Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NDP Leader Jack Layton dies (leader of the official Opposition, Canada)

By request.

Jack Layton was the face of the NDP. The New Democrat Party is Canada's socialist party.


If Tea Party members are supposed to go to hell, I shutter to think what happens to a socialist.


No loss. Rot in peace.

“That was an awful, hateful post. I hope the mods delete it...”

You’re right. It was. Socialists are awful, hateful people.

“Whatever his politics were, the man was a human being with family and friends who loved and cared about him...”

Socialists have destroyed many human beings, with families and friends, who loved them and cared about them.

Understand your sentiment; but it’s wasted on me when it comes to socialists. Sorry you’re offended, but it my point still stands.

One less socialist is never a bad thing.


I prefer this: “One less socialist POS. Prayers up for your family, and hope God accepts you.”


Absolutely zero sympathy for any neo-marxist who worked night and day to try destroy people`s lives and unalienable rights.

Jack, being the lying politician he was, LIED right up to the end.

He lied when he said he was being “treated” (most likely just heroin to kill the pain), and LIED when he said he be back in Parliament next month.

IMAGINE ! You`re dying yet continue to bullshit the people and simply cannot tell the truth .

What next, a full Christian funeral mass in a church for him !!!???


"This man was no doubt the polar opposite of what most of us believe politically. But he was still a human being who suffered a horrible, painful death. If we can’t show enough human decency in a situation like this then exactly what “values” do we claim to be fighting for?"

Hitler was a socialist too. So was Stalin. And Mao. And Lenin. And Beria. And Dzershinsky. And Trotsky.

Human decency? The guy pushed the same ideology as they did. An ideology responsible for hundreds of thousands of murdered human beings and their families.

I’ll give compassion and human decency where it’s due - to the victims of that oppressive ideology, not those who spouse it and defend it and wish to propagate it.

As for “values” - I value the freedom and right to live of all human beings, and I have ZERO regard for those that wish to control and otherwise run others’ lives through socialism, communisms, liberalism, fascism, etc., etc.

Sorry we disagree Buckeye, as I believe you and I have spoken before out here. It’s just the way it is.


“You are seriously comparing the leader of the Official Opposition in the Canadian Parliament with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Lenin?”

Nope. HE did it himself the day he decided to be a socialist - HE put himself squarely in their company, not me.

Save your vitriol.


I am certain that many of our leftist leaders, if they could have the power that Stalin or Hitler had, would NOT hesitate to kill millions of conservatives. The left is that evil.

One day soon, we will truly see the face of the evil left in America. If a conservative wins in Nov 2012, then the time between then and the Inauguration day in Jan 2013 will be quite interesting.


Quite true all the way around. I was going to say that some people improve a country by leaving it and today Mr. Layton has done the best thing for Canada he ever did.


some Canadian kids now have a chance at a future.


I once got into an argument with someone who made the VERY emphatic statement that “socialism and communism are two totally different things!! They are NOT the same!”

I was, to say the least, incredulous at the complete idiocy and lack of education coming from a person who I had thought was much more intelligent.

I suggested some in-depth reading of the enemy’s literature for clarification. To no avail. Some folks would just rather be...ignorant.

RE Layton: Maybe he was privately a great guy. Doesn’t matter. Politically, he was committed to the DEMISE of the personal freedom of the Canadian people and the capitalist system that has done MORE GOOD for human benigs planet-wide than anything else - as his ideological socialist brothers and sisters here in the US and everywhere else across the globe are. That, to me, makes him no better than Hugo Chavez or any other socialist. Doesn’t matter if he had a great smile and a big dog and contributed to the local Ice Cream factory for Homeless Orphans of broken-up Lesbian Marriages.


Wouldn`t it be hilariously ironic if Jack (off) died because of Govt. run Deathcare misdiagnosed or being on a waiting list allowed his cancer to metasticise beyond the point of no return !


What a two`fer that would be. Tommy Douglas the racist homophobe eugenicist communist and his govt run monopoly of Deathcare kills the neo-marxist head of the party Douglas created !



[after a comment was deleted and the original poster complained]

Dude, how long have you been here? I didn't bother to check. Mods will clean up mistakes like yours. Maybe you don't consider it a mistake, but it is. Only for the most utterly egregious (killers, cannibals, or true traitors like Ted Kennedy) will those sort of comments stand on an obituary thread.

The following people will probably have comments like yours stand: Pelosi, maybe Reid, Lautenberg, and politicians who have really proven committed to the destruction of America (like those three). Obama, Waters, Jackson-Lee will probably have comments like yours NOT stand, because they are of color.

It just kinda been tradition on FR to not totally gloat in the death of people -- at least on obituary threads -- unless they are really REALLY bad. You can probably say you are happy they are dead on other threads with little penalty.


Liberals are evil. They make a grand attempt at normalizing evil, and bringing us all to the same low standard. As long as they’re unrepentant and practicing evil, the more that die off the better. Ditto for those that sympathize, enable, and support them willingly in any way.


  1. Odd...as a Canadian, I was always under the impression that "The Socialist Party of Canada" was our socialist party. Guess I was wrong. Apparently, anything other than "Conservative" is considered socialist.

    Also, good to know how STUPID we all are for thinking that socialism and communism are two different things. How silly. I'm surprised he didn't throw fascism in there for the complete faux-synonym trifecta.

  2. Words cannot express the complete confusion I'm experiencing over these comments. And to add to that the complete vilification of another human. Sad.

    It's also nice to know that socialism now means: fascism, communism, tyranny, authoritarian rule, etc as the commenter above pointed out. Wow. These people are just so interesting.

  3. Wow...I check this site every day and the amount of hate from these posts astounds me. They literally hate everyone other than far right wing nut jobs. They just project that hate and intolerance onto everyone else.

    In the Freeper world, anyone who thinks we should have single payer health care is worse than Hitler and deserves to suffer for all eternity.

  4. All those posts were disgusting, but the Freeper who wrote the post accusing Layton of lying about his plan to be back in September has clearly never been around a cancer patient determined to live. 2 days before my mother died, she was still talking about climbing the 46 high peaks in the Adironacks (she made it to 34). And we believed her.

    The same was true for Jack. Everyone talked about how terrible he looked when he stepped down in July, but no one expected that he wouldn't make it, or that his death would come so soon. I never thought I would ever be so affected by the death of a politician, but I found myself openly crying yesterday. A lot. And I wasn't the only one.

  5. Freepers really are the scum of the Earth.

  6. What's truly awful is that they are gleeful someone who they don't even know is dead.

  7. What amazingly compassionate Christians they are...