Sunday, August 7, 2011

S&P warns of a second downgrade

Nothing wakes up Obama and the Dems, either that or they quite knowingly are destroying the US, freedom and capitalism.


Time to get rid of 0bamacare - that will save trillions.


0bama wants to destroy the US economy so he can assume “emergency” powers and become a full fledged dictator.


This is S&P’s way of telling Obama and his minions
“Don’t tread on me.” I would advise the
“O” administration to watch where they step.


.I still have this feeling that Obama is a two-termer. Don’t ask me why, it’s just my gut talking. But, if a President (with dictatorial ambitions, regardless of party) really did want to be a dictator, what better way to do it then by creating an emergency?

So, let’s say it all goes to hell starting on Monday (August 8th, 2011) with a major stock market crash. Let’s say a nice slow one, and by the end of the week, the DJIA loses 40 to 50% of its value. Bank runs, Wal-Mart runs, ‘flash mobs’ in the streets, in other words, higgeldy-piggeldy. Let that brew for a little, and voila! you have “civil disorder”.

And that’s exactly the pretext needed to declare a “State of Emergency”. Depending on far our hypothetical President is willing to go, suspension of habeus corpus, certain articles of the Constitution, perhaps the dissolution of the House and Senate as well (that’d be a little harder to pull off). And lets say, we can really kick off the “civil disorder” around June, next year. In other words, low-intensity for the time being, but really kick it up a notch starting next summer.

Bada-bing! You can “indefinitely postpone” the 2012 elections.

And there you go. And, thanks to various Executive Orders, mostly Cold War relics, all nice and legal. Kind of like an American version of the Enabling Act.

Am I being paranoid? Or prophetic? Only time will tell......


Go S & P! The more we can blame on Obama the better!


Canada got back to AAA from AA in 3 years, but they took serious and major steps, not something our current leadership is at all interested in.


I can just hear the stump speeches - “If we don’t raise your taxes, we’ll lose our credit rating...”

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  1. "Go S & P! The more we can blame on Obama the better!"