Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Hispanic Supreme Court justice takes prominent role

Summary: Sotomayor played an interesting role in the recent Supreme Court case on the Arizona Immigration law.

She's proven herself to be anything but “wise” so far.But those of us who've been paying attention aren't even a little bit surprised.

prominent role ? Give us all a break. She asked some questions that reflected her ignorance and all of a sudden she's a prominent force on the court. Very sad.

Every time I think of the Jug Eared Jackass’s SC appointees, I think of this quote from Julius Caesar:
“The evil that men do lives after them....”

The “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court is proving herself to be a pandering Hispanic lackey, who will never see justice for all Americans at the expense of her Caribbean brethren
SowtoEore was unqualified for his position.

"Just remember Rick Santorum voted to confirm her to the Appeals Court when Clinton nominated her knowing she'd be on the fast track to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Think about that any time someone laments Santorum isn't the nominee."

The Senate always just "rubber-stamps" presidential USSC nominees. Why that occurs, I don't know. My guess is it's about the "good ole boys" club in both parties. Other than Bork and Thomas, I can't remember the last time the Senate contested a Supreme court nominee. Of course, it was the Dimocrats who fought against the above.
I'm no longer a republican. They are gutless. Obama will get 4 more years to destroy us with "liberal lite Romney" as a weak nominee. Would have loved to see Newt debate Bambi, but he wasn't pretty enough in our "cult of personality". With all Newts faults, he knows what's good about our heritage and history, but has a goofy smile and talks above the dumb-downed populace. Santorum was also a pretty boy like Mittens, but doesn't know squat. Ron Paul is a dipshit.
This dying nation wants smooth talking celebrities who speak in generalities for what they will do for the "gimmes", and that includes Soccor-Moms. Newt knows history and the failings of socialism, but no one wants to hear such big concepts and historical precedents as to why Hopey and Changey is failing. Just look pretty and promise me stuff, please. Pfft.


I get fairly dark in the summer and am often spoken to in Spanish [which I don’t speak]
But I have plenty of *paper work* to identify myself, should I be asked.

A former business partner of mine went to high school with Ms. Sotomayor (Cardinal Spellman, I believe). He said she was no great shakes intellectually and she has an Ivy League background for one reason- she is a Latina. My former partner is a Democrat.

the member of the hispanic KKK gets her/its day in court. La RAZA, La Sodamaker.

I will make sure to refer to her as a white hispanic from now on. Her skin is lighter than George Zimmerman’s.

Soto Sayso is easy to get rid of. Just prove Obama is unqualified under article II of the Constitution, and every appointment Obama ever made would be null and void.
That is actually much easier than many think.

Alabama is on the right track in terms of examining the issue in the courts.

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  1. "Alabama is on the right track..."

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