Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Just today, someone on Fark was talking about how they were looking forward to seeing the Freepers start zotting (read: banning) anyone who doesn't toe the line and support Mitt Romney.

They went the other way.

Post by Jim Robinson, founder of FreeRepublic:

To hell with the GOP-e. Barring a miracle, they got their big government, unconstitutional mandate loving, socialist abortionist Obama-lite RINO on the ballot, they can now get him elected.

We are the resistance!!

Shove him down our throats today, we shove him up your donkeys in November!!

I can see November from my house!!


That’s some of the best news that Obama has had in a long time. He is now well on the way to getting reelected. I never thought that Free Republic would help to destroy the country. I was wrong.


The Republicans will go the way of the Whigs before them, they have thrown a big **** you to their own support, if by the grace of G_D we cannot help Newt put Mittens back down, than we will have no choice to discontinue our support of the Former Grand Old Party.

That is why your base spoken for by Jim Robinson has to say Repubs, what say You!?!?!?!


Jim, thank God, and thank YOU!

No longer will I be the establishments prison bitch and do their bidding with contributions and votes only to be told to take it in the ass every four years with THEIR moderate selection.

Resist we must, and I stand on the front line with you!


Constitutional Conservatism does not tolerate abortionists, the homosexual agenda and mandated health care. Mitt Romney is a big-government, eastern establishment politician much like the Nelson Rockefeller of 1964 who tried to derail Barry Goldwater. I have a long memory and as a worker for AuH20 nearly 50 years, I can't forgive what the GOP-e did than and is doing now.

Long live the real America! Long live Free Republic!


yeah this is terrible news today. I honestly don’t know what to do. I can’t with a clear mind vote for Mittens but what we have now is just abominable.


"So what do you propose, Jim? Not vote, vote third party, or vote and hold our nose?"

My question too, what are we supposed to do, let the dictator be re-elected? I don't like this either, we're voting, once again, for the lesser of two evils.


I would vote for a wind-blown phonebook hit with a dart over Obama.

Hell, at least you have a chance at getting someone who isn’t trying to destroy this nation for my kids.


Ok, I understand Jim, but, if it’s Romney on the ballot in November,do we support him over Obama, or should we just cut our nose off to spite our face and stay home? Seriously, can we afford four more years of Obama? Will there be anything left to salvage in 2016?


"My primary reason for voting in November will be to replace Debbie Stabenow with a conservative."

Like the conservatives we voted for in 2010? The ones who are now supporting the resulting nominee?


So what is this board going to be talking about on election day 2012? Writing in Duncan Hunter? Everyone was talking that way when McCain got the nomination, but be election night everyone on this board was fully behind McCain. I expect it will be the same way this election.


“Republicans” are the last thing you’ll have to worry about!

This attitude will elect Obama and DESTROY America!


“So what do you propose, Jim? Not vote, vote third party, or vote and hold our nose?”

Don’t worry, you are about to be presented a THIRD CHOICE, the AmericansElect Party, largely financed with MILLIONS in Democrat money, to peel your votes away from Romney in Swing States.

Remember folks, these aren’t your father’s Democrats we are dealing with, anymore.


100% behind you Jim!

I am a conservative first! So what is the plan if Romney is the nominee? How do we register a protest vote so that the elites know how many votes they LOST due to their unwise choice to be a party of moderates?

Do we jump ship and move our party registrations and then send a letter to the GOP?

Do we all vote for or write in another candidate?

What does the Freeper community think? And dont tell me to vote for Romney ‘cause that wont fly.


The OP is the most immature statement I have ever read on FR, made at the time of desperation, when all good forces should seek to unite against evil. Sitting out the most important election in history is equivalent to treason in my mind. And what for? To be able to exclaim: “I told you so!”? I am officially disgusted...


Romney is 10 times more Liberal than McCain as his record attests to.

Furthermore, Romney won't find anyone as charismatic or as limited-government conservative than Sarah Palin.

Your expectations concerning FreeRepublic are about to be fully proven wrong.


Before, I only wanted to get “O” out of the WH in the next national election.

I am so angry and affronted NOW that I want him OUT in the most embarrassing and telling avalanche of American Conservatism in the US history of Presidential elections.

I want a landslide so overwhelming that “O” will spend the rest of his life having gravel surgically removed from his a$#!

I want Liberals humiliated.

I want the score settled.

I want Liberalism to reel for decades.

I want Liberals to consider long and hard about EVER again defrauding and insulting Americans in this way


There will be no conservative on the ballot, why should I vote when there is no candidate representing me?

I don’t vote blindly with the party, that is for sheep. I vote based on ideals, and Romney’s ideals are closer to liberalism than conservatism. In fact what scares me is that I can’t even say for sure what his ideals are; he the definition of a politician, he will swear that the moon is made of cheese if it would get him votes.


We need a Conservative political party, whether it is called Conservative Party or Tea Party or Constitution Party, I don’t care.

There are so many disenfranchised GOP conservatives, and TONS of independent conservatives who have dumped the GOP over the past 20 years. If we had a unified conservative party that only had conservative cadidates and stuck to a small government platform, I swear it would out-draw the remaining RINO GOP.

