Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rockwall teacher fired for out-of-wedlock pregnancy

Summary: Christian school fires unwed woman for becoming pregnant.

She signed a contract that probably had clear rules of behavior. My wife works at a private school and has a contract that has things like no drinking, no smoking, etc. There is no mystery, it is just a matter of honoring your word in the contract you agreed to.


"I’m a Christian and I don’t believe this is right.

Christians beat their chest about abortion and contraception and then ostracize women who become pregnant out of wedlock.

So much for loving the mother and child...

And I doubt the fourth grader is going to know or care that she was or wasn’t married"

And is it Christian to bring a baby into this world without a husband and the protection of marriage? Just watch Maurie every day to see the ridiculous results of disgusting behavior.

This is basically no different that Obummer trying to force the Christian organizations to provide and pay for abortions, birth control pills, etc., which run against their very dear teachings.

I hope this teacher stays fired because of a signed behavior code and cannot come back.


Wouldn’t it have been simpler for her to just get married.


This is a Christian school, and every school has a handbook that is handed out every year, to teachers. Among the many requirements is a "Morality Clause". This means, no drunken orgies, no drug use, don't molest students at home, do not be seen by students going into local bars, drinking in public, swearing in public - and many other items.

She knew she was in violation of the school policy - now seems shocked to see that the policy is being enforced. There are other schools with lower standards out there; but is seems pretty hypocritical to tell young teenage girls not to have sex, or to use birth control - then have an unwed and pregnant teacher as a role model.


So. You would have no problem with sending your child to a school with hypcrites for teachers?

“Christians beat their chest about abortion and contraception and then ostracize women who become pregnant out of wedlock.”

I guess your solution would be for us to just shut up about abortion and contraception.

Hoo boy.


Another example where someone who doesn’t follow the rules, wants everyone else to break theirs so she doesn’t have to take responsibility.
She had the choice to not have sex while being unmarried and knew she had a chance to get pregnant and lose her job. She loses.
Go find baby daddy to get your hospital bill and pre natel care along with child support. Instead she chooses to do it with a lawsuit so we all pay.


we’ll be paying a lot more when she receives welfare and food stamps.


You are way off. The school has an obligation and a privilege to provide the students with walking talking examples of “practicing what they preach”. Her job is not charity! She is obviously a walking contradiction and the children should not be exposed to her or her fouled witness.


"What if she was raped and decided to keep the baby? Should she be punished? Your sense of morality is full of holes and you also know nothing about the circumstances here."

What if? Really?

OK, I can play that game. What if she was the Virgin Mary???


And YOU castigate others for knowing “nothing about the circumstances here”?


She should be on her knees giving thanks that this wasn’t a Muslim school.

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