Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perry: Americans Need Work, Not Symbolism; We Need New Jobs, Not New Agencies

Calling this mongrel President...probably sticks in his throat...he knows barry isn’t legally qualified to be in our WH......


Perry is Obama’s worst nightmare, a candidate that’s almost impossible for him to counter and one that will fight back.


The MSM's failure to tell the truth about Obama created a huge vacuum. And now Perry is demonstrating that he has the guts to step into the void.

And the world takes notice!

And if you wonder about the power of the vacuum...remember when that loudmouth Donald Trump stepped into the vacuum. All eyes were upon him until Obama threatened him (how...we might never know. But he was threatened I am told!).

Well, the vacuum was never filled (no one of note still screams "the emperor has no clothes"...or BC)...and since nature hates a vacuum, Perry can now step into it.

And all eyes are now upon him.

And make no mistake...his accusation that Bernanke was traitorous was directed at Obama.

And Obama took note!


Perry is saying what we conservatives know and believe. Government and government agencies do not create jobs in the private sector, government must get out of the way and the magic of capitalism will grow jobs and grow our economy.

Obama’s solution is another expensive and useless bureaucracy. He is so out of touch with reality we would be better off if he just stayed on that bus and did sightseeing for the next year.


The guy’s a real guy. Acts like, talks like and walks like one. Don’t see him on a girl’s bike, that’s for sure.


He’s the real deal. 0bama is scared sh1tless.


since Obama is a street thug and threats are the Chicago way, I'm almost certain Obama will have some member of his cabal deliver a threat.

But I don't think it'll work with Perry. He's a sitting governor after all...and I think it'll just harden Perry's resolve.


That’s Governor Perry for you....he just ain’t goin’ take any bs...he’ll not let this commie thugs step on him and his country. They tried to step on Texas...that hasn’t worked out too well for them....they thought they’d win the governors race and Perry stomped all over them.


  1. I love how they're all convinced Obama has a secret army of thugs(or Muslims) that threaten personally threaten all Republicans. Funny how nobody's ever spoken up and verified any of this, even though it's apparently common knowledge.

  2. How can Obama be a "street thug" AND an arugula and dijon mustard loving limosine elitist at the same time?

    Probably the same way he can be a muslim, communist, socialist, and homosexual at the same time.

    He's also both an ineffective empty suit and an America-hater with a master plan to bring down the US from within.

  3. Perry: The treasonous statement was not directed at Barack Obama.
    Freepers: It was obviously directed at Barack Obama.

    Truthiness at work.

    Also, capitalism is "magic" doncha know? Just step aside and let it do its thang.

  4. This shit is hilarious.