For the life of me, I don’t get why Obama and Hannity aren’t demanding this, UNLESS they aren’t genuine conservatives.

We need a conservative national politica party, now!

Are you listening, Sarah?????


Obama certainly hopes you’re right. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some “new” members of this board in the form of Daily Kos plants who encourage everyone here to “keep the faith” and stay home on election day.

I favored Santorum over Romney, but the choice between Obama and Romney isn’t even close. Do you choose the guy who will TELL you flat out that he’s going to destroy your country and has proven that he’s trying to do so, or do you take a chance on the guy who at least TELLS he’s going to support lower taxes, smaller govt, etc. Sure, maybe he’s lying, but we KNOW Obama is telling the truth about what he’s going to do.


Seriously, can we afford four more years of Obama? Will there be anything left to salvage in 2016?"

There is a strong probability that there will NOT. That’s why this is going to be the MOST critical election in the history of this nation.

I intend to follow Newt’s example and do everything in my power to prevent Obama from getting reelected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Romney will not have the Congressional support to do the things you fear, even if he were so inclined.

Obama’s objective is to destroy the country.

So you can complain about the poor menu or starve, it’s your choice.


Mittens is a fraud but he doesn’t hate our country. Obama’s attack on the SCOTUS was the last straw. We can’t afford four more years. Just like Palin says, it’s ABO.


First we must make a stand ar the covention. We must let the e-GOP know how angry we are.

Secondly we focus on down ticket races to elect as many conservatives to local, state and especially congressional office.

Third no matter who wins we get more active than ever before. When the going gets tough the tough get going.


OK Jim, but what do we do at this point in time?
Do we sit it out and watch Obama sail to another four years or what?
Isn’t anybody better than Obama?


I’m a voter, not a hostage.

Why do we now have to work so damn hard to STOP a Romney nomination when the GOP-E, KNEW that Masscare was a FATAL DISQUALIFICATION for the nomination in the first place?

Now Romney’s got Coulter, Drudge, Rove, and dozens of others drooling on his kneecaps this late in the process. Millions of dollars and millions of volunteer hours will have been wasted because somebody couldn’t talk sense to this guy THE DAY MASSCARE PASSED THE MASSSACHUSETTS SENATE!!

All it would have taken was, “Mitt, nice work, but you know you can’t be the nominee, right? You know that was the price, right?”

Nope, like Dole, like McCain, he was next in line.

So, yeah. The GOP picked their candidate over a year ago, and they are PISSED we aren’t going along with it. Peggy Noonan wrote as much about a month ago.

There WAS a nominee. We changed that at the grass roots, but at what point is this party going to get a clue in to the idea that it is time to FINALLY give a conservative a shot at it.

Sorry, but its guys like you that are trying to hang the future of the country on guys like me who WILL NOT STAY ON THE RESERVATION when I WASN’T THE GUY WHO LEFT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

Nope, if you get Obama. Do. Not. Blame. Me. You can blame the Cardinals in the GOP college that sent the white smoke up the chimney on this fraud from before the first primary. Romney was a presumption. You are trying to perpetrate that presumption.

For me, I think Gingrich SHOULD stay in. Between Santorum and Gingrich, they should pull every free-thinking, liberty-cherishing conservative left in the party and when they go to broker the convention, they can be a ticket and send Romney back to the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

Now that Santorum is out, that friggin’ coward, it’s down to Newt. Had Santorum stayed, the possibility of a brokered convention would have been plausible, given the amount of completely justifiable damage Romney’s sustained to this point.

So SICK of the lectures about another four years of Obama.

Can you IMAGINE if McCain had actually won? I’m glad this idiot had to pull the scabs off of all the banks, the CME, ratings agencies, Fannie, Freddie, and Sallie. The D’s created this in the first place during Rubin/Clinton - LET THEM OWN IT!

Obama went so much better than owning the economy. He assaulted the church, bilked taxpayers out of billions, destroyed the commodities market with Corzine, etc.

If we win, let it be a conservative, or let the idiot Obama completely destroy the country. We apparently aren’t smart enough to learn from the last 100 years worth of mistakes. Before its over, I’ll be dead, or we’ll be chasing liberals down in the streets with weapons.

I’d rather not see it come to that, but if Romney gets the nod, Obama wins by default. “Thanks for the idea for Obamacare, Mitt, I couldn’t have done it without you!” And that’s it. That’s the election.

So please, peddle the ‘Obama is going to be your fault’ among McConnell, Cantor, and the rest of the college of Cardinals that picked that charlatan in the first place.

I’m not buying it, and neither should any sentient being still left in the conservative caucus.

Moreover, IF you vote for Romney, you are now personally responsible for what he’s about to perpetrate, which is a half-hearted attempt at repealing Obamacare, (which was his idea), and a temporary liberal lovefest from the press when he gives up and learns to love it.

He’ll bask in the love from the MSM, the narcissist that he is, until he needs them again, and like every other DC Republican, he’ll be shocked to find the press has turned on him.

