Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gallup Daily - 39% Approval (Finally)

They’re gonna have to dig up a 3rd party candidate to split up the opposition if he’s to have any chance. If this keeps up, even that may not save him!


Considering how they skew these polls, I’m betting it’s been below 40% for quite some time.


Well since about 40% of America is either getting a government check or living off daddy’s money through some kind of trust fund, which makes them Democrat/socialists for life, we are probably seeing the rock bottom of Obama’s approval ratings. It is encouraging though to see him already at rock bottom with little more than a year left until the elections.


It’s getting down to where only the hard core liberals (25%-33%) are supporting him. This is bad bad news for Obama.




someone post that HA HA picture from the simpsons!


I actually got interviewed for this poll.
When they asked how I would rate Obama’s performance since taking office, I answered “Gross Incompetence”.


Actually anytime an incumbent polls below 50% it spells trouble, because they are a known quantity.



Bumper sticker:

“If you voted for Obama the first time to prove you were not racist, vote against him this time to prove you are not an idiot.”


Going on vacation on Thursday for 10 days will really help his poll numbers. NOT!

"He’s Back: Obama Takes to the Golf Course by Keith Koffler on August 13, 2011, 1:29 pm

President Obama went golfing today, heading out for the 18th time this year and for the 76th time in his presidency, but for only the first time in seven weeks, having somehow not gotten a round in FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY.

Obama had not been golfing since going twice on the weekend of June 25, the last of an incredible 13 weekends in a row that he had made it out on the links. It seems with the debt ceiling showdown and other matters, Obama actually HAD TO WORK WEEKENDS, causing him to miss some golf.

He will certainly make up for lost time starting Thursday, when he leaves for a ten day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He’s out today at the Andrews Air Force Base course with one of his usual posse, White House trip director Marvin Nicholson, as well as Marvin’s lucky brother Walter and someone named Grant Campbell."


Most of those that support him, only support him because of the color of his skin and not the content of his character, such a shame when Americans had made so much progress in the area of race relations to go back to this failed scenario.


>> “The only election that 39 percent by the incumbent would have been sufficient to win the presidency is the 1912 election.” <<


Eerily similar to todays situation.

Wilson = Obama

Rosevelt = Perry

Taft = Palin

Frightening to think about.


Looks as if they’ve been given the nod to put out more factual poll numbers for that illegal in our somethin’ is brewing against the illegal by the left.


Palin is not nutty like Perot was. I think Perot suffers from a case of megalomania and a disconnect from reality at times. Remember when he got in the race then out of the race, then back in? And the assassins or whatever at his daughter’s wedding or whatever? He was unhinged about Bush.

I wouldn’t vote for Palin as a third-party candidate and I don’t think most conservatives would. She has to be smart enough from internal polling to know that a third-party run would not work for her and would get BO re-elected.


>> “Palin is not nutty like Perot was” <<

No, but Perry is.

He is determined to protect the NWO advances that Bush and Obama have accomplished.


If it drops into the 20's then some hostile alien force will invade the earth and he'll take off in some jet and help a pilot who can't stay off the booze to save the day.

What, can't happen you say? I beg to differ, just ask Will Smith!


Truman survived. He was also in the 30’s later into his first term than Obama. He started picking up in early ‘48 and managed to climb up back high enough in time for the election.

Obama’s closest match is hey hey hey, LBJ, who hit 39 and then started to climb again. Carter was much lower than Obama is now.


Democrat Party, simple, dump Obama now or go down with him in November, 2012!!! You need to force both Obama, the hate America POTUS, and that moron, idiot, VP, Joe Biden to resign like right now!!! And.....folks in Iowa, the America destroyer, Obama will be going through your state and the midwest the next few days via a bus tour!!! Give him and his entourage naught but the cold shoulder and boo him to the maximum. His minions will try to manage his movements, but....that will fail because the voting public is now wise to his manipulations!!!


The sad truth is, Obama has made life miserable for American Black folks. Fact: Barack Hussein Obama cares for no one but himself!!! PERIOD!!!


Not a word from the local media here in the SF area in print or on the air.

SFGate, or as I call it, “SFHate” is the main SF newspaper, which is basically an online version of MSDNC on steroids, and they also failed to mention Obama’s decline and his new low of 39% job approval.

They did however have a Todd Palin hit piece on the front page of their online edition.

I wrote them a nice email and told them they owe the Palin family a huge apology, and they, along with the rest of the MSM owe America a huge apology for propping up an empty suit and performing e-fellatio on him 24/7

I also told them to get used to writing “President Palin” in 18 months.

BTW, if you deduct Black voters, of which approx. 90% still support Obama, he would be in the mid to low 30’s in job approval ratings.

Either way, Gallup has him 15% underwater.


39% and Obama goes on another vacation right after a $35,000 a plate birthday dinner.

He’s taken a variety of vacations and junkets that really were vacations. And he’s allowed his wife to do the same.

No wonder he’s at 39%.

Guess what he’s doing as we speak?

You got it: another vacation.


People are sick of Obama’s hostile ugly face.

(and his wife is not helping)


All he need do is get back to basics and remember what worked in 2008, he should make a great speech in the grand tradition of Obamalamadingadonga.

My fellow Americans, I come to you tonight with a heavy heart, let me make one thing perfectly clear, this is the greatest nation that has ever existed and I hope you will join me in changing it, as we enter the second, uh, the third, uh, whatever summer of recovery I intend to focus like a lazy, uh lazier, uh laser on job creation. This molasses, uh, mole haze, uh, malaise we are in would have already lifted if if weren’t for George Bush and the Tea Party. I have been talking with my daughter Amy, uh, Malia about the situation and she has given me some very good advice. Keep Hope, Arkansas alive and stay out da Bushes and pray to Allah, uh, no, uh, not him, uh, that other God, uh, you know, the one I used to claim to believe in when I was a member of Bro Wright’s church o’ whassup now. Okay, we gonna git it right this time, uh, hold on now, uh, I can’t hear myself think but I’m glad you’re all excited. Okay, there is not a White America, there is not a Black America, there is only Red America, uh, no, I don’t mean Red Indians, uh, well, actually I do, uh, I mean we are all communists now and we gonna spread the wealth around real good. Me and Michelle we gonna fix it where all yall gonna be equal but we gonna be a little bit MORE equal than the rest o’ yall, see.


  1. For not wanting to hear anymore about Obama, these people certainly seem to go out of their way to watch him like a hawk...

  2. Wait, Palin is Taft?

    And Perry is going to be a ticket splitter like TR and drain away Obama's support and allow Palin/Taft to win?

    Also, in conclusion, Palin is Taft?!

  3. Wow, someone said "This is bad news for Obama" without irony!

  4. "Palin is not nutty like Perot"

    Nooo, not nutty at all. At all.

  5. This summer, in theatres across America, the movie you've waited your whole life for.
    Sarah Palin is