Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FR Exclusive: Convicted Sex Offender Headlines Obama Campaign Event Emceed by Manager Jim Messina

Excerpt: "Obama reelection campaign manager Jim Messina emceed an event for Obama campaign volunteers Sunday night that was headlined by a rock singer convicted of sexual battery on a college student in 1990.

The popular rock group The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland last night for about 1200 Obama for America supporters who volunteered time at Obama phone banks."

Obama lives in hell. THe worms are coming out of his nostrils and eyes and are claiming the presidency themselves, much the way he came out as a worm from the eyes of the RINOs like McCain.


Muslims LOVE sexual perversion. Why would it be a surprise that he headlined for his dear “leader” hussein?


Holy crap, the Obama Administration truly hates women.


I’d be careful on this one. Looks like George Mason university, in DC,, and the innocent female student was in their dressing room after the show as she said, to offer to drive their bus back to the hotel. (cause buses never come with drivers)
He was undressed in his dressing room, where she entered, and he being a rock star, made a lewd joke, asking if she was sent there to give him a Monica. She makes a complaint the next day.
He plead out to a few misdemeanor charges.

This could very easily be another humorless radfem east coast type like Kagan, Fluck, etc ad nauseum. It’s more than enough to dislike this guy because he supports Obama. We are way past the era where the word of coeds in universities should be trusted. (especially at universities within a few hundred miles of DC) In fact,,, you are more likely to meet the radfem type there than normal.


"IIRC, he slapped her in the face with the body part - did not simply make a request. "

He still denies that what she said was true. Why should i believe her word above his? A lot of the accusers at Tailhook were/are believed. And they were full participants,, to the point of drinking drinks by sucking them out of a phallus shaped container.

It takes more than an acccusation. Men, including rockstars, are totally defenseless against anything a female says. There are a million reasons that women lie about this kind of thing. Attention, to make a boyfriend jealous, to extort money, because they werent ready for a Mid-term the next day and needed an excuse, and just plain crazy,,etc etc.

Im just saying she accuses/he denies,, no injury, no proof, and no defense was possible except to deny it. And she was in HIS dressing room,, why? Please spare me the indignation,,, since at least 1965 women know exactly what going into the dressing alone room means.
Last,,, there is a striking absence of other women claiming similar behaviors. He gets the benefit of the doubt here against a secret accuser. But i’ll reserve the right to think he’s stupid for supporting Obama.

Besides,,,if the goal is to discredit Obama you’ll need to do better than to tar him with the RHCP association. Thats like if Santana plays for him, having some breaking news worls headline “Obama associated with pot smoker!”

After all, Merle Haggard played for Reagan,,, We are on extremely thin ice if we insist thast every musician associated with campaign events have decades of purity and chastity. The worry is that all kids generally like the RHCP, a LOT. And we get nowhere with such silliness,, except to give college kids a reason to roll their eyes at how retarded we sound being all freaked out about it.


I worked a number of rock shows during that time, but not this one. I never observed employees being sexually assaulted or abused like what took place at this show.


“Your attitude is why some women are reluctant to press charges when they are sexually assaulted.”

The Peppers are notorious druggies. They were probably all high when it happened. The men and women who work these shows do it because they love music. However, [the Freeper arguing that she was lying] seems to think that famous and powerful men have a right to do what these please with unwilling women and that doesn’t strike me as very pro-family. I’m sure DUers would have tons of fun with his quotes because they make the “War on Women” look real.


"Your attitude is why some women are reluctant to press charges when they are sexually assaulted."

Not to play devil’s advocate, but the Duke rape case is why some men, including me are afraid of dating. Because it turns into she said, then she said. It’s never he said/she said with something like that.


I’ve told my girls not to get near ANY of these rock star clowns if they know what’s good for them. It’s no different than telling little boys to stay clear of ‘friendly’ men that offer them a ride. Or how about walking the other way when a grizzly is on the trail in front of you? Or even worse, when you’re in Baltimore and see some ‘locals’.

There are simply people that are best stayed away from - and if you don’t, while you can technically blame them for being who they are...you can’t claim it was a surprise.


you talk like an Imam explaining why women are asking for it.

In this case we can blame the sex offender. There were witnesses

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