Thursday, April 5, 2012

McCain: I think Palin should be the VP nominee

I am still not convinced that Romney will be the nominee. Kissenger promised China that Jeb Bush would be the president in 2012.


Romney/Palin would give me a heckuva quandary. I'd love to see Palin as President, but do I like it enough to endure 4 years of gun-grabbin', carbon-taxin', job-killin', gay-marryin', big-spendin', power-lovin' Romney?
I'd have to think on it.


nobody listens to what this crazy manchurian candidate thinks...that is why he wasn’t elected.

I hope for a brokered convention and Palin chosen as the candidate.

no one else has her conservatism.


She declined to run for the presidency herself, maintaining that she can have more influence as a media presence than as an actual candidate.
Sarah has not declined to run for the presidency, she stepped aside. If Sarah Palin is called to be the Republican Convention nominee, she'll probably take it.


Juan McCain, turned in Hanoi, says nothing anyone needs to hear.

In 2008 we had two Manchurian candidates. One took a dive, The other one is in the White House.


And don’t you ever mention Palin’s name again.


That old fool belongs in a retirement home. But that describes the senate pretty well.


All this is telling you is that the GOP elite know they have a huge base vs. Romney problem and they can not win with him.
The problem is that I do not think that even Palin can help Romney with the base. I can not vote for Romney and I am tired of the games the GOP plays with their base. When you ignore your own base for your own agenda at some point enough is enough and your voters walk.


Sarah is about as 'authentic' as it gets ..... I can't imagine her hooking her star to a fraud like Romney. She'll be stained with his RINO manure & it won't come off ... and of course, if Romney loses as he is likely to do, it would ALL be her fault. If she has any thought of ever running for president, she needs to stay clear of Romney. If Romney loses to Obummer, I'm for chucking the GOP-e's who keep nominating losers, can't run Congress, won't stand up to Obummer, etc. and going 3rd party with Sarah leading the troops. There will be time & there will be the anger/energy for a 3rd party if we get O for another 4 years .... the question is, will we have a country.


“I’d have to think on it.”

Our choice is Obama OR ....

Not too much to think about.

Maybe if Obama was running as a “moderate” against Kim Jong-un or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad I would give it serious consideration...


There is no way that Sarah should hitch her Christian values onto Mitts cult religion. Wouldn't be prudent.
This is exactly what the elite liberals and media want. Killing two birds with one stone, but in this case they simply want to make Christians the fools by lumping us in with mormonISM What a disaster is about to be played on America.

SNL & Will Ferrell, (the perfect Mittens), will have 4 years of Christian bashing jokes. How would a Christian lady as Sarah defend Mitt on this issue? She can't, so don't ask her too.

Newt or Santorum, go for it Sarah.


I think John McLame should have fought harder in 2008. Sarah was trying to pull him over the top, but Juan “we have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency” McLame or Juan “I am suspending my campaign” McLame would have none of it.


That seems like such a demotion for Palin.

It would basically be saying: You are no more important now than you were four years ago when no one knew who you were.


To: traditional1
Politics do make strange bedfellows. I never thought I would see the day when the people at the Daily Kos and the Free Republic both supported the same candidate for president.

Kossacks say they will never vote for Romney over Obama, and the Freepers say they will never vote for Romney over Obama.

Should I expect to see coordinated efforts between Freepers and Kossacks to get Obama relected ?

Granted it is for different reasons. Kossacks believe Obama is more liberal than Romney, and Freepers apparently believe Obama would govern as more of a conservative than Romney, but still in the end Kossacks and Freepers both want the same thing and that is for Obama to be relected, rather than to have a Romney presidency.

Obama has already said himself that if he wins relection that he will move FAR to the left. Which says something considering how far to the left he already is.

If Freepers believe that Romney will govern even farther to the left than Obama in a second term, than Freepers must believe that Romney is the biggest socialist in the history of civilization.

I am not saying that Freepers are wrong about this, but personally I always saw Romney as someone who just was concerned about winning elections. Therefore if as a Republican president he governed far to the left of what Obama has done so far. Which he would have to do if Freepers are right about Romney being more of a socialist than what Obama would be in his second term. Than Romney would be killing any chances he had of winning relection in 2016. Which means that Romney doesnt really blow with the wind as freepers say, but he is really a hard core leftist with deep socialist beliefs that he feels so strongly about that he would be willing to make himself a one term president in order to try to advance them. I am sorry but that theory just does not pass the smell test to me.

In the last week I have heard Freepers call Jim Demint, Paul Ryan, John Bolton, Mike Lee and Marco Rubio all rinos. The tea party in general was called rinos. If they are all rinos, because they endorsed Romney than I dont know who is left that passes the Republican purity test with freepers.

I guess possibly Sarah Palin still might pass the purity test, but she has already said she is a ABO believer, so I imagine she will endorse Romney once he officially gets the nomination, so I guess she will than be called a rino also.

Freepers seem to have painted themself into a corner where there is nobody left for them to support in the Republican Party or the Tea Party for that matter. The Libetarian thing is also out the window for Freepers considering how much you dislike Ron Paul.

I guess thats why that we now have Free Republic and Daily Kos on the same page. Free Republic purity tests have left Freepers with nobody to support except Obama.


Sarah learned in ‘10 that the way to be influential is to work hard and get other people elected, and wind up with a little black book of people who owe you. She’s going to own this party pretty soon.


"I am still not convinced that Romney will be the nominee. Kissenger promised China that Jeb Bush would be the president in 2012."

Jeb Bush will never be President of the U.S. He couldn't even save Terry Schiavo, so how could he possibly ever recover from that?


  1. Wait - there are people who think Will Ferrell is still on SNL?

  2. "I am still not convinced that Romney will be the nominee. Kissenger promised China that Jeb Bush would be the president in 2012."

    WTF am I reading?