Thursday, April 26, 2012

Successful Democrat Governors

Vanity post:

Out of curiousity: Is anyone aware of a current successful democrat governor?
We hear success stories out of Ohio, Wisconsin (despite Walker's current recall), North Dakota, South Carolina, Louisiana, New Jersey - all with dynamic Republican Governors at the healm.
Where are all the success stories from states with democrat governors?
Why isn't THIS a talking point wit the RNC?
Why are we always playing defense?
Just curious....


The problem with your question is that the dim media and the dim governor define their on success and therefore it is so.
If you mean is there a dim-gov that isn't running a huge deficit, huge taxes, etc...the answer is no.

They don't exist!
I cite my own state of Maryland as exhibit 1.


Schweitzer of Montana hasn't done to bad for a Dim. He's pro-gun, pro-states rights and Montana has a large budget surplus.


“Why isn’t THIS a talking point wit the RNC?
Why are we always playing defense?”
A better talking point would be: who runs the toilet states/cities? Who’s been in charge of Detroit/Baltimore? Who was in charge of NYC pre-Giuliani, or California pre-Arnie? Wait a couple years before bringing up California, on second thought. Thankfully, should be just in time for the rest of the nation to start smelling its rotting corpse.


"“Zig-Zag” Zell Miller. Democrat governor of Georgia.
Of course, he was more conservative than a lot of ‘Pubbies and waaaaaaay more conservative than the Democrat party in general."
I would VOTE for Zell Miller for president over Mittens Romney, heck I would vote for Zell over ANY of the GOP runners in the last 3 elections cycles, heck the only one who would win over Zell in the last 30 years would be a ressurected Ronald Reagan!!!!
And you stole my thunder, I was going to post Zell Miller as the LAST sucessful Democrat Govenor.


I am disappointed that MY former governor is the Republican apparent candidate BUT....
You must remember that Mass is so overwhelming LIBERAL democrat that there is really no a lot a governor of any party can do. Evidence the number of our LEGISLATIVE former leaders are either in jail, disgrace or under indictment.
Also, many of the bad stats came from eastern areas of this zoo that are so far to the left they are in danger of falling over.
If TODAY’S government had been in office in 1776, we’d still be speaking ENGLISH as we pledge our alligence to the KING, rather than the Flag of the USA. (N0 2nd amendment)


We have a successful Governor here in the Gay State.His greatest success was convincing a fellow Rat office holder to pretend to leave the Rat Party and to run against him as a “conservative”.The result? Coupe Deval,Osama Obama’s good buddy from their Chicago street thug days,won reelection with 48% of the vote.


George Wallace?


  1. Man, I'm glad we aren't speaking English today...

    Also, there are success stories out of Louisiana?

    1. No, but when have the freepers allowed reality to stand in the way of their narrative?