Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama: I’m being vilified just like MLK, Jr.

Summary: At a fundraiser in New York, Obama likened his efforts to reform government to those of Andrew Cuomo, but then Obama also compared what he was going through to the trials and tribulations of Martin Luther King, Jr. (via Sam Foster):

Before leaving, Obama likened himself to one more figure. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I think that we forget when he was alive there was nobody who was more vilified, nobody who was more controversial, nobody who was more despairing at times,” he said.

MLK was vilified by a jail and eventually a bullet. Obama has it easy because of MLK. Unfortunately, he’s using his opportunity to destroy the country.


Now he’s smearing MLK. He’s more like Malcom X (his daddy).


MLK was a Republican and Loved America. He would be against BO


Vilified? Excuse me, but the news this week is touting yet another memorial built for MLK. He has more schools and streets named after him than all the founding fathers and other historical figures put together.


This guy’s narcissism is positively scary. He has lived in such an insulated world his whole life. He’s had the same Marxist world view his entire adult life and had NEVER held a job where he was accountable for any results. He’s never had to accept blame for anything, and at this point he NEVER will. God help us if this guy is re-elected.


Although MLK was no saint, he stood head and shoulders above Obama as a real leader for ALL Americans.

No comparison between the two. For Obama to now pull the race card is beneath contempt. And hardly “presidential”.


Obambi isn’t good enough to shine MLK Jr.’s shoes. MLK Jr. was a Republican and an American. He would not approve of Obambi.


Obama and King have a lot in common.

Love of America’s enemies and socialism for starters.

I can just hear FR’s “But MLK was really conservative” gang already...does anyone bother to read what he actually said and did

or wonder why Buckley, Magnus and Goldwater loathed him

or Ho adored him?


I don’t recall MLK ever whining like a spoiled teenager when the DEMOCRAT Party led by Robert KENNEDY heading the Justice Department harassed him, threw him in jail, and tried to play games like setting him up with a prostitute.

Obama whines if someone says they don’t agree with him.

Obama, you fail the content of character test.


It’s still hard for me to believe he said that about himeslf!!! What a NARCISSISTIC ASS!!


Jesse James - an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, and murderer was also 'vilified'... Vilification DOES NOT make a person 'good'... sometimes people are vilified for good reason.

MLK earned a hero status for his work with civil rights. He was unfairly vilified... Obama, on the other hand is like Jesse James - vilified for justifiable cause.


Nobody Loves Barry. I wonder if it’s because he’s half white. White folks aren’t very popular in this country these days. They only keep us around because somebody has to pay for BIG government.


Actually, I think at that time, Tiny Tim was more vilified than MLK Jr.

We need someone like Herman Cain to say the following:

“Obama, I knew Martin Luther King Jr.

I worked with Martin Luther Knig Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a friend of mine.

You, sir, are no Martin Luther King Jr.!”

Stay tuned, Obama will next compare himself to William Wallace (Braveheart).


Obama claimed he was another Lincoln. But all he has is Lincoln’s ears. Then he claimed he was another Reagan, but all he has is Reagan’s ability to give a speach. Now he wants to claim he is MLK but all he has is King’s kinky hair.

Bless his heart. Maybe if, first his father, and then his mother, hadn’t abandoned him like a used tissue, he would have a sense of self and a sense of self worth.


If I were Black there are a few very strong words that I’d like to use to describe what I think of this worthless racist bastard, but I won’t.

However, I will think those very descriptive and extremely divisive ugly words (directed at Obama), while I simply laugh at this moronic “Magic Negro”, bastard son of a hippy communist whore.

If only the Black community could join together against Obama and his democrats. They could, with the help of Black conservatives (God bless them), very well repair the damage that Obama and the corrupt fake “Reverends” have caused to race relations. They may even advance race relations by decades.

MLK was not as perfect a man as some want to believe, but he was 1000 times the man that Obama could ever be.

MLK was a leader and unlike Obama, he loved his country.

I am disgusted that Obama would try to compare himself with MLK.


Just offhand, I can think of a bunch of folks who have gotten a lot more villification than Zero:

1. Barry Goldwater
2. Ronald Reagan
3. George Bush
4. Sarah Palin
5. Michelle Bachman

In fact, I lived thru the 60’s. I recall MLK being a well respected figure in white and black circles. And I grew up in flyover country—although not in the South.


His true roots are coming out.He is talking everything as color.He is baiting the people to rise up.Hang onto your hats folks cause it don't matter what party you are in the hate speech is here.


MLK, Jr. was not a Black separatist/nationalist/Panther.

MO is, and likely, BO is, too.

There was a pic of 0bama being escorted to a plane on a Canadian tarmac, ahead of the election. All security were NOI*. Can’t find that pic now, but I wonder if his close security is, in fact, all Black. I’d lay money on it.


He was a Republican, as a token gesture to the party for ending slavery.

But there can be little doubt that MLK had communist sympathies.


Alan Keyes says Obama’s ancestors were involved in the slave trade.

Furthermore, Barack Hussein Obama does not share the same historic background as black America. Barack’s family IS in Africa. The black American ancestors were taken from Africa at the hands of Barack’s ancestors.

The only connection to Martin Luther King Jr. that Obama may have is that they owned MLK’s great-grandparents at some point.

Massa Obama


MLK, a Republican who had the same views as most whites was absolutely attacked by ruthless leftist.

It’s the Republicans who have been trying for centuries to help the black man overcome the black ownership from the very people who acted then and still act to keep them in the welfare state.


You put it very nicely......B O isn’t fit to shine MLK’s shoes! Ooops, that racist? Only to race baiters I suppose so therefore I stand by what I said.


where are the outraged black Americans saying “shut the h*** up, fool!”?

*Nation of Islam

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