Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eric Cantor knew before the election about Patraeus Scandal - Did not go public

As we all know by now, the FBI whistleblower who leaked the whole Petraeus case went to Eric Cantor in late October and told him what was going on. Reportedly, Cantor tried to get the facts of the case to come to light before the election but was unable to hurry things along. 

Of course, since Freepers seem to have no idea have classified information works, and they are entirely sure Romney would have won in a landslide if the public knew about Petraeus, they are curious as why Cantor didn't just make a speech about it once he found out, in order to valiantly deliver them from a second Obama term. In fact, in Freeperland, him not ruining his career over this means he must have chosen to protect Obama.

It sure was nice of Cantor not to leak the info to Drudge BEFORE the election, wasn’t it?

What a nice freaking guy. After all, if the shoes were on the other feet and the President running for reelection was a Republican, the rats would NEVER leak that kind of damaging info to MSNBC.


I don’t know what to make of this story other than it would not hurt my feelings if somehow Bonehead and Cantors dropped the ball, whatever
That ball may be, and both lose their leadership positions.


It is a Banana Republic now. I would rather retire in Costa Rica... at least they have an upfront banana republic and all of the smart Doc’s are going there.


Cantor is a cowardly turncoat. Israel can thank him for helping to keep Obama in office.


What a moron. A man in a who is one of the leaders of a political party that doesn’t seem to understand politics.


Cantor was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s program the other night. He kept looking down and to the right as he was talking. At first I thought he was reading a script or checking notes but as he continued, I realized it was a weird