Monday, November 5, 2012

Should Sandy’s Victims Get Your Tax Money?

Well, everyone else is on the wagon, so, why not? 


Been through three floods and no one ever gave me a dime
It’s life, and family, churches are more effective
What did they do in pioneer days?


No, but the Salvation Army and other effective relief organziations should.  


Feel free to give your money to whomever you want, it’s not the government’s responsibility to take my money and redistribute it as they see fit. I will, and have, given money to various relief efforts throughout our country. We don’t need Big Gov taking their cut as the money is funneled to wherever they want it to go.


I saw of a lot photos of beautiful beach homes, some of them quite grand and obviously very expensive. Those homes should have been insured by the homeowners who could obviously afford it. I’m sorry for their loss, but that’s the risk you run for building your house on the beach, and that’s what private insurance is for. I live in a big city, and that has risks of its own and that’s why I insure my home appropriately. If my home were robbed, I don’t expect someone in another state to pay for my loss via their taxes.

As for using taxpayer money to pay deductibles and so forth, doesn’t that encourage moral hazard?


If its not your fault, then certainly the government should help you to get on your feet again.

If its the result of something you did, you should do it yourself.


 How about we cancel all these corporate subsidies to “green” and other companies and ethanol and spend some of that on disaster relief?


" (1) Federal aid is completely constitutional.

(2) The inhabitants of the communities that were hit have been paying far more in federal taxes than they have been receiving for a very long time. They are not taking other people's money. They are getting a fraction of the money they've already paid, paid back"

 Not certain about constitutionality, but statement (2) is a very interesting thought. Valid, too.


 How many of these people had Hurricane and Flood Insurance??? Probably very few...we have to pay because they did not???...Cuomo wants to screw the insurance company after they made contracts...they all deserve to go to hell...I mean the politicians


  1. "If its not your fault, then certainly the government should help you to get on your feet again.

    If its the result of something you did, you should do it yourself."

    But Obama has a hurricane machine so it's all the liberals' fault, right?

  2. These people can't just stop for 10 seconds and think about what they're saying?

    Do they think insurance companies have an infinite amount of money and resources? It would take months for them to assess and reimburse everyone individually. What are people supposed to do during that period?

    And what about government buildings and protery? Do they expect the local or state governments to have an unlimited budget to rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed? I guess they could use their entire budget for rebuilding and then forego paying emergency personnel. Then they can periodically eliminate traffic lights, public transportation, and other public services to save the rest of the money.