Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can't Even Go to the Park

Blog post from this blog (warning: it sucks).

Summary: Stay at home mom feels like she can't take her kids to public places anymore because of all the gay couples they encounter.

Get your kids out of the big urban areas and stop whining!

The big cities are lost, gone as were Sodom and Gomorrah!


Good Post. My community is a haven for the homeless. Now, I have compassion for them, I volunteered for two years with my churches homeless ministry, every saturday night. I had to stop to spend more time with my kids.
Now it’s gotten to where I wouldn’t even take my kids to the library, or go to the park.
My idea of government is to have a community where we can all feel safe. If I’m the one paying the tax dollars, but I can’t use the library or the park, or even walk down the street after dark and feel safe, is that justice? Is that the role of government? There is a balance, but the pendulum has swung to far to favoring the unwise and unhealthy over those that just want to raise their kids and pay their bills. We need to restore a balance that says - ok we want to help you, but we’re not going to allow to run roughshod over the rights of others just because you happen to be poor, which may or may not be the result of your own choices.


Unfortunately parks are one of the places they are at.


Here is what you do - get the hell out of queerville. Find a nice small town in the midwest. Try Wyoming for starters.


What we do need is to be able to comment and verbally chastise such acts in public as private citizens without fear of being charged with a “hate crime” for expressing our 1st amendment rights.


t is hard to believe what you describe could happen in the United States and it is imperative that you protect your family and protect your community.

If you are to protect your family you may be able to do a few things that will eradicate these evil and Godless people and lifestyle from your community.

First, pretend to befriend them and once you have their names call Child Protective Services and inform them that their children are being abused, perhaps even sexually.

Take pictures of these sodomites and post the pictures on the Internet and all around your community with a description of what these Sodomites are doing in your park.

When you see them fondeling each other in your park, you should call the police and file a complaint.

Finally, if you have their names, you can file suit against them and your city for violating your First Amendment Rights to freely practice your religion.

Be strong. If nothing else works, you should stand up in your park and at your loudest and strongest voice demand that the sodomites leave your park.


“Does she want the police to arrest gay couples who appear in public?”

If the presence of gay couples expressing themselves in her park offends her, it is in fact a violation of her First Amendment Right to practice her religion and the gays should be arrested.


“They should all be destroyed like the demon-scum they are.”


I don’t like their openly flaunting that stuff especially in front of kids either.

But seriously?

All they need to do is control that childish need for PDA and no one will notice them nor care.

"They can’t because they are demon-possessed. Burning in hell for eternity is too good for their kind."


This is ultimately what we get when we “don’t care what two people do behind closed doors.”

Re-criminalize sodomy.


When liberals at FR challenge that tagline (what you do in the privacy of your own home IS my business), I ask them:

Are we living in a better time now or when all 50 states had sodomy laws?

The apathy of what perverts do in the privacy of their own bedroom will (and HAS) adversely affected America.

If you don’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom, then don’t come compalining to me what they do in thier own barracks.


“Yes, as a matter of fact, what you do in the privacy of your bedroom IS my business.”

Darn right it is our business what people do in their bedrooms and we have the ability and technology to monitor and prohibit such undesirable acts in public and in private.


As the parent of an adult, it likely doesn’t matter that you have raised your children with traditional values and that you don’t run.

The culture is strong. I know countless adult children of committed conservatives who did everything right and many of the children still ended up compromised in one way or another, if not totally destroyed. Those who were fortunate in the way their own children turned out still have to worry about the grandchildren.

However, it makes little difference where you live, AFAIK. The culture beckons to youth through media and academia and they cannot wait to run to the urban centers. Nor are the small towns all that free from these influences, any longer. Name the perversion or the destructive behavior and it is probably prevalent and visible everywhere.

The real worries come when the children are young adults, on their own and have begun to filter what they tell their parents about their lives. Even before that happens, we simply cannot read their minds and we cannot simply demand that they think in certain ways.

For every degenerate or person who just made poor choices, there are parents who tried their very best. This was true even 50 years ago and probably before that.


The benefit of sodomy laws was NOT to invade people’s living space and prevent them from committing homosexual acts behind closed doors, but was a societal censure against such acts. Our culture said homosexuality was wrong, and if you did it, nobody had better know about it. This was beneficial to everyone, as you so allude to a better time when we didn’t have such perverse sodomy waved in our faces.


I’ve been in parks and beaches and seen homosexuals crawling out of the bushes, and worse.

Hiking trails, too.

It’s vile beyond belief what they want to do in public.


We have a First amendment Right to Free Speech so she can say something. Unlike some countries our First Amendment Right is not constrained by someone feeling offended. You can walk right up to them and say “I hope you die of AID’s” or “Hitler had the Right solution to people like you.”

Just don’t say it while kicking the shit out of them. That’s what the courts have found to be a hate crime. And don’t cross the line and incite people to commit crimes against others as that’s not protected under the 1st amendment.


  1. "Burning in Hell for eternity is too good for their kind." Can't you just FEEL that Christian LOVE?!

  2. Proving once again that there's no hate like liberal hate

  3. This may be one of your scariest posts yet.

    Also, how come you never did a Libya post?

  4. I see lots of Obama ads on this site. Google must somehow be clever enough to know that you're parodying, because you'd think the keywords they pick up on this site would make the ads slant conservative.

    Unless you told Google what demographic you cater towards. I don't know much about how Google ads work.

  5. Wow, what a bunch of simpering nancies.

    And I'm pretty sure that befriending a couple only to learn their names so that false claims of child abuse could be levied against them is the very living definition of "bearing false witness against thy neighbor." Of course, I'm sure this moral and upstanding Christian could easily brush that aside with any number of justifications.

  6. Wow. That "do a few things" one crossed the line from funny to disgusting.

  7. "If the presence of gay couples expressing themselves in her park offends her, it is in fact a violation of her First Amendment Right to practice her religion and the gays should be arrested."

    I'm going to have to re-read my pocket copy of the Constitution and find that part...

  8. Please, for the love of sanity: stay out of my bedroom. I seriously cannot understand how these people think that the state should legislate and punish what goes on in the bedroom. I mean... How is this even an option? I... I'm giving myself a headache trying to figure out their rationale.

  9. "I know countless adult children of committed conservatives who did everything right and many of the children still ended up compromised in one way or another, if not totally destroyed."

    It's as though these "committed conservative" parents can't win these days. I mean no matter how hard they try their children end up compromised or destroyed. It HAS to be the work of the gays\liberals\socialists\blacks\etc. because Jeebus knows their nothing wrong with their bigoted, hate-filled parenting skills.

    // Whew, that was close! A wingnut damn-near became self-aware!