Monday, April 2, 2012

Obama: Supreme Court Striking Down Obamacare Would Be Judicial Activism

It’s called Checks and Balances President Doofus.

Constitutional scholar my a$$.


Hussein despises the Constitution.


I’m glad he’s taken this tact and wants to attack the supreme court. Now he does sound like a dictator. “How dare the court strike down laws in accordance with the constitution that my liberal congress passed with almost 60 votes in the senate? What do we need this branch of the government for?”

Keep at it. He must have left Jarret at home with Barney Frank. There is no stopping him. His tele is on strike.


Is this the same guy who set up a system of Czars?


I hope the SC is paying attention to his repeated threatening language. I can’t believe this would-be thugocrat is in the Oval Office. He is single-handedly making the case for “anyone but Obama”. I can’t believe I’m saying this, as much as I despise Romney. Threats to the SC are my line in the sand.


That Obama guy is looking more and more like a little kid, bewildered that people acually can see throught the veneer. This President makes Jimmah Caatah look like Ronald Reagan. Most of my freinds, though, are very pesimistic, and think this baboon’s and gross-zilla counterpart will remain in the the Half-assed White village for four more years and then some, that is, if his reference to F.D.Rosevelt rings true.


What’s he gonna do if they strike it down?

Go Trayvon on their asses? Call for all his fellow blacks to burn the cities down? If we don’t let the federal government force all Americans to buy a private product my fellow blacks will go apesh1t on your asses? And Holder will not prosecute “his own people”?

Really? Because we won’t let you make America socialist, this is what you think everyone will rally around you for, Barry? Really? Life doesn’t end for most people if Obamacare dies. Hurts you far more than the average person, Barry.


If they put down his law he’ll unleash the dogs of war. He will take next step and convince everyone that this whole Supreme Court thing just isn’t working.

“In fact, F*** them! The mandate goes as planned! Are you gonna let them take it from you? Who’s with me?! Rise up people! Show them how strong you are!”

Oh, maybe he won’t say it. Can’t get his hands dirty. But he’ll let all the right people know. Time to pull the pin on this revolution. It’s what the Marxists and communists have been waiting all their lives for. And he’s ready to do it. He’s ready to take his place as the One who makes it happen. Maybe even before November if it looks like he’s running out of time.


Maybe 40 years ago a 7th grader could tell you what the Supreme Court is supposed to do but probably not today. Frankly, I doubt very many kids with a high school diploma could tell you.


As more and more laws in this country go unenforced and less and less constitutional adherence is applied to our governance, the less the “rule of law” will mean.

If the President can assume power of influence over the court (not that he has but seems to think so), if Black Panthers can put a bounty on a citizens head, if our government can force us to buy something or enter into and enforceable contract, the rule of law is dead or near to it. When civil cases start to be won using a defense case based on precedence set by our government, the law is dead.

Want Proof?

Explain to me what Illegal immigration really means anymore. It’s not apparently illegal to be here without permission, documentation, etc. It’s just illegal to get here? That is, we only enforce the law if you get caught getting here illegally. Otherwise you can vote, collect welfare, unemployment, etc. all without fear. Just don’t get caught anywhere in the US trying to get into the US.

When will some nutcase NeoNazi put a public bounty on the head of the Black Panthers? Will there then be a prosecution? They can’t now. They would have to arrest both that launched the bounties. Right?


If it was 5-4 for striking it down before, it’s 7-2 now. SCOTUS does NOT like to be told how to rule.


I’m actually encouraged by this.

I am 100% sure that Elena Kagan leaked the results of the vote to Barry as soon as it was over.

This reaction sounds like a bit of a freakout, indicating that he has lost and lost big.

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