Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney Wins Big in Florida Primary

This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.


You can't win the GOP nomination without winning South Carolina—so let not your hearts be troubled.


"What would REAGAN do?"

Go full attack mode against the media.... at every turn, tell the world the media is cramming Willard down the Republican’s throats because they really want DearLeader re-elected.


Those miserable scumbags. How I hate them all. The whole lib media circus.


"Four More Years is a certainty now..."

That sends chills up my spine, gator. I’m bordering on tears at this moment.


It’s not too late for a Sarah Palin to get into this thing. Still 95% of delegates left to be decided and we have five weeks before the next major string of primaries.


I don't understand how anyone can vote for a guy who defrauded medicare of so much money that his company was fined something like $119,00,00.
And he can't plead that he knew not because he was running the company.
And the advertising that New was run out of the house in disgrace for unethical behavior when the IRS cleared him.

That a total lie.

Who would vote for a liar and a thief? Only a voter with no moral compass of his own. I hope Newt will stick with it because before it is over, Romney's lies will catch up with him.


This was the same Big Media that kept John Edwards’ campaign viable (so as to block out Hillary’s threat to Obama by keeping her in a 3 way race for delegates) long past this timeframe in 2008 even after they knew of his bastard child.

I guess we can look forward to more rigged “Twenty One” gameshow style debates from Democrat anchors tossing softballs to the Golden Child, while preparing to release more books in his favor on inauguration day.

And Romney and his advocates will never speak as nasty about The One as they did about Cain, Santorum, and Gingrich. Mitt’s waged a scortched earth campaign and now it’ll be time to make nice. He’s safe to run to the left, as Soros says, there’s little difference except for possibly the VP choice and a future SC nomination.

In Mitt’s favor, he wasn’t raised by an American hating red diaper doper baby on the knee of a Communist and brought into the political area by a former domestic terrorist and treasonous Communist who openly engaged in coordinated enemy attacks in a time of war.

--- By the by, if you're wondering about the Clinton reference at the beginning, the Freepers have decided that she would have been better in 08 than Obama cause at least she's not a communist or something. It's a similar attitude to the one people who disliked Bush had towards McCain pre-2008 - "oh there was this moderate guy I'm not a fan of, but at least he wasn't THIS bad. Too bad he lost the primary."


Newt is stubborn as hell —me, too. Us, too.

He’s not going to give up. I’m not going to give up on him. I’m going to recognize is that the EASIER thing is to weep and say, “Well I’ll just go EAT WORMS...!!!”

The harder thing is to suck it up, and keep going. Most people don’t do that. THIS is where we see who are the real true-believers.

I never thought the Monica mess would come out —it did. I thought Fast & Furious would fizzle —it hasn’t.


Naw, I’m not giving up, NOPE..!

Reagan would want us to stick it out, and Rush wants that, too.

Newt will CONTINUE —watch.


A moderate is a person who stands for nothing...even worse than a liberal.


"It is what it is. Push Romney to his roots and push him to get Obama the hell out of here.


You know what? I think that, in the long run, replacing Obama with a paler Obama (Romney) with an R after his name could do more damage to the country than allowing Obama to be reelected, hopefully to trigger another Reagan revolution in 2016.

I WILL NOT vote for Romney. I held my nose and voted for McCain, and it won’t happen again. It sends the wrong message to the RNC.


the next four years will be hell if we do not elect a major reformer. When the money runs out, the entitlements stop reaching the sheep, all hell will break loose and there will be horrific scenes across America. It will happen with Romney or Obama... so let Obama take the rap and reap what he has sewn. Otherwise, the media will blame Romney and the Republicans, and Obama will be a distant memory, free of blame. Then we will see another Dem in 2016.

If Romney is forced upon us, my third party vote is assured.


I sent messages to some GOP elitists today telling them that I will vote for Romney on a cold day in hell..and they wrote back to say I would be making a huge mistake by not supporting him.
One told me that it is most important that we get Independents to vote GOP..and a Romnuts will ensure that we get those votes. You should have seen my response.
I went all Reagan/Galt on ‘em...at least I feel better.


I hate Florida more with each passing election.

Ads. They voted for freaking ads. Sheep.


If mittens gets the nomination, I’m going independent and the GOP will never, in my life, EVER, get a red cent from me, again.


Looks like I’ll have to cast my vote for Ann Romney over Michelle Obama this November..


Remember, Churchill didn't become, couldn't become, PM after Munich. Nor after the occupation of Prague. Not even after panzers were rolling through Poland, and war was declared.

Not until the Nazis were headed for the Channel was it possible to break the mold of the old way.

We're not there yet.


Romney is scum.
He is a liberal because of his mormonISM not in spite of it.
Looks like Romney gave rofies to Florida voters.


Don’t blame Floridians, blame the stinkin’ damn yankees that move down here to enjoy our weather and beaches after they have effed up their yankee states. The SE coast is full of yankees and NY and NJ Jewish voters. If it hadn’t been for them, Hussein would not have won Florida in 2008.

Romney is a sorry POS liberal! IF, and that is a big IF, he does go on to win the nomination, I’m going to do what the blacks do. They all vote for the black guy, I have no choice but to vote for the liberal SOB white guy. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER vote for Barry Soetoro and I will not waste my vote by not voting. I want the illegitimate Marxist
homo OUT of the WH and he can take his fat a$$ beard with him. I see she’s out in LA tonight at some posh fundraiser. Wonder what that cost us and how long she will have them close down Rodeo drive so she can shop. Those low lifes make me sick.


Honestly with the anonymity of a FR handle, Freepers post some of the most illogical comments at times like this. I even read one guy tonight say he will vote for Obama over Romney. I can remember when McCain was going to be the clear winner, the same kind of comments were being posted. I think there was a suicide watch on FR. A few months later those same Freepers were sending the McCain campaign money or asking how volunteer. What changed? One helluva VP choice.
I hope and pray that our nominee, be it Mitt or Newt remember back to that high point of the 2008 election


AMAZING how many normally smart FReepers blame “moderate” Florida, the MSM, Drudge, RINOs, etc., and fail to blame the one who was really at fault: NEWT. He ran a dreadful FL campaign. 11 million “grandmas”? Moon bases? Kosher meals? Pathetic. Newt needs new blood in his tent, and fast, or this goes nowhere.


The weather, the beaches, the fishing, the diving.... damn yankees are the ones that have screwed it up. I won’t hire a yankee or a Democrat, no way in hell.


We're oh so close. With God's grace, we as a republic, this grand experiment in self guidance, will recognize it before it's too late. The darkness is upon us. Pray for guidance, pray for deliverance, and pray for our republic.

Lately, I've been reading the founder's documents, and am humbled at their prescience. Damn, what I'd give for just an hour, and a mug of ale with them.


It will be 4 more (at least) years no matter who wins. The obama junta is not going to give up the white house just because a pesky election might not go their way. Too many dead people they can count on for votes. Too many illegals they can count on for votes. Not to mention the military ballots they will find an excuse to invalidate. Plus the media has convinced most of the mush-for-brains American populace that the country is in the best condition it’s been in in it’s entire history. All thanks to the boy-god, of course.


“You know what? I think that, in the long run, replacing Obama with a paler Obama (Romney) with an R after his name could do more damage to the country than allowing Obama to be reelected, hopefully to trigger another Reagan revolution in 2016.

I WILL NOT vote for Romney. I held my nose and voted for McCain, and it won’t happen again. It sends the wrong message to the RNC.”

I hope you enjoy a couple more gay lesbian Supreme Court Justices FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


Romney is indeed going to be far more harmful than what we see with Obama....we have a chance to load congress and prevent Obama from doing his dastardly deeds....but with Romney he will use such deception and hide his real agenda, which he does now, that we won't have a clue what he's doing becuase it will all be deceptively presented.
So no, I will not be voting for Romney at all..ever...and prefer dealing with a known enemy then one like Romney you will never see his hands move til too late to stop him.


Using your logic, we should have voted for John Kerry and the Breck Girl in 2004; that way Obama would not be in the White House now. Wow! What logic!

Gawd, you people are acting like a bunch of teenage girls that didn't get the cell phone you wanted. Grow UP! This election is bigger than your egos!

Getting Obama out of office is so damned important that ANY republican will do - - The Democrats are smiling big right now, they figured how to divide the republicans and many of you took the bait, line, pole, boat and pier.


Let us not cut off our noses to spite our faces.
In the end, WE MUST VOTE AND REMOVE socialist/communist/marxist/fascist/revolutionary/muslim sharia law sympathizer oboma from OUR White House. Period.

In the meantime, keep fighting for the conservative and keep a positive focus, and work like hell toward a win.

In November, remember that we must vote oboma OUT by voting the conservative/Republican nominee IN. ANYONE other than oboma! It will take baby steps to return this country to the Constitution, and we must not allow another hardcore leftist/dictator like oboma to win in November


Though I still think husein´s an islamist, and, if reelected, his jihad on America will truly commence. God help us.


I will keep trying to help Newt or Santorum...they can still have a path throughn Super Tuesday.

But should Romney be the nominee...then I will do all I can do help do what Newt said tonight and make sure we have a conservative House and Senate, and then I will vote for Romney because I will absolutely not do anything to help the marxist Obama get another 4 years...either by not voting, or by voting for someone else who cannot possibly win.

I do not like that...but there it is.

Obama is fundamentally changing (read destroying) our constitutional republic. Another four years of him and we will be in free fall and might not be able to get back.

If we have the right Congress, they will hold Romney’s feet to the fire and he will fulfill all of the promises he is making now (Getting rid of ObamaCare, standing behind marriage, strong defense, strong economy, lower taxes, less regulation, Ketstone pipeline, drilling for our own oil, facing up to China, etc., etc.) That is far and away better than we will ever get with Obama...in fact Obama will give us the opposite.

But the primaries aren’t over yet so lets keep supporting conservative candidates all round and then, in November vote for our GOP nominee and GET OBAMA OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE!


Most cold blooded serial killers (known by another name, abortionist) will look YOU in the eye and sincerely tell you that the seven or eight month old alive child is an inconvenience you or your lady should rid yourselves of, then slaughter the child and move to the next sucker. Get it, sucker?


  1. Dang I didn't think anyone was still banging the HUSSEIN drum.

    And what the holy hell is up with Freepers confusing ` with ' ?

  2. I keep hearing, "It's the Northern YANKEES and JOOZ that moved to Florida who voted for Romney!" over & over, so it must have been something Limbaugh said because they keep parroting it.

    And, "gay lesbian"? As opposed to straight lesbians?

  3. "Newt needs new blood in his tent, and fast..."

    I wouldn't want to be the one to tell Callista that.

  4. Florida would have a much smaller population and be completely irrelevant if all of the "Yankees" left.