Sunday, July 10, 2011

'I can win': Sarah Palin on Cover of Newsweek

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A shetland pony should be able to win against Obama. He has made such huge messes. But a shetland pony is not running and neither is Palin. I hope she does run. I believe that not only will she stomp Obama in to the ground it will be the biggest defeat we have seen in modern history.


That is a fantastic Photo of Sarah, and this will be only issue of Newsweek Allowed in my house.



"that’s an unflattering picture.

Take a close look at it. It almost looks like a man’s face.

I wonder if they photoshopped that to look less than flattering."

I agree about the picture.
It must of been hard for them to find a picture that was not good of Sarah.....but they managed to get one.


The wrists look masculine too. I’d be surprised if those scumbags didn’t Photoshop that picture.


Of course she is running. She just is refusing to play by the “rules” the establishment and the media have set. There isn’t the slightest reason to announce yet, all that would do is give the enemy a fixed target.
It would force every aspect of every thing she does to fit into campaign law.
The bus tour would have been impossible.

If this was the 1980 election,, Reagans announcement would still be several months away. November 13th.

She is Sun Tsu,, refusing to march onto a battlefield that her enemy is standing on, fully prepared, in a location they chose. And she is attacking elsewhere.

It is driving them bats*^t insane. They are running this cover to goad her. They exclude her from every poll to goad her (”see,, we excluded her until she announces”,,, Guliani is in some polls,, but not Sarah)
Meanwhile, she is touring the primary states in the NE,, Touring Iowa,,

Oh yes,, she is running. But she is employing asymetrical warfare.


I thought she looks more like her runner magazine Photo, that is still going on my homepage, I guess Newsweek didn't want to make her look presidential, they always try to put the screws to her somehow (and always fail)


I find this VERY interesting:
ALL previous pictures I’ve seen on ALL magazine covers,
have highlighted Sarah’s good looks, if not inherent glamor
and ‘youthfullness”.
THAT was in a different era, apparently: all of that was meant to immply that
she SHOULDN’T win. (too good looking)
This NEWSWEEK cover is the only I’ve seen where Sarah looks her age, and is supposed to look her age, and the glamor seems stripped from her.
MESSAGE STILL, with the caption “I CAN WIN” is
SHE SHOULDN’T WIN.(not good looking enough)


Sarah's face is not a cutesy girlie face ... it is strong.

No photoshop here or shenanicans.

The lady's tough as nails


"can’t worry about looks

if she runs and wins...she will age bigtime...the men sure do"

I don’t think the stresses of the Presidency impact those who are capable. They’re used to crisis management, and don’t doubt themselves because they’re used to doing the right thing. Case in point, Ronald Reagan.


Reagan, Jefferson, TR (for better or for worse), Ford, Truman, and even George W. left the office with more or less their same energy level they had when they entered.

It will age you for sure, but if one is ready for it, the aging will be slight and not debilitating.


It must have pained NewsWEAK so much to have to show a cover of Sarah saying she can win..ANYONE can beat Obama but having Sarah Palin in the White House would totally destroy the progressives..they might go back into hibernation for another 100 years(Good, hope they never come out!) I think the photo looks fine..of course Newsweek wanted to find the most unflattering photo of her but in all seriousness, is there ever a photo of Sarah that looks bad..of course not..she looks beautiful no matter the photo..


0bama has aged about 12 years in 2, which is strange given that he has no conscience.


They’ve subtly aged her. Look at her neck. What a bunch of creepy, pernicious liars.


Well, if it were me, and I have a bit of slyness in my genes, I would make an announcement on Odumba’s coming 50th birthday as a special gift.


  1. Hero worship is unhealthy and disturbing...

  2. "She is Sun Tsu"

    I lost a good swallow of Guinness on that one FI, damn you

  3. I don't think I've ever defended Obama like this. They're making up grievances at this point, all in the name of white knighting.

  4. Ooof, she does have some serious man face in that picture. Chin like a tugboat.

  5. Did Sun Tsu have masculine wrists? Inquiring minds want to know!