Tuesday, April 17, 2012

33 Years Ago

Summary: Vanity post reminding Freepers that 33 years ago, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister

Unlike most posters here (not all), I have actually met and talked to Obama. You look into his eyes and there is nothing there. No soul, no feeling. It is like looking into the eyes of a shark.


Ms Thatcher, even in her present state, still has quite a few IQ points over the Obamaloon.

Totally agree in RINOmney...he is a vapid dork.

I’m worried, but preparing for CW-II....which appears to be our only way out.


Still fighting. I have great hope in heaven, but little hope for America. Thirty years ago, people talked about the political pendulum swinging left and then right. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing anything swinging right. Single moms, the number one cause of poverty, are now hero’s. ABC is now gAyBC. Europe is succumbing to Islam. Africa is falling to Islam. South America is moving towards Communism. Freedom is not expanding.

The quality of a Democracy can not exceed the qualify of the press. The lamestream press has gone from bad to corrupt, and is now unrepentant when caught in a lie. Fox is moving to the left. Romney may slow the slide, but he’ll keep moving us left.

My fellow Christians need to prepare for a severe persecution.


We have a real problem with the MSM here in the US and I know it is global.
Our system was never designed to allow a President (ANY President) to be the unconditional spoiled darling of the MSM.

An MS with an unchecked and wholesale bias (in either direction) was never in the equation and should not continue. It compromises the political dynamic, it hobbles our strength, unity and stability as a nation and it disfigures our national character.

Voters MUST reject leaders who gratuitously polarize Americans, AS policy! This will keep the media honest as well.


"I have actually met and talked to Obama..... You look into his eyes and there is nothing there. No soul, no feeling....... It is like looking into the eyes of a shark. Watching Romney, who I have not met, I feel the same basic revulsion."

Yes indeed. They don't look...they glare at best.

Times going to run out soon....and if this Primary goes to Romney I will be planning for the worst...both Romney or Obama will simply be the pawns being used to carry out what we know is coming.


"Been reading many threads on FR recently and have been horrified and saddened by the general feeling of defeat pervading the threads. So I want to share something that happened back in 1979, here in the UK."

And that's supposed to cheer me up? You can't even own a handgun anymore, much less carry one. Your country has no freedom to speak of, and that's just one example.

Thatcher was an anomaly (I'm beginning to think Reagan was, too). After her, the UK went back to socialism as usual.


Here’s anecdote I’ve just finished reading:

“In one instance towards the end of the Reagan administration, Gingrich discussed complaints about things left undone. Writes Hayward of the president that Jack Kemp fondly nicknamed the “Oldest and Wisest”:

“Reagan put his arm around the young Georgia Congressman and said in his typically gentle fashion, “Well, some things you’re just going to have to do after I’m gone.””


After they make up the facts the MSM tries (successfully in many cases) to tell us the meaning and how to “feel” about their made up facts.

My father-in-law years ago would yell at Cronkite, calling him a communist and liar. Said the news was mostly lies, we should not believe their propaganda. At the time we thought FIL was losing it, nope he “got it” and was trying to sound the early warning alarm.

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  1. Conveniently forgot is the fact that Maggie refused to receive a Sarah Palin visit a year or two ago.