Friday, April 13, 2012

Rosen: 'I Apologize to Ann Romney'

This media circus happened so fast that I'm skipping to the end.

"She wants to put the toothpaste back into the tube."

Nope... she’s trying to recall a stinky release of intellectual flatus.


Hey Obama, this girl is an albatross around your neck and you won’t be able to remove it...


Hilary Rosen is a trashy gay lesbian!


She was FORCED to appolize. This was a disaster for his excellency. At first she stonewalled. After a visit by the imperial enforcer, she RELUCTANTLY issued a mia culpa for HAVING SAID IT, not for thinking it.


Panther symp Michelle Williams apologized for her racist tirade the other day, now Hilary Rosen gets her mea culpa going. At the risk of sounding sexist, are liberal “womyn” in need of anger management therapy?


That ship has sailed. Rosen blew this whole phoney issue for the Rats. It was all they had to distract from Obummers record. Rosen is going to be persona non grats at the DNC headquarters for sure.

Good to see we exposed and destroyed this BS meme they were selling about the GOP hating women.

Disdain for stay at home moms is so common among leftie femists that she didn’t think twice about saying it in the first place. The fact that many familes make economic sacrifices so they don’t have to have strangers caring for their kids is alien to her,


It just goes along with everything else of the left -
if God values it, they hate it.


A LESBIAN PSYCHOTIC attacking someone for being a full time mother? How bout Moochelle making almost 400 K for doing nothing at the University of Chicago???
Then we have Jay Carney who couldn't live without a script just like Barry can't speak without a teleprompter.

And I don't consider that lesbian fascist as a mother. Her children will turn into lunatics from being raised by a creature like her...

And are her "children" adopted or created with a turkey baster?


The real problem that these radical lesbian Democrat dingbats don’t understand, is that a LOT of women who are not stay-at-home-moms WOULD LIKE TO BE, and envy those who can do it.

It’s backfiring in their faces, and they don’t understand why.

They were told this would be a perfectly good attack line!


it is disgusting that some creature like that is going to criticize a stay at home mom.
How bout the stay at home welfare bums who wait each day for more Obamabucks???


So just wondering out loud if the “StopRush” group who was mad that Rush called Fluke a “SLUT” will form a “StopRosen” group and demand she be taking off the air for her slap in the face to All women!


Hillary Rosen is a vicious viper. All of her kind are in need of therapy. They all are baby killers and that’s where all their problems start. They hate babies so they want to abort all of them. All of their other foolish thinking stems from this basic non-Christian value of killing defenseless human beings.


I would guess Rosen as she is playing the role of a sterotypical male sexist pig trashing women. She probably splits and scratches her crouch a lot,too.


Goodie for you.

Now apologize to the millions of OTHER stay at home moms you insulted, you worthless POS!

Oh yea, Moochelle has defended Ann Romney....I’m sure she doesn’t want people to start to talk about the fact that she is a millionaire.....who had a fairly wealthy upbringing, has no job.....and still can’t be bothered to raise her own children, instead using her mother as an indentured servant while she runs around in boob belts trying to become a television star.....


"I have to admit that I agreed with some of what Rosen said concerning Anne Romney.
I was a homemaker for many years before entering the work force...and I can attest to the fact very little of homemaking prepared me for the world outside my home....though I had volunteered in various organizations, and did fund-raising etc. And also participated in my husbands business... It is a another beast altogether to adjust simply punching a time clock! Getting “permission to take a bathroom break”...Let alone work for someone else which your income and such is dependent on your performance.

I don't believe that Mrs. Romney has a clue to the emotional and mental impact a woman has when she alone, or with her husband, has to do to make life work at home AND in the workplace. Not even remotely.

She speaks of how difficult work raising a family is....well most woman do that ‘in addition’ to working a 40 hr. week. They do not have the “leisure” of working their own schedule, but are fixed on times and places in order to juggle the work load of both home and Work.

So no...I don't think Anne Romney does understand the plight of many woman....she was and is, as I later saw myself,...”protected and sheltered” from having to deal with
the realities of “provision” and making ends meet along with raising a family. Further it's much doubtful Anne has ever known basic needs going her world is vastly different then most. She and Romney are of the elite...and that's a far cry from the average working class man or woman."

I find your post despicable. I don’t care how much money her husband has or how liberal you claim she is. She stayed home and raised five children, has dealt with cancer and has MS. Let me know when you do the same.

Some of you people really make me think some conservatives are as bad, if not worse, than some liberals. I guess you’re just mad she was smart enough to pick a spouse who could support them so she could stay home and raise the children they decided to have.

Are you aware that the Romney’s never had any money until his work at Bain paid off? They weren’t always wealthy and had no help from their parents.


Well, Rosen is stupid, and Obama deserves it. It’s what happens when you prop up the like of slut Fluke. They open their mouth and defeat the democrate strategy of portraying conservatives as being at war against women.


The real name of that game is...say what you want, get the word out..create havoc...then apologise after the fact.

Interesting factoids on how Rosen is tied to the Obama Adminisration:

Hilary Rosen Visited The Obama White House At Least 35 Times.

Former CIA director and current Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, 12 times.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the name “Joseph R. Biden” appears . . . 6 times.

Geitner 40 she’s close to as significant as Geitner.

the notion that Rosen is just some Democrat talking head, completely disconnected from the Obama administration and campaign is . . . not plausible.


"The undeniable truth is that the vast majority of the “elite” inside the beltway mom’s, whether they stay at home and raise children or work for a paycheck, or whether they have a “R” or a “D” after their name, have no comprehension of what life is like on Main Street."

That's exactly right.....but this does not mean we go to war against those who've earned and worked for their wealth....which is what Obamas pushing...class warfare.

He's successfully got the nation, along with the media complying, talking about Zimmerman, (race), religion is now on the table and causing division, and now woman. None of which these have to do with his dismal record but all have to do with playing the piped pipers tune to see who goes along....and the nation yields. How foolish and ignorant we truly are.


Ann Romney can’t comment about working moms but Big Ears is quailified to comment about military, owning a business, being an American, holding a real job, the Supreme Court rulings, transparency, etc.


  1. Was it a real apology or an "I'm sorry you were offended" apology?

  2. More or less. She said her words were poorly chosen, which is classic for the "I'm sorry you were offended" crowd.

    In a fun twist, Barbara Bush backed it up and made it more sincere, though. Snips from an article about that:

    "Life is good," Bush said on Fox News today. "Women who stay home are wonderful, women who go to work are wonderful. Whatever."


    "I was lucky my husband worked very, very hard," Bush said. "I realize that was a luxury and Ann does, too. She's a very good friend of mine."

    The former first lady added, "I'm not critical of Hilary, but I'm just sorry that she took a knock at those of us who chose and were able, I must confess, able is a very important part of that, to stay home and take care of their children."

    Though she did throw in the "my husband worked hard so he made money" boot-stap comment.