Saturday, August 20, 2011

66 Percent of CEOs Plan to Freeze or Downsize Workforce Size

Article from this very reliable looking website: CEOs Plan To Freeze Or Downsize

Tax uncertainty, regulations, restrictions and anti-business policies take a lot of work. The Cretin-in Chief needs to relax.


Obama policies leave them strangled. They have no choice but to cancel new jobs.


His plan is the destruction of the United States. Count on it. This guy has to be removed from office so this country and its people can start putting things back on the road to prosperity. I don’t believe we can wait until the next election. Congress needs to stand up and say enough. Even Democrats are beginning to see what this President is doing. It has to stop and stop now.


Don’t you see that it’s the evil corporations and rich people (150,000+) that are doing this!! Oh....and lack of Health Care!.....Oh.....and Global Smarming!......and.....RACISM!


Thank you, Obamacare.....

Aren’t you glad Democrats in Congress didn’t bother reading the bill, before passing it?


Once the stock market started to tank from mid-July on, I knew bad things were going to happen.

Indeed, right now just in the USA companies are now sitting on US$2 TRILLION in liquid assets and not using them, out of fear of the declining economy and paying for increasing government regulations/mandates from the Obama Administration. I think there is increasing fear we could see a repeat of what FDR did--force private holders of precious metals to give up coins and bullion blocks but go one step further: seize a large fraction of the companies' liquid asset holdings, essentially centralizing control of the US economy altogether.


Altogether now: The tax rates in Feb 2012 will be?

Crickets? Do I hear crickets?

There’s your problem, Zero. Nobody has the slightest idea what kind of unholy Hell you’re plotting next. And that’s why your next job will be in the Twilight Zone.


From what I understand, 70% of corporate political donations (and I would venture to say the same percentage of CEO's) went to demoRAT in 2008's elections, especially to 0dumb0 the commie pig candidate at the time.

I work for a large multi-national corporation and our CEO was just slobbering over 0dumb0 during the 2008 election timeframe and especially during the "heady" first 6-7 months of 0bumb0 slamming his trillion dollar programs through Congress with complicity of demoRAT socialists, and racking up a record $4 trillion deficits in his first 24 months

Personally I would love to take the 70% CEO's and their top execs who voted for 0dumb0, into separate rooms, and just beat the living sh_t right out of them for being so stupid to contribute financially and put this unaccomplished, radical, commie pig into the highest office of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Another personal opinion, I would bet that most of the 70% CEO's who supported 0dumb0 in 2008, will do so again in a heartbeat in 2012.

These CEOs are immoral, unprincipled, devious, deceptive & greedy, and have no personal moral convictions or standards, other than their own privileged hedonistic lifestyles. They contribute more money to demoRATs including 0dumb0, because they take advantage of the Pay to Play game.

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  1. I love how they all rush to defend the CEOs and justify it based on "uncertainty". Protip: The rich don't need your defense, and they aren't freezing hiring because of uncertainty. If they were, then they'd also be decreasing their pay to ensure that they'll remain solvent and have enough to keep operations running / enough money in their warchest, lest they go under.