Saturday, August 6, 2011

31 Navy Seals die in helicopter attack

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Based on this article, I'm instituting a new tag: extra-derp. This means that the quotes that follow might be more depressing to read than usual, and you might not enjoy them. I'll always let you know at the top when I'm grading an article extra-derp. Obviously, this is subjective, but I'll try to make it just things that really are a shade beyond.

Yes, Obama’s bravado, bragging and his administration’s leaking of information best kept secret is probably responsible for this.


I really wouldn’t be surprised if this was the Administration’s way of “reaching out” to the Taliban.


1-God Bless our Seal Heroes We express our gratitude to those that lost them.
2- How Convenient.
3-Where is Husein’s statement? he made one within four hours of the Abortionist being executed.




One of them was getting ready to spill the beans that Obama didn’t WANT to kill Osama...? /conjecture>


Where was the muslim usurper and what did he know.


I don’t believe in coincidences. ESPECIALLY this one. I want to check bambi’s blackberry.


Obama must be so proud.

Can’t kill his Muslim brother and get away with it.

How’s the Obama peace talks with the Taliban going?


I'm gut-sickened by this. The only thing that comes to mind is that Obama “secretly” met with the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hmmm...

Coincidence? Figure the odds...


It was reported he issued a statement saying “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families”. Big deal. He should be saying we will make those responsible pay. I hate that man more than I ever imagined I could hate someone.


I cant help but wonder if when they took off, those guys looked around inside the aircraft and thought to themselves - ‘oh shit we are set up for an ambush...we’re screwed’. I’m guessing it crossed the minds in at least a few of thesewar saavy vets. I also wonder if any of them or their commanders spoke up and argued against this mission, Of course we’ll never know, but I have to believe there were at least a few people that didnt like the way it was setting up.

Finally, there’s this little annoying debt crises and credit rating issue. Sure seems handy that will be off the first story for a little while because of this tragedy.

I’m telling you. Words cannot express the disdain and real hatred I have for this filthy Kenyan intruder and his country destroying minions.

Every last one of them should be removed. from office. (politically of course)


There are no words to describe the sorrow for the blood of husbands, fathers, sons, mothers, uncles, daughters and aunts, that this corrupt government has sacrificed for power and failure. They have ruined our country and taken lives for absolutely nothing.

Each and every person in this administration, Congress, and all of those that are running things now, should feel profound shame for what they have done.

I feel nothing but disgust and revulsion at our government.

I don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror as the day closes for the crimes thay have committed against the American people.

I hope God exacts his toll from all of them.


The domestic enemy in the Oval Office is a threat to every American. Remove him NOW.


The leaks were possibly an attempt to get us to believe that what Obama told us had happened actually did.

The whole country is put at risk when you have a pathological liar/forger as your leader, because people need to have everything proven to them - which jeopardizes people who need to have the details secret. In order for some things to work you have to be able to TRUST, but that is impossible when the entire system has lied and broken laws in order to cover for an illegal (probably Kenyan) usurper.

There is nobody we can trust, and the politicians don’t comprehend what an impossible situation that places us all in. When the crooks control Congress, the White HOuse, all the regulatory agencies, law enforcement, the courts, the schools, the science community, and the media... there is no way for a country to survive. When will people realize that the infected, pus-filled abscess will kill a person if it is not removed? Unless we clean up the corruption so that the process can be trusted, we can only expect the good to die as a consequence of the conniving, traitorous bad holding all the power.

Every politician who poo-poohed the need for the rule of law as it related to Obama’s eligibility needs to answer for the details that have to be leaked just to try to convince the public that the lying, forging pretender in the White House is actually telling the truth on something for once. Let those politicians explain to the families of these SEALS that trust is such an insignificant, frivolous thing.


Dressed for a game of golf with his Hollywood buddies..our Military dies while the Obama’s party and party some more..

vacation, party, and golf = B. Hussein Obama life style.

This jerk is NO commander in chief...he does NOT understand Military life at all..He never served, he doesn't deserve to serve in the White House...
VOTE this jerk out..2012


Amidst all the sadness, anger, suspicion and outrage this incident has provoked here, with which I wholeheartedly agree, let me point out three silver linings that may at least grant some small solice to the souls of these men and their loved ones:

First, this brings even more damage to Obama’s reputation, even among his supporters, as demonstated by the DU reactions.

Second, this makes it even less likely the military would obey orders to go against the citizenry of our country on behalf of Obama if he ever pushes us to that point.

Third, this makes absurd, self-defeating involvement in useless wars and nation building less likely in the future. We will hopefully be more inclined to use maximum power and a vicious will to win against the cancers of Islam, Marxism and invasion from the south.

Sorry for these rather coldly calculating thoughts amidst this tragedy.


Obama has gutted our military's strength and destroyed its morale. Make no mistake, this is his fault.


“There is nobody you can trust...”

That phrase alone sent chills down my spine. Because you are right. It is difficult to express what I feeling right now, because you need to be careful about what one rights on a public forum.

But I want blood. And right now, I am not sure if I want Afghan blood, Pak blood, Kenyan blood, Somali or Yemen blood, but I want someone to pay for all of this.

We are being governed by idiots that We’ved allowed to take over. From the local city council, to Washington.

I have never felt so humiliated as an American. I am just glad that my father is dead, and that he doesn’t have to see this.

As I write this, I can recall a moment when I was nearly humiliated. I was standing by the bank of mailboxes in the Cadet lounge in Northfield. I was there with dozens of cadets as we watched the photos on the TV. We saw the helicopters burning, and we saw the airmen being dragged through the streets.

Add the embarrassment of our Congress, and of our Executive and we are in crappy shape.


Pay no attention to the financial downgrade - look over here.

This administration is a master of misdirection, and this is a huge bit of news that will take the nation’s mind off of our fiscal concerns.

This was no accident.


  1. They've all become crazy conspiracy theorists!

  2. I suggest all Freepers wrap themselves head-to-toe in aluminum foil, and hide under their beds. It's the only way they'll be safe from the gubmint death squads!

  3. The only way military personnel specially trained for high-risk missions can be killed in a war is if islamosocilaistkenyan n0bama personally murders them? Good to know.

  4. Outing a CIA operative: Patriotism

    Failing to personally act as a human shield for every special ops unit everywhere: CLEAR proof of a Marxist conspiracy.