Friday, April 6, 2012

GLOBE Magazine: Michelle Snaps (Obama Marriage on the Rocks)

This post was pulled because it's from THE GLOBE, the gossip tabloid.

The post itself:

OK, so it's the Globe, but hey, it's Friday afternoon.
I just read the article at the news stand, and thought I'd share.

Key assertions (from memory):

*She's angry because he got her to support his presidential bid by promising he'd only serve one term and then get out and "make millions like Clinton did."

*But since he's been elected, he's become "power mad" and is really working hard to win a second term. So she's really angry because she hates being trapped in the White House and wants a life out of the public spotlght.

*They sleep in separate bedrooms, have screaming fights behind closed doors, rarely speak to each other, and she avoids being near Barack unless they are required to sit together at an official function, or if there is photo requirement.

*She goes on vacation after vacation to get away from Barack.

*When she's in town, she sneaks out often (giving rise to "outrageous" rumors about an affair with a Secret Service agent.

*When Obama finds out she's sneaked out, he confronts her upon her return, which inevitably leads to a screaming fight.

*She bought a sexy black outfit to try and spice up their marriage, but nothing happened.

The comments:

"Meh. Rumors."

Well, all the items asserted seem perfectly reasonable.


[re: the black dress]

Black on black in the dark......... fail


"*She bought a sexy black outfit to try and spice up their marriage, but nothing happened."

Gonna take much more den dat, sister


The GLOBE cannot believed for anything. Now, if Obama was having a homo affair with the BAT BOY, NOW THAT’S NEWS!


Ă˜bama is gay . . ▲


Ya mean....Ya mean, Obama, the famous father of teen, racist, gangsta, Trayvon Martin and adoree of the “Muslim Brotherhood” is just simply a gay fella!!! Nah!!! Obama is just obessed with destroying the American Republic, and......Michelle is an even worse America hater then Obama!!! Worthless people, both of them!!! Sad!!! Sad, too.....for Black Americans who back these two flim/flam artists!!! Go figure!!!


You should of lissend to yo momma when she toll you not to marry ‘that homo’, girlfren!


"One of the grocery-checkout-line papers had the Bushes getting divorced throughout his presidency."

Yes, I remember. In fact, it was the very same Globe Magazine.


Its the globe. You can pretty much stop there no matter how much you want it to be true. Kind of like if Alex Jones says something, if you read something in the Globe, most likely the truth is the opposite of what they report.


He’s a homo and she knows it. Info even the Globe won’t dare to reveal.


Speaking of women, this question is raised at the ObamaFile website re his possible gayness:

How come not one single woman has ever, ever come forward with her "my date with Barack" story, or tender remembrances of their brief, but intense relationship?

Not one -- ever!


“*She bought a sexy black outfit to try and spice up their marriage, but nothing happened.”

Ugh! I think I’m gonna spew chunks!


A couple who needs a date night to NYC is in BIG trouble.


My thought that a black woman wearing a black nightie in the dark would be more or less invisible and the bucks spent on the nightie were wasted.


  1. But don't you are call them racist

  2. This article makes me feel incredibly racist for noticing the racism