Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US: Strike kills militants who downed US chopper (JUSTICE and REVENGE!)

Big deal. I wouldn’t trade one SEAL for that whole dirt pile of a country.


the witnesses have been eliminated

Their sources in Paki intelligence are saved

WTF is a “kinetic strike”- is that a kinder and gentler way of saying ATTACK?

do these generals even know what fools they sound like?


It just infuriated me what happened. If I knew how to spit I would. We got Bin Ladin, why are we still there? And what’s this about Biden outing the SEAL team? If true, that guy should be ...


The left likes to pretend acts of war are actually civil crimes requiring dispensation of justice.

One day I'll try to figure out exactly why that is.


These stories are all BS.

I don’t believe they killed Osama. He was dead long ago.

I CAN’T believe they would:

Name our SEAL members.

Use them for political props.

Use them for Photo ops.

And now, miracles of miracles we got the trigger man?



Sorry. I just don’t believe this story for one minute. Lies. They bombed some low-level guys on Obama’s orders. I really hate to say it. But this narcissist adores the affection he got after he offed Bin Laden, and it would hardly be beneath him to order such a strike.


"There are people worth saving in that 'dirt pile'....."

Then you go f****** 'save' them.


I prefer we nuke that damn country and pakistan.


The Republicans need to make Obama’s incompetent conduct of the war in Afghanistan a major issue next year.


That $hithole of a place is not worth ONE American life in Obama’s war.


And why the fuch didn’t they take these SOBs out before they assassinated our heros, huh?

This counter-punching bullsh1t is just that: bullsh1t!

Obama is sacrificing our absolute best simply to prove war is bad and reduce U.S. military prestige, and he only makes a move after the bad guys have done something that might make his poll numbers go down.


  1. 1. When the SEALs were killed, they wanted blood and hated Obama for not declaring that he would exact revenge. Now that's not even good enough.

    2. Since when is this "Obama's war"?

    3. "Why didn't we kill them before they killed our guys?!" *facepalm*

    4. One of them doesn't even know how to spit? The tea party is dumber than I thought.

  2. Obama's war? Who's writing this stuff? Bush's press office?

  3. "If I knew how to spit I would"

    All you ever needed to know about the Tea Party in eight words.

  4. Wow......i was in physical pain reading some of the comments from the baggers but the first poster said everything i wanted to say especially "2. Since when is this "Obama's war"?"

    Thats the minds of these people they truly believe in the right-wing propaganda and they really need help.