Saturday, November 10, 2012

Can/Will Romney "Unconcede"?

A Vanity post. This Freeper asks whether Romney can withdraw his concession speech, now that we all know about the "massive voter fraud" coming out of Ohio, Florida, and Virginia, due to their "unrealistic numbers".

Will a Republican, particularly a rino, do the gutsy thing?

Hell, no.


Look out your window...Are donkey’s flying? No, then forget about it! rinos are too wimpy to even consider such a thing. Even when they are right!


The Chicago way.

Romney won’t do anything,if he values the lives of his children.

It’s over,the criminals won.


One problem is that it isn’t in one state, and Romney needs more than one state to win.

If Romney had won Florida, like he should have...I still can’t believe he lost FL even with fraud...and Virginia and one other state, then going in and challenging Ohio would be one thing. But challenging in FOUR states at once, just isn’t feasible.

It SHOULD be feasible, mind you, but that is why it won’t be done...among other things.

I’d like to know more about that “software malfunction” on election day for Team Romney.


The fraud stories are jaw dropping - a revote is
what’s needed, with paper ballots and the inspectors
chained to the wall, in handcuffs.


He certainly should.

And someone must impeach the islamic animal in the Oval Office.


Won't matter... The vast majority of people in the US get all of their news from the different branches of the ministry of propaganda. Remember that the ministry is "all-in" to ensure that Obama was installed as president. There's no way that ANY portion of the ministry of propaganda will even mention this. My bet is that there won't even be any local coverage of the voter fraud. The simple fact is that the incessant meme is that "there is no voter fraud." As Joseph Goebbles pioneered in an emerging mass media, if you repeat a lie often enough, the "dumb masses" will accept it as the truth.


I wonder why the SOS in the states with jiggered precinct numbers are not taking it upon themselves to make sure the count is accurate, that only registered voters voted and were recorded correctly.

Are the SOS in OH and PA Rats?


This election has had more voter fraud than any election I’ve seen.


It would matter.

All of our elections have some level of fraud. This one had MASSIVE Fraud.

This was very much stolen.

I will not sit around with the rest of the conservatives believing we lost this based on a bad candidate, or bad principles.

We lost this because these thieves stole it.


I still believe Gingrich would have wiped the floor with Obama in the “debates”...really just a joint press conference.

Newt would have smacked him up one side and down the other.

Won in a landslide.


"This election was very much stolen in the swing states."

Oh, bullcrap (with all due respect). I saw it with my own eyes. I live in a very middle-class suburb in Florida and when I went to my designated early-voting polling place last Friday, I was despondent to observe that I was one of but a dozen white males in line surrounded by throngs of African-Americans. Obama got the vote out. We stayed home --just as so many on this forum said they were going to do.

You've been posting here long enough. Don't act shocked that Romney lost. 


"we are rapidly approaching the point where who won isn't important, it's who survives that will be important."

Most insightful post I have read, with so little words, in a long time.

I think some freepers need to do a little catching up on Leftist revolutionary history. Start with Life and Death in Shanghai by Cheng Nien. 

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  1. "The Chicago way."

    They pull a dancing horse, you pull Big Bird.

    They put you on a chair, you put them down by 126 electoral votes.