Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marine Faces 'Other Than Honorable' Discharge Over Anti-Obama Facebook Comment

Views on this are split, since there are quite a few military families on FR.

We can only hope that the next real president will be able to overturn this injustice and restore this patriot’s honor.


Soldier nailed by Obama Nazis. The Progressive Communist pan Leninists mean business. The soldier is lucky to be alive, unlike Breitbart who died after vowing to tell the truth about Obama.


"He knew the rules. He clearly violated them, & dishonored himself in the process. Very stupid & very sad."

agree that the Marine was mistaken about what he was allowed to say and what he wasn’t allowed to say. I don’t think he dishonored himself.

1. He can’t conduct his personal opinions on a government computer.

2. He can’t speak contemptuously of his commander-in-chief (or any commander, actually). Let him say, “Screw Captain Jones!”, his company commander, and see what that gets him.

3. He can’t give the impression he is speaking as a Marine or on behalf of the Marines, any disclaimers notwithstanding. (I think his website was something about Marine tea party, or Marine protest.)

None of the above is dishonorable, in my opinion. In fact, it doesn’t rise to the level of court martial, if you ask me. I think it was non-judicial, letter of reprimand to the official file kind of stuff. And that would have ended his career in that he would have failed promotion, and it would have been far more quiet and dignified of the Marine Corps to have handled it in this manner.


if the commander in chief had ordered him via his commanders to commit war crimes, he would have had a legal precedent to disobey.

other than that, he signed an oath and was duty bound to obey his superiors.

I find this fascination with putting ones life out there for all to see on facebook disquieting at best.


I can only hope that Americans choose a next Congress carefully - that my fellow Americans do not send “useful idiots” to Congress but Patriots who will insist on the IMPEACHMENT of any Pagan Communist like Obama-or any of his Administration.


So when does John Hanoi Kerry get booted out for his anti Soldier comments on Iraq, Afghanistan and Viet Nam. I am not a war criminal or a baby killer.

"Hanoi Kerry had already been booted. That’s what the discharge upgrade program under Carter was about."

He made his comments on Afghanistan and Iran during the Bush Administration which was after his supposed DD before Carter. He is still in the Senate so he has not been booted yet.


Hey Barack O’Quota Baby...just remember that that marine made the mistake of saying openly what virtually all of our military thinks of your sorry illegal *ss.


Obama’s not fit to shine this Marine’s shoes.


I also want the next president to overturn the injustice done to LTC Lakin.
Can you imagine if - even Romeny - were to casually make the statement in a press conference, "the first week of my administration, I will reinstate all benefits to LTC Lakin and expunge the injustice done to his record." The left would go apoplectic. Mittens wouldn't have to say anything for or against the eligibility issue, but it would instantly be up in front of the public. Arpaio's findings would be front and center. Mittens could just say, I am not discussing the presidents eligibility. It is a decision that each American has to consider when voting in November. :-) I can hope and dream, right?


“Nonsense. The rules are clear, and he knew what they were. He blew it.”

I actually applaud him for thinking it. I think it’s possible a 2nd term Obama might try to become President for Life. On the other hand Obama, legitimately or not, is CIC and you can’t publicly announce your intention to disobey your superior officers.


  1. Obama is a pagan now??

    1. Also - a challenge-request for our LE - an instance way back in the Freeper archives of response to someone in the armed forces or even ex-military criticizing President Bush.

  2. How cute Freepers still are hanging on to the belief that Breitbart was murdered by Obama.