Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who Is Behind the ‘US Day of Rage’ to ‘Occupy’ Wall Street this September 17th?

Article from The Blaze

Summary: "A US Day of Rage is the title given to a day of ostensibly “non-violent” civil disobedience orchestrated by a group of radicals — that reportedly include SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke (who, coincidentally, formerly served as president of SEIU’s local New Orleans branch) — targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism. It’s worth noting that the title of the movement — if its intentions are indeed non-violent in nature — appears to contradict itself slightly."

I'd translate that from Beck to reality but I'm too lazy to google.

I hope they burn the entire place down with all the bankers still inside.

Red-on-red can sometimes be a pretty good scenario.


Violent flash mobs with a srong melanometric component..


"US Day of Rage" huh? Alright; let the good times roll mama. Let's go ahead and get the civil war started between the Liberal/Socialists and the Conservative/Patriots of this nation. Bring it on!!! I'm down for it.


First thing that comes to mind: WEATHERMEN DAYS OF RAGE CHICAGO 1968 - unrepentent terrorist & Obama BFF Bill Ayers & wife Bernadine Dohrn. Sale old, same old.
Old radicals never die, they just put one of their own in the WH and continue on with their destruction of America!


Yup, Ayers is in this big time.

Coincidentally, he organized a Day of Rage in Egypt just about the time the riots broke out there.Don't hear anyone at the Department of homeland security being concerned about this. I guess Janet Napolitano is too busy is too busy chasing well dressed white women to be bothered.


Trust me, it will take exactly one “day of rage “ from the well armed, well trained, well supplied right to get this straight lol


There is war coming, trust me.


Did you know insider trading is legal for members of Congress and their staffs? I was flabbergasted when I learned this. I had assumed that the portfolio assets of people in those positions would be managed in blind trust.


“They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun”

Obama to His Followers:
“Get in Their Faces!”

Obama on ACORN Mobs:
“I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

Obama to His Mercenary Army:
“Hit Back Twice As Hard”

Obama on the private sector:
“We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“

Obama to voters:
Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat”

Obama to lib supporters:
“It’s time to Fight for it.”

Obama to Latino supporters:
“Punish your enemies.”

Obama to democrats:
“I’m itching for a fight.”


Re: war

Mexican, Indian, Chinese, assorted Muslims will not help Whites, will either stay away or help the “oppressed”

Who wins?

The issue is that most of “us” have something to lose, a business, a family, a home, cars, investments, communities, churches, schools, organizations, friends...

These people have nada, they follow their 3rd World genes to hate the people who live in the hills and set the standard.

The true question is will the nation survive? Are you willing to sacrifice all you have to eliminate the Liberals and Globalists?

Many of us will die, and will probably have to do things we never imagined for us and our families to survive...


Do any of these guys own a calendar? September 17 is a Saturday this year. The only ones there would be the cleaning and maintenance staff.
It is typical that the ones hurt by these actions are the 'workers' they profess to care so much about.


That’ll be about time for another Hussein family and friends vacation.

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