theater windows.

Inside golf holes.

On Gas Pumps.

At toll booths.

In Restaurant Menus.

In Carnival rides.


[On Michelle Obama being called stylish]

Just a few years ago the same crowd was spouting the same b.s. about tennis gorilla Serena Williams... and for the same reasons. The far-left has long believed that it doesn't matter one whit if something is true or not, all that matters is that you SAY something is true, and keep repeating it over and over until people are conditioned to repeat it. If you think about it that defines their positions on racism, sexism, classism, the nature of crime, etc.


Constitution?? You don' need no stinkin' Constitution!!!!
King Mubarak Hussein Obama Al-Chicago knows what is best for you.

Now, gets me some more ribs and lobsters!!!


[on Wisconsin teachers]

Sickening. Pathetic. These thugs are without a conscience. The NEA and its members are psychopaths. These unionistas have no love of America. They hate personal accountability. They aren't "professionals". They are pimps to their labor bosses and to their own self-centered lust for money. Constantly they use "the children" as their pawns for unquestioned further funding of their exorbitant salaries, benefits and pensions. They hate America. They hate hard work. They hate you. I think the fat-slob african-American teacher who beat up the 70+ year old caucasian couple in a mall and was dragged off them by the elementary students (an earlier post today) personifies all of them. THUGS!


0bamas' hidden records: Why are these off limits?
1 Certified copy of original birth certificate
2 Columbia University transcripts
3 Columbia thesis paper
4 Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups
5 Harvard University transcripts
6 Illinois State Senate records
7 Illinois State Senate schedule
8 Law practice client list and billing records/summary
9 Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother
10 Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
11 Occidental College Transcripts
12 Parent's marriage Certificate
13 Record of baptism
14 Selective Service registration records
(Did Obama Actually Register for Selective Service?
This supposed revelation of 0's SS records has been debunked here and here.)
15 Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
16 Passport records for all passports
17 Scholarly articles
18 SAT and LSAT test scores
19 Access to his grandmother in Kenya
20 List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists
21 Punahou grade school records
22 Noelani Kindergarten records are oddly missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education.
23 Page 11 of Stanley Ann Dunham's divorce decree.
24 Why isn't Barack Obama still a member of the Illinois bar and where are all of the relevant documents?
25 Why isn't Michelle Obama still a member of the Illinois bar, after only about four years of practice, and where are all of the relevant documents?

Anyone who cares about their country would be very concerned that a POTUS had hidden every scrap of information of his life that he possibly could.


If Barrack H. Obama, Sr. is Obozo's biological father, then by definition, it is impossible for Barrack H. Obama, Jr. to be a "natural born" U.S. citizen, as the Constitution clearly requires....The only way for BHO (aka Barry Serotoro aka Obozo) to be a "natural born" U.S. citizen is if someone other than Barrack H. Obama, Sr. is his father, and that person also a U.S. citizen at the time of Obozo's birth.....


Ask too many questions you end up dead. Obama was in the CIA. Isn't overthrowing governments their specialty?


"Poor people, people who are not of the world of drivers licenses and credit cards (would be most affected by a voter's ID law)"

The moral, don't be poor. To be a citizen, work harder


When watering restrictions are in place, I make a point to turn on my Rainbird water sprinkling system at full blast. Most of my good Texas neighbors don't mind -- but there is a liberal Yanqi down the block who yelps.
I don't care. My grass is a lush green and his is a yellowish brown because he knuckles under to the senseless eco-nazis.


I have been rooting for Qadaffi from the beginning. You would be surprised at the anount of flak that has come my way from people who should no better. I concur with your analysis. I had reached the same comclusion myself. Obama just grifted Europe and the entire USA.But note that 74% of Americans do not approve of what Obama is doing in Libya.

I hope Qadaffi prevails.He has a lot of support here in America.Simply because he kills Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda where he finds them.


"Community Organizer" is the new "Fellow Traveler"
These are the words socialists/communists use to recognize each other without the rest of the public realizing. It is a CODE WORD.

It means "I am a fellow communist- and I am saying whatever it takes to get in power, but you and I know I don't mean it"


This makes Watergate look like a picnic. Intentional fraud may have been used by Obama and his cronies to plant a person who was never constitutionally qualified as our president during a time of war. If this is true it is clearly a case of high treason. Everyone involved should be prosecuted and punished.
From Wikipedia, "In English law, high treason was punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered (men) or burnt at the stake (women), or beheading (royalty and nobility)." I am not sure which punishment would be most appropriate for Obama. He seems to think he is nobility and most of us consider him to be rather effeminate. Hang, drawn and quartered does sound rather extreme.

