Sunday, July 17, 2011

Freeper "The Undefeated" Review

A couple of commenters requested I do one on "The Undefeated", the Sarah Palin documentary. Specifically they wanted to know how the Freepers are dealing with the films' lack of success. The answer? They're talking about how successful it is, obviously.

I also covered the film in a post from June, when Palin went to the premiere

Trailer for the film:

Trailer for the film

Had a great time seeing The Undefeated today with my wife. Her eyes were red from crying when we left. It was that powerful.


I too am a huge SP fan. I brought my wife and mother along. My mom still doesn’t believe she can win. My wife saw the movie as a 2 hour advertisement for Sarah. I saw it as pure inspiration. The 7:30 showing must have been sold out. The line was forming as we were leaving and it was about 20 strong. Spontaneous clapping (including me) happened during the (I think) CPAC speech excerpts. It was a great documentary which I highly recommend to all political stripes. (Two gay guys sat next to my mom.) I just want to say: Run Sarah Run!


Just saw it at the Block at Orange (CA). Pretty packed theater for a matinee. Everyone stood up an applauded at the end.

I, myself, was moved and uplifted at a time I really needed it. Barack Obama isn’t worthy of shining Sarah Palin’s shoes. She has accomplished far than he could ever dream of.

But what moved me most was her speeches. She knows what’s right for America and speaks of a love of this country even better than Ronald Reagan could. She is a amazing lady.

All I can say after seeing this film is Sarah has no choice. She has to run and she has to win. I really believe she is America’s last hope.


I’ve been telling the leftists I know for a long time that the status quo of both parties fear her because she’s shown she’ll destroy their old boys scams no matter which side of the aisle is corrupt. Less than 1000 people have been destroying our country - running us to the brink of bankruptcy by spending enormous amounts of our money, and they personally almost all end up millionaires while being “public servants”.

This next election could actually be the transformation of the USA - back to what our founders intended. When reading reviews, such as yours that say the audience applauds and cries, I am filled with hope and this honestly has made me cry. Maybe there are enough of us to turn this around - under the guidance of the right leader.


Let the haters hate. There’s nothing some dolt could write or show about her that hasn’t already been written or shown. They just want to mull over it again hoping they’ll pull up some poo. Actually - the fact that she’s good and honest and hard working and honest and good is enough poo for them since they don’t believe anyone could actually be good and honest. If we are lucky and she runs - she’ll be the most transparent candidate that we’ve had in some time.


The Tpartyers will have their chance to put Mrs. Palin more solidly on the map. But as recent history has proven, this will not be done without anguished screaming, annoying narcicism, and anti-woman bias from our fellow countrymen on the left.


The best way to see The Undefeated will be in a theater.

And eventually, I think people who haven’t seen it at all will be in the minority.


Run Sarah Run. Surely this amazingly lady has Angels surrounding her and protecting her and her guidance is truely from our Heavenly Father.


with the stakes so high in the coming election, the fact that this story is about someone who may actually be running, is even more powerful and immediate.

The film more than met my expectations, and even bolstered my confidence that Sarah will oust Zero next year. I'm now even more convinced that she's the only one who can do it, and further, that she's the only one who SHOULD do it.


Sounds good, I want to see it. But why on earth did they have a lesbian narrate it? Not good.


"I am trying to remember the last movie where the -common- reviews ended with “Applause spontaneously broke out throughout the theater”. It happens here and there for good movies, but “every” review so far has said this. This bodes well."

I think so, too. I hope that the film's producers and the distributors are taking notice of this spontaneous phenomenon. To tell you the truth, if Palin had entered the theater at that moment, I think the audience would have all started singing The Star Spangled Banner. It was truly a genuine outpouring of appreciation.

Just to show you how much Palin's message means to millions of Americans; there was an elderly woman who came in some time after my wife and I were seated. My eyes had grown accustomed to the gloom, and I watched as she was helped to her seat by a couple of younger relatives. I'm telling you, this lady could barely walk. It took several minutes to get her from the entrance, to her seat, which wasn't more than a distance of fifteen feet or so.

Even with her infirmities, she was furiously clapping at the end. Imagine the value that woman must place on Sarah's message, and the promise of her future leadership, to endure such pain to merely get a glimpse of her.

I looked at that old lady and knew that there was an American who sees Sarah through the eyes of someone who knows better than most, what America is supposed to be. That woman clearly sees something in Sarah that resonates inside her - a something that has nearly been lost to us.

It was a poignant and moving sight for me.


I was raised around older people. They have a perspective today that many of even my generation (Gen X) lack because

#1 they actually got to live in an America that was a lot closer than we are now to that ‘America” was intended to be. No, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, but it was ‘closer’ with all that implies.

#2 To ensure we kept speeding AWAY from that mindset, Libs have literally altered/rewrote the history books and removed critical thought and logic from the school curriculum. It ensures that even if some curious student breaks their conditioning today and ‘wants’ to ‘look back’ for answers, that they will get the version of history the libs want portrayed.

It’s a long winded route to the exact thing you said...That woman knew the truth then and she recognizes it today. My addition would be that people today CANNOT recognize it when they see design. And we see that played out daily IRL.


I just had breakfast with my high school friend who now lives in Milwaukee who was in town. She asked who I liked for President and I said Bachmann or Sarah Palin. She said Bachmann was okay but Palin was a nut. By the time I was done talking to her, she had a new-found respect for Palin and said she will definately look into Palin. I told her she listens to too much msm. And I told her to read Palin’s first book and see The Undefeated.


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As usual, the comments are nothing but “Palin is stupid”

These people are incapable of political debate, so they play the race card, class warfare, and name-calling.

I’ve already posted several rebuttals to these intellectually lazy people.

Let’s set them straight.


  1. The lesbian comment threw me for a loop, so I decided to try to find out who had narrated the film.

    There is no mention of any narrator anywhere that I can find, even on the IMDB page... except for a single article that mentions that Palin herself did the opening narration.

  2. I'm quite curious as to how Freep is reacting (or not reacting) to the News Corp scandal.

  3. To ensure we kept speeding AWAY from that mindset, Libs have literally altered/rewrote the history books and removed critical thought and logic from the school curriculum.


    Yes, those Liberals from Texas are changing the history books to paint a picture they want told. The same ones who want to give evolution and creationism equal footing in text books.

  4. There is no difference between politics and religion for these people, is there...?

  5. One comment referred to "the coming election" and I thought - there it is - the name of the next Palin porn parody...