You want me to get behind Etch-A-Sketch?


have to tell you, I was in Washington last week and had not yet seen the WWII Memorial. Upon being there a little while, and seeing the great victory the Lord had granted the allies, being suddenly overcome with the gravity of the peril we faced, I burst into tears. I let the tears flow without shame. A couple women came by and hugged me because they understood. No words were needed. There was also a lovely WWII veteran there that I was blessed to shake hands with and thank. Sir, my beloved grandfather was at Okinawa. I cannot allow my country, Providently birthed and established and standing today from the blood of my elders, to fall at the hands of a hateful (and I believe demonic) man Obama. This is my country and his ilk can’t have it.


I’m not voting for Romney.

I’ll vote for the candidate who is closest to my views.

If the Republican party wants me to vote for them, then they have to nominate a candidate worthy of my support.

The real winner today is Obama, this is the day that his campaign finally won.

Congrats Obama on four more years.


this countries last chance of salvation before going down Obama's toilet is ASSURED by crybabies not getting their perfect candidate. I'll vote for Mitt, holding my nose. Then when Obama is reelected I'll vacate this formerly great country to my tropical island and enjoy the rest of my God given life.


Yep, a complete failure of reason by the "Better Obama than Romney" crowd. Cutting ones nose off to spite his face comes to mind.

Mitt's pretty lousy, but he is worlds better than Obama and anyone who can't see that simple fact has lost all perspective.


Jim, Newt has said that if Mittens gets the nomination, he will work to get him elected and work as hard as he were the nominee himself. What say you to this? I fully understand and agree that Romney is Obama lite but I feel I have to close ranks, hold muh nose and vote for him because replacing this regime not only gets OBOZO out but also all the LACKEYS and thugs of his administration. Holder and Big Sis Janet and all the minor officials that are helping to more actively destroy the republic by actually carrying out the edicts of the "Dear Leader." Newt is a much better candidate for sure, but to replace the cabinet with our cabinet has got to be an overriding goal. We're bound to gather up some good conservatives in a Romney administration. Imagine Sarah Palin as Energy Secretary? Maybe Bolton as Secretary of State. I'd personally feel better if Allen West was the veep. Wouldn't you? That's the real reason to vote for a lackluster POTUS nominee.


If you reward bad behavior, you're sure to get more of it. The GOP-e has decided they're going to ram Romney down our throats. I'm not about to reward them with my vote for doing so.

To hell with them.

No Obama. No Romney.

Bring on the third option!


You still have my support on this! If the Republican party is only concerned about winning to the point they will put forth a RINO to do it then they can do it without my vote. I WILL NOT vote for such a candidate only to then hear the bastard talk about his winning as a “mandate” like we did with Bill Clinton after he won.


After 30 years of the GOP working with the commies to defeat conservatives.....

MOST of FR has had enough, Obama and the GOP can have each other.

I want nothing to do with those who hate me and hate my values.


Romney is a draft dodger. Cowardly rich boy with connections refused to serve his country. None of his sons ever served either. It’s a family tradition. Romney loathed Reagan-Bush and conservatism. Ran and governed to the left of Ted Kennedy on gay rights, abortion, gun control, socialist healthcare, appoint liberal judges, etc. He’s nothing but a lying two-bit leftist political whore who will screw you in the end. No way in hell will I support him.


I will not bow to the GOP e either! We need to organize a massive write- in of one conservative. Newt or Santorum would work for me. The rally around the eventual nominee extortion is not working.


Obama vs. Romney seems to come down to one thing: Can we survive 4 more years of Obama?

If we can, then voting 3rd party to send the GOP a firm message about RINOs, is a good strategy. If that short term loss gives us a long term gain, then this is a good strategy.

If we cannot survive another 4 years of Obama, then it matters not what the long term gain is since the game is up and the USA is irretrievably a hard socialist nation, and what follows won’t matter since we won’t be able to vote ourselves back to freedom.

This is why the Obama vs Romney debate is so violent.

You have people adamant that Obama must be removed from office at all cost or doom will occur. This is short-term doom.

You have people adamant that the GOP must be punished for shoving Romney down our throats and to take their boy on top of McCain, is going to entrench the RINOs and we will never again see a conservative Republican. This is long term doom.

So you have the “anybody but Obama” crowd who are terrified of letting him have a 2nd term and can’t see beyond those next 4 years. These are polar opposites to the “anybody but Romney” crowd who prefer Obama to Romney because that sacrifice is necessary to teach the GOP elites to listen to us.

These 2 sides will never reconcile.

If you think our nation will be defacto destroyed by a 2nd Obama term, you can’t think beyond that to whether you are caving to RINOs in the GOP leadership.

If you think the Republican party will be defacto destroyed with the RINO that broke the elephants back, then you can’t think beyond that long term goal to the potential catastrophic damage Obama could incur to the nation, and believe the Dems will have to take the fall for their own policies.

We are irreconcilable. Half of us will win. All of us will lose.






Where is out Conservative George Soros and William Ayers to fund and push our conservative agenda?????


  1. Good lord these people are literally insane. It's hardly even funny any more.

  2. "Hell, at least you have a chance at getting someone who isn’t trying to destroy this nation for my kids."

    Why do his kids want to destroy the nation?