Thursday, April 26, 2012

53% of New Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed

Good! Little Che t-shirt wearing, Marxist voting a-holes! Learn to love it! You voted for it!


This is the reality of the world that a lot of these kids wanted when they supported Obama. Socialism and taking from the rich sounds good in theory. Getting degrees in Social Work and Wymyns Studies and going to work to help the disadvantaged sounds good in theory. And then reality smacks you in the face — there are no jobs. When everyone is sitting on their ass unemployed because they have a Social Work degree, no one is generating the income to pay for the rest of society to live. We are running out of other peoples’ money.


Hope and Change, clowns! You went to “college” and got a “degree” in something that was never designed to make money, especially now that 1000000000000 other Gen-Y dupes got the same thing. Maybe if you were smart enough to go into something with a demand, and not have been so stupid to vote for O, you might actually have a chance.

Enjoy your college debt. Oh, and where’s my damn fries?


Not every college kid voted for 0. I for one knew exactly what his presidency would mean for my job, my ability to pay off my college debt, and my ability to get out on my own.

I graduated in the summer of 2008 right when the bottom fell out, and not everyone can be an engineer or a doctor, so some of us who are more creative or struggled with math and science and wanted to go to into careers that suit our talents couldn’t find a job in those fields and ended up unemployed because there wasn’t much professional work available. It took me two and a half years to find my first “real job” after working two jobs part time to get me experience (many jobs after the bank crash weren’t entry level and many of them wanted 3 years of experience) for the field I wanted to get into: marketing. Happy to say I’m now employed as a Marketing Associate and while I wish this would have happened a couple years earlier I just have to grudgingly admit that sometimes life gives you a challenge and that you just have to work hard and stick it out to do what you want to do and be where you want to be.

I’m part of Gen Y, I didn’t want this economic apocalypse, I voted against 0 and I have sympathy for those in my generation who saw the same thing and are now struggling to get work. The others in my gen who support this guy are idiots, but for those who woke up I feel for them, and maybe, hopefully they learned an important lesson. My point is, is that not all Gen Yers are libs, if anything this economy might be a grand awakening for many of them. The ones who are now demanding handouts (and it isn’t all of us, I have debt, but I will pay it off without government aid) are the same idiots who would vote for this clown regardless. Some of us, a lot of us, want to have careers, start a family, and live a better life.


Gee, isn’t 53% the percentage of people who pay no federal income taxes or get a federal income tax “refund” called the earned income tax credit? Coincidence, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that so many people “earn” degrees that qualify them for nothing more than they were were qualified to do when the received their high school diplomas?


YES WE CAN!! Si se puede!!! Yes we can!!! SI SE PUEDE!!!
How’s that “Hope and Change” thing working for you guys?
Sorry, I have very little sympathy, knowing that most of them worked, and voted, for Obama.


"They’re taking some risk, too."
Not least of which is that of attracting the notice of the corrupt government leeches who live to suck the life out of success.
If they're in Detroit, it won't take long.


  1. Could you please go back to line breaks instead of asterisks? The solid wall of text is hard on the eyes.

  2. Wow, I apologize for that! Blogger updated some of its settings, but I didn't realize it reflected on the blog itself. The past four posts are now fixed.

  3. "When everyone is sitting on their ass unemployed because they have a Social Work degree, no one is generating the income to pay for the rest of society to live."

    I hope that person realizes that we'd have plenty of jobs available for social workers if we actually gave a damn about our returning veterans. PTSD kind of fucks with people's lives, and they need help to deal with it. Not to mention the help that's needed for those who have come back maimed and disfigured. But we as a country don't give a shit about them, so no jobs for social workers! Haha you 20-somethings! You thought you could help people, but instead you should have been a selfish prick.

    God, I wish I could punch people through the Internet.