In these modern times, I believe we have become more civilized. And we don't want to offend Muslims by being copycats. We should be sensitive to the damage this type of punishment could cause to the psyche of children and liberals. Somehow access to video of the punishment phase should be restricted to only adults. And liberals should have some type of device installed to hold their eye lids open so they don't miss anything while someone repeats, "See this is what happens when you try and destroy the United States of America.


[on Obama's citizenship]
The problem is...Mama's marriage was void...he had a wife. Under Muslim law, he could have more than 1 wife...and that means she would have had to become a Muzzie to marry him and her USA citizenship became null and void. The USA NEVER allowed bigamy.
I'm sure a lot of mama's paperwork was destroyed.


Discussions of poverty are such a croc. Our so-called "poor" are in the top 10% of 20% of the world in terms of their income -- they are not "poor" at all, thanks for the miracle of American capitalism.
And if other countries wanted to eliminate their poverty the same way, the pathway is open to them. But that never gets reported.

The problem is that the bottom 20% barely even work and that is their fault. And yes America is a "meritocracy" and hard work is rewarded. However, in the leftist utopias the overwhelming majority of citizens have a standard of living that is far below that of America's "poor." What the left never wants to acknowledge is that standard of living is what is most important.


The fact is that economic inequality is a VERY good thing. It is an essential thing, a fundamental thing, and a natural thing; it is a thing to be welcomed, celebrated and gloried in.


The secret is to keep the playing field level so that each is equal under the law and has equal opportunity to use whatever individual talents he may have.

If even one poor person becomes rich that is proof that many could given the opportunity and effort. It is certainly not fair to tax most of it away after his having achieved so much. Even those who inherit deserve to keep what someone worked hard to earn and willingly left it to them.


This is from The Economist? That Communist rag?


I don't know. I tend to think it depends less on numbers and more on "a few good men," as the US Marines put it.

I am a big Lord of the Rings fan. I have increasingly had the feeling over the last three or so years, the that the world as we know it has been drawn into vortex of events that is supernatural. I feel as though we are approaching a massive confrontation of good and evil. Maybe I'm nuts. But more and more when I think I'm just dealing with the mundane tug-a-war of ordinary politics, I see the surfaces of things peel back like a scroll and suddenly realize we are like hobbits and wizards fighting the forces of Sauron and Mordor!


Many slaves had a good relationship with their owners, and even took the family surname as their own on being freed.


The real purpose of the Democrat party is to kill black babies.

The destruction of the black race in America has been the goal of the Democrats since the Civil War.


Four times out of five, a female judge will be bat-brained liberal.


Lil Barry was definitely a muzzie in Indonesia.

It got so bad that his commie mommie didn't like it; it's the main reason lil Barry got shipped back to gran and gramps in HI.


His mother was a FULL BLOWN COMMUNIST, who studied Russian in college. Why not study the language of the country you wanted to rule your country? She lived on Mercer Island in Washington state, and went to a school full of communists and socialists. She was well trained by mamma and daddy to be a good little communist from the upstart and she trained son the same way. The entire bunch are all good Soviets.


Why don't we just go the International Court in the Hague, and declare bankruptcy. Tell all of our creditors to go get lost and we start over. Make a new currency, trade in our old money for the new stuff, and start over.. Get in line.


[while discussing gay people]

"I can't even imagine what America will be like in 40 years. I would guess that folks will literally be able to do whatever they want in private AND in public. We will look back and 2011 and think how wonderful it was and so conservative....:) It will just get worse....yes being a bit pessimistic today for some reason."

It was an alarmist cry in our day to say that children would be openly molested sexually with impunity. Now, that's apparently not too far away. They already teach them fisting in school seminars in the most kooky lib areas of the country.


Obama , culturally never was an American as he carries many chips on his shoulder and as we see from his old culture at many levels. He feels for his Kenyan identity, he feels for his muslim identity developed during adolescence in Indonesia, and he feels his angst against white and America....DeSouza went to great lengths to detail this in his book.

Its all about death to America....death to the great satan!
from a previous posting, see second last paragraph...

His associations with the MB? Over 20 years of understudy to Wright and Farrakhan ties him to the people and philosophy, thus his endorsement of the coup... These are the same guys who are shooting at our troops.

His drive against America is demonstrated in his unfettered support of the OIC driven "UN".

All his acts are supportive of Islam. They will march on Israel, and then guess what? YOU and ME.

"One of the prettiest sounds on earth" is the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.
Barack Hussein Obama as quoted by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times - March 6, 2007


Corporate lobbying is simple self defense.


"First, Obama was a tyrant and a socialist; now he's a weakling who refuses to lead."

There is no contradiction in those terms.

Socialist weaklings who are unable to lead always resort to tyranny.


Liberals are emotionally driven and do not consider logic.


[Response to someone mentioning that Donald Trump forced the Certificate issue]

"Forced what issue? Making GOP voters look foolish?"

Why do they look stupid? By asking a simple question? This man is not from a traditional American family. He was born a dual citizen, which STILL makes him ineligible.

Obama looks awfully petty if you ask me. There is a Lt. Co. who was a flight surgeon who would NOT be sitting in Leavenworth right now for something as simple as this.


[Palin]'s the best and the quickest. While Obama is still trying to figure out what day it is, she's already twitted about it.


Bin Laden declared dead on Obama's watch. This guarantees him for more years in the White House. RIP America.


OBL became expendable to BHO now that he's so close to reestablishing the Caliphate - based in it's old center - Tripoli - with the vast area of Egypt and Libya, control of half of the Mediterranean and the Suez - etc etc.

And, although he was killed a week ago - making this such a big IMMEDIATE ALERT late at night - takes a lot of the story of innocent children killed in Libya in this illegal and unnecessary war there - off the front pages. America and the world was getting up in arms. This was handy to break in this way.

They didn't need OBL anymore.


[directed towards the OP who posted an article on Scott Brown] why post a thread about this creepy NE liberal who thinks homos in the military deserve special rights and should be free to practice their deviant sexual orientation openly. Maybe its your turn to come out of the closet today. LOL

[response from the OP] Sounds like you have a very conflicted life trying to hide and project your homosexuality onto others. You appear to be fixated on it. Why don't you get out of your closet? Then you'll have more room for other stuff.

And if you had the intelligence to look at past thread posts, you'd find scores of scathing anti-Scott Brown posts I've made.

[directed towards both the above commenters] Let us know when you two lovebirds settle on a china pattern.


Obama should be thanking President Bushm because if Obama had done things Obama's way, OBL would still be hiding in a cave. (I know he was in a stupid house but the point is still valid)


"Teachers make 14 percent less than professionals in other occupations that require similar levels of education."

Silly argument. A degree in education is, for the most part, indicative of slothfulness and an inability to complete real academic work. A masters degree in education is strong evidence of deeply flawed character.


$45-$55k is very comfortable in most parts of the country, particularly considering the benefits, work schedule, and the low level of intellectual achievement attainded by the average teacher.


[discussing the US's high mortality rate for mothers giving birth]

No, I'd say it's probably black mothers and babies. They have always had a high mortality rate, partly because of poor nutrition (Hispanics and other immigrant groups, even though poor, generally tend to have a better diet) and the fact that many of these mothers are in their early teens. Their health is poor even before they become pregnant.


Every move Obama makes is done with one purpose in mind -- to encourage jihad and destroy the U.S. in every way possible. ....economically, socially, militarily.


[on the first GOP debate in May of last year]

"They're trying to force Sarah's hand. It's still way too early for ANY debates, PERIOD."

No it's not. The alien usurper is seeking reelection.


If Ron Paul was so anti-torture, he'd stop talking


The Left is always going to put the blame on Whitey for the problems Blacks create for themselves.


"White trash, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims and Asians all have made certain areas a hellhole. But one race is the Champion of this cause. And one race screams "I am the victim" louder then all others put together while they destroy every neighborhood they become a majority in."

I notice no one ever mentions that blacks in America have it better than any other large population of blacks in the world.

I would like to see a poll taken in Africa asking "Do you wish your ancestor had been taken as a slave to America so you would be living there today"? I bet you'd get 75% "yes".


"Obama has known of OBL location since last August.... What the hell was he waiting for?"

Because one muslim is not allowed to kill another muslim. Yes, they pick and choose which rules to abide by.


Two chumps down, still several more to go. Trump and Huckabee are out. Time to get rid of Romney, Newt, Ru Paul, and Daniels. Open the field for real conservatives.


Is that a wig? One day she has straight hair, the next day she has her genetic hair (not gonna get me to say nap... er never mind)


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