Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FaceBook Removing of Friends (Vanity)

I'm posting the vanity in full:

Well after Tuesday's election results I went through an extensive purge of my Face Book friends. Has anyone else done this? Maybe it's just me but I think the lines have been drawn in the sand I have no use for liberal friends. Their positions are clear, just as much as us conservatives and their actions in my mind are a direct threat to the future of my children and family. They have opted to burden my kids with enormous debt, regulations and a standard of living that will be much lower than what we have seen the last fifty years. In my opininon what they have done is no different than breaking into my house and robbing me. I have unfriended both friends and family members with the biggest and most volitle exchange coming from my looney aunt who gets her news from MSMBC and the Daily Show. 

Here is that exhange: 

Her: I see that you dropped me. I still want to get a senior picture of """"" (my daughter. 

Me: You will still get a picture. The reason you and a number of other people on FB that I was friends with have been dropped is because this in no longer a friendly disagreement over political philosophies. You and the other Democrats are a threat to my children's future. They will never know the America I was raised in because the Democrat Party has opted to push us down the road of socialism. We are $16 trillion in debt half of which Obama ran up the last four years, we are slaves to China which owns us financially and we have become a nation of takers. Within several years we will be just like bankrupt Greece. Your party which is the party of the KKK and segregation has kept Blacks enslaved and is nothing but a bunch of hateful socialist, Marxists, facists, dictators and freaks. May God have mercy on you when everything collapses in a few years and you wonder how it all came crashing down. The sad part is you voted to for the future that is coming and have destroyed the American dream for """"" and """"". You would rather believe people like Cher and Kathy Griffin rather than the only person on your side of the family that works his ass of and made a success of himself. I'm not some right wing social loon but I am a fiscal, limited government conservative that knows how the economy works and what will kill us. You opted for America's suicide and for that you are the enemy. 

Aunt: What drugs are you on? For you to say this crap (the S word was used) means you seriously need some psychiatric help..And I am an enemy? I tell you what if I am th KKK go F (the f word) yourself...And get some real hep as I thought you were a smart loving man I am finding that your seriously sick and I will never contact you again..ANd don;t ever contact me ether with your insane radical views, I want nothing to do with with you! DO youi understand that your seriously sick and full of hate and that is the KKK not me. Now go to F (the f word with "ing" at the end) hell you sick sick boy. 

Me: You have so much to learn. The KKK was formed by the Democrat Party to intimiate Republicans and Blacks after the Civil War and it was the Democrat governors of the south like George Wallace that fought desegregation. My actions, not words speak for what I do daily. If you looked at my FB you would see who my friends are, what I'm involved in and who I hire. My only staff person is Black and I will be giving that person a 25% raise in January. See us conservatives ignore race and look at the people as people. Here is a little history lesson on Republicans, Democrats and Blacks. 


Her: Blocked 


I ask my fellow Freepers am I the one in the wrong here? I honestly don't see how the two sides can coexist and can't pretned to be friendly to these people who are doing so much to undermine this nation and my family. I know the Bible says love your enemy but right now I can't do that. Does anyone else feeling the same way? I would be interested in hearing from others that have deal with this recently.


No, I don't think you're wrong. I “unfreinded” two people I've known since HS for their support of obama on my wall.

I've felt the better for it ever since.

They are the enemy, we have to start viewing them in that light as far as I am concerned.


I have done the same thing with the outspoken ones. Their blind worship of Obama is bizzare. It is like trying to tell a Branch Davidian that Koresh isn't Jesus. 


I live in a red state and I don't get anywhere near a liberal if I can possibly help it.

Obama had a way of turning the relationship between political party members absolutely toxic.

But, what I see are conservative men who sleep with cheap, slutty, probably diseased liberal women. And have a child with one?

You ought to add that to your advice. 


Additionally I had a huge yelling match, much to my embarrassment with a fellow colleague who laughed when I said ubama was a Marxist and denied that health care costs were going up with OCare. She, who refuses to quit smoking and has no health ins.

I apologized to her for getting loud and informed her I would never discuss politics with her again.


How DO you unfriend people on Facebook? And how do you know if you’ve been unfriended. Thanks.


I dropped 14 “friends”. I feel like Jim Rob. My Facebook page is a conservative site. I believe in God, family, and love of country. That is what I will discuss with like minded people. Prior to the election I informed everyone on my page that if they voted for Obama don’t ever tell me how proud you are of my son in the army and how you are praying for his safety because it is bull. If they truely cared they would know how Obama is putting all of our serviemembers in harms way with his revised ROE.


My sister un-friended our brother’s daughter. Not because she’s a radical leftie, but because she refused to vote for Romney, so didn’t vote at all. They got into a FB pissing match and sis did the un-friend thing.

I don’t do FB, but we have an appointment next week to revise our Living Trust and Wills. With no children, my nieces and nephews were remembered. The ones who voted for Obama in ‘08 or ‘12 are deleted.


Chick-fil-A day took care of the few remaining outspoken pro-homo or libs. Most had already been purged. There may still be democrats among the remaining friends, but they aren’t vocal about it.


Yes, the day after the election I posted this on my drone-lib friend’s wall: “Well, _______, I hope you enjoy the next few years of watching the country you hate being destroyed. You’ll be doing it minus a friend. Oh, and good luck finding a job. (He’s been unemployed for about 2 years and is about to file for bankruptcy for the second time). You and your party make me sick.” And I unfriended him. Now as a Christian, I felt badly about the way I did it, so after a couple of days I called him to apologize for doing it that way, but told him I simply can’t talk to him - possibly for a very long time. And i will not re-friend him on FB. I continue to enjoy posting annoying information so my leftwing friends and family can see the hell they’ve unleashed on the country (not that they care) - for instance, the massive lay-offs that are taking place. And will continue to do so. By the way, one of my leftie relatives posted something about Santorum saying that homosexuals had stolen the election. I didn’t read it, but damn - if he did say that it’s idiotic - as much as I like him. I wonder if something he said was twisted by whatever “news” source this was to make him (and us) sound idiotic.

Anyway - I am doubling down on my posts on FB to rub the crap that is coming in their faces.


This has happened before...the Civil War...brother against brother,father against son. Get ready. It is SocialismVMarxism _vs_Capitalism/Freedom. Mutually exclusive. You were right. This Aunt is older than you,she will feel the results of her choice in a very personal and painful way re. Healthcare. When her government declares her non-productive and expendable she will look to family. If you can help her then-and want to- do so with a big “WAS IT WORTH IT??SORRY NOW???” Stay strong!


I started purging my F/B account of liberals a long time ago, then finally closed my F/B account for good. Someone submitted a complaint about me for posting anti-Obama comments. F/B shut me down for a day, then let me back on with a warning to essentially mind my manners. I told them to “mind this.”


 Remember the famous line, "I didn't leave the Dem party, they left me"?
nobody, and i mean NOBODY, that voted RAT in this election has that excuse, and is now truly the enemy... 


I did the same - its a direct assault on my childrens future….btw - they are 4 year college grads / deans list/ 23 and 24 but unemployed & living in their CHILDHOOD bedrooms


I did exactly the same thing, and if one of them calls me on the phone, I will hang up on them. Thank heaven my youngest child voted straight Republican this time! All the rest are solid Republicans.
By the way, is anyone else having sad dreams, as if someone died? I am.


I have an honest question and need advice from my FR friends.

My father and his wife are both big-time union-loving libs. We are supposed to go there for Thanksgiving Dinner. I really have a fear that something will happen because they are both petty individuals, especially my step-mother, and enjoy getting their political digs in at me since I’m the only conservative.

I told my hubs that one word from either of them regarding politics, and I was envoking the leave rule we developed because of their pettiness. [Leave Rule: When visiting, if either hubs or I say, “It’s time to leave,” we both get our things and go no questions asked.] It’s our way to by supportive of each other.

So if I walk into my father’s house and he supposedly jokingly states, “How about that Mitt Romney? Guess he’ll have to go back to Bain Capital.” I’m out of there.

Any thoughts? Am I being petty or childish? I’d hate to act in ways that I accuse my father and his wife of acting.


I have been unfriending many! My previous Pastor was first. He is white and married to a black girl. All he preached on was social injustice. Left his church and all the Libs in it as well.


I am skipping all holidays with the liberal in-laws.

Why pretend any longer that I want to be there, as they destroy America one voting cycle at a time. I’ve put up with them for 25 years.

They want socialism, they can eat it without me!


Abbeville, I love your town. I understand how you feel, but living in NYC, if I didn’t have liberal friends, I wouldn’t have any friends at all. Most of the people I know on fb are not close friends, but people I know through the work I do.

Also, from my point of view, when I stay in the mix and talk back, it pops their bubble for a minute. Especially when they keep doing that meme about how our side are all illiterate slobbering prejudiced morons, and I’m smarter and more educated than they are, and my work is in a part of the arts which is both avant-garde and multi racial. So every time I say anything, I’m destroying their false construction a little bit.


Not only have I been unfriending & blocking libtards on facebook, but I disowned my bother and parents for voting for Maobama.


Hah! My daughter is conservative but her best friend is a full blown commie. Wednesday my daughter posted a real kumbaya, can’t we all get along on FB. My response was......so are you friends with thieves in real life too?? It got a bunch of likes. Lol


I have a Facebook account mainly to keep in touch with my kids. They don’t do e-mail.

I don’t use Facebook to discuss politics, unless a Obamabot decides to put Move On crap or garbage from Stink Progress where I will see it w/o looking for it. If they throw it in my face, they own my response.
I have a lib “friend” that started posting a lot of this “war on womyn” garbage. I responded one day - telling her that abortion was basically a racist policy b/c of the high percentage of black babies aborted; how I didn’t want to have to purchase Sandra Fluke’s birth control; how the KKK was a Democrat group; how Jim Crow laws were supported by Democrats, etc.

All of a sudden I stopped seeing her posts. I inquired how to “block” someone of my daughter. I think this “friend” has blocked me. LOL!

Good riddance. They can reap the whirlwind. I’m going Galt.


” I compare my situation with some Rhodesian farmer in the 1980’s: I want out of the crosshairs.”

An excellent analogy.


That is precisely Obama’s tactic; DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

He’s done more to divide this country than anyone in history; and they’re right on target with their plan - the few socialist cesspool counties in a ring around the coast of the U.S. have us surrounded.


Like Andrew Breitbart said, “War”.

Not only was this election stolen, I will always believe Andrew was murdered by these Chicago thugs too.


  1. It's funny and tragic at the same time. It's like everything they do just gets them deeper and deeper into the hive-mind. I wonder how many family members have been disowned because freepers can't see beyond a person's politics.

  2. "Obama had a way of turning the relationship between political party members absolutely toxic."

    That way is officially known as Presidenting While Black.

  3. Meanwhile all the family members see is weird nephew Johnny dropping off the radar without a word to anyone.

    "Do we need to be concerned..?"

  4. this is some utterly bizarre behaviour - unfortunately I have seem some personally also.

  5. Hi!
    This turned my stomach. Not because of the hate, because of the pain and sadness.
    Seen it personally, too.
    Hi, Farkers!