Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 10 Kid’s Movies With Hidden Conservative Messages

Article from NewsReal Blog

Summary: These are films that instill conservative values and are fun for your kids, too.

"I know some hate it, but the Harry Potter movies are loaded with conservatism. Old fashioned family values, where people mistrust a powerful government and instead count on friends and family for the help they need. The overreaching intrusiveness of government and power. The fifth book is huge for the second amendment.

I am of the opinion that all those kids that read Harry Potter are going to be ripe for conservative ideals."

And I contend that all who know the background of Harry Potter should run as far away as possible from this satanistic programming. Conservative values? No, more like witchcraft, which the Bible forbids.

The woman who wrote the series is involved in the occult. Please don’t suggest this crap to families.


Even if its not intentional A Bugs Life is nothing but a Conservative Movie, you have a hard working people that have to give up most of their harvest to a group that does nothing for them but if they don't pay the grasshoppers will "protect" them out of existence.
Another unintentional conservative movie is the Star Wars movies especially III and IV, even though I knew that in III George Lucas wanted it to be allegory for the EEEVVVILLL Bush, but the Clone Wars, Palpatine’s rise to Power and the oppressive Empire are all tricks that LEFTISTS use. In episode IV their is a deleted scene where one of Luke Skywalkers friends talk about the Nationalization of Commerce and how that will drive his uncle out of business.


The Lion King has powerful conservative themes.

Scar, the bad lion, tells Simba “Truth is in the eye of the beholder” during the climax of the movie. This statement of relativism is clearly portrayed as wrong.

Also, the resolution to the problem in the storyline is that Simba has to grow up and face responsibility.

In general, the ideas in the movie are contrary to notions of egalitarianism.

--- I find this particularly funny because I have a (liberal) friend who made a joke argument about this for our debate club, specifically that The Lion King is a conservative allegory for baby boomers.


How did Mary Poppins get on there? She’s a witch and she made the hard-working father into a goof-off who shirked his job at the end of the movie.

A better choice would be The Sound of Music.


““Kung Fu Panda” The lesson of the magic scroll is the same one the noodle shop owning adopted father tells. There is no magic ingredient,”

The Chinese really liked this movie and then complained how their own film industry can’t produce anything that good.

It’s kind of a paradox. They’ve moved towards capitalism, but are still a socialist nation that can’t make a decent movie, while we’ve moved towards socialism but are still a capitalist nation that can make great movies.


(same person who said JK Rowling was into the occult)

Harry Potter is well known for his thunderbolt scar on his forehead. The scar is described as: “...a curiously shaped cut, like a bolt of lightning.” (Philosopher’s Stone, p. 17). As Harry grows older he eventually learns that the scar on his forehead came as the result of a powerful evil curses from the evil dark wizard, Voldemort (Philosopher’s Stone, p. 45).

The startling thing about the thunderbolt, is that it is often used in occultic imagery, especially in Satanism. Anton Szandor Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan, often wore a medallion of an inverted pentagram with a thunderbolt through the centre of it. Thunderbolts also appeared as the ss symbol of Hitler’s special forces (bearing in mind that Hitler was into the occult), and in various Heavy Metal and Death Metal bands.

People need to dig very deep into what this series of books and movies is really about. It has nothing to do with conservative values, and everything to do with the occult.


Scar reminds me of obama, and his hyenas remind me of obama’s snarling media henchmen, and the suffering in the land under Scar reminds me of the miserable obama economy.


I’d like to see the top 10 kids movies with *overt* conservative messages, along with a healthy dose of skits, plays, and comedy shows to poke fun at PC nannies, liberals, the media, and big government types. They are so ripe for exposure and ridicule it’s not even funny.


"Actually, the books are not just about magic, they are largely constructed around alchemy which has a deep tradition in the Christian Church. They also draw on pre-Christian traditions like the hero narratives. And of course, the messianic narrative throughout. Harry goes down into the depths in each book and rises in conjunction of a symbol of Christ. In the last book he is the symbol of Christ. And throughout the books the theme is of self sacrifice and love for others. It is also the modern narrative of acceptance of and love for others, even those who are different like muggles and werewolves and giants. If you are simply relying on the movies, I recommend that you read and reread the books. The movies are wonderful because of the casting and the sets but leave a lot of the wonderful plots out."

No, you learn to use YOUR mind and think. You also need to do research on the author and the books she has read which inspired this series. Yes, its boogeyman, and the author shows kids how to reject parental authority and gain power for themselves through this school of wizardry. Interesting isn’t it, that the school teaches spells, etc.?

Its apparent that you are ignorant of the spiritual warfare we engaged in on a daily basis. Satan wants people to think and believe its harmless fiction.

How easily it is to deceive so many!


" “Harry Potter is the Devil” people are ridiculous, and you NEVER have the facts straight. You ALWAYS make up garbage and try to pass it off as the truth. Harry repeatedly shuns gaining personal power."

Sorry, but it is YOU who are ignorant of the dangers of this movie. But, carry on your love affair with the occult. Its none of my business.

Hey, enjoy the deceit that is Harry Potter! You can defend it all you want, but, it is occult material. Children don’t necessarily see the good and evil. What they DO see is that they want magical powers.

Subject your household to anything you wish. None of my business, but, people used to say the same thing about the OUIJA boards - that they were harmless fun. When you crack open the door to the devil - you invite him in. He always uses deceit and that is how he entraps people.

But, hey carry on your love affair with the occult - none of my business!


Many parents, regardless of their faith, may not wish to have their children read about evil non-physical beings who drink the blood of animals to gain power. But the books are marketed to children ages 9-12. For Christians in particular, the acclamation given Harry Potter’s world should be extremely disturbing.

Might Harry Potter seem as real as life to his young fans around the world? Do children accept Harry’s lessons in practical witchcraft as an open door to an occult reality? Many Christian leaders have denied any such danger, but author J.K. Rowling admits that this happens. In an interview with Newsweek’s Malcolm Jones, she said...

“I get letters from children addressed to Professor Dumbledore [headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the books’ setting], and it’s not a joke, begging to be let into Hogwarts, and some of them are really sad. Because they want it to be true so badly they’ve convinced themselves it’s true.” (-Malcolm Jones, “The Return of Harry Potter!”, Newsweek (Online), July 1, 2000, page 4.


  1. Ya, Ouija boards were laughed off as harmless fun! But look at what happened with that! People "played" with this satanic toy and unleashed otherworldly demons to the point where the "board game" had to be recalled and destroyed in Mount Doom to protect humans from its wrath.

    Wait...that didn't happen and it's still just a stupid, harmless board game? Well, my point still stands that Harry Potter is evil!

  2. Reminds me of this amazing list:

    My favorites:
    - 13. Beauty and the Beast (1991) - A powerful and immensely popular antidote to feminism, far better than the liberal movies churned out by Disney since.
    - 39. Bruce Almighty (2003) - Shows, in a comedic, accessible way, that no one mortal can be God.
    - 86. Space Jam (1996) - Michael Jackson uses the help of beloved children's characters from the '50s (a simpler time in America's history) to beat back foreign invaders who wish to take away our freedoms.

  3. Sure enough, Conservapedia does claim that Michael Jackson (not Jordan) was in Space Jam. Huh.

  4. I bet that "none of my business" guy is the world's most insufferable asshole in real life.

  5. Michael Jordan…Michael Jackson… hard to tell 'em apart, they all look the same.

  6. I don't get that Beauty & the Beast is an antidote to feminism. It shows a strong, brave, smart woman. That IS feminism!

  7. Though I'm a fan of the movie itself, Beauty and the Beast *is* ultimately about a man who locks up a woman, alienates her from anyone she knows, threatens to kill her father if she leaves, starves her into socializing with him, and falls apart when she leaves to resume her fairly normal life. Then in the end, he turns into a handsome prince who loves her for who she is because she tried hard enough to change him. Creepy abuse cycle fantasy.

  8. I was thinking about how Belle was one of the few people in town who actually read books, thought for herself and spurned the advances of the local he-man hunter gun enthusiast.
    - Greg

  9. If 'The Lion King' is such a conservative movie, how come it has as its hero an insecure child from a one-parent family who's physically and sexually inferior to his own girlfriend and ends up getting fostered by a gay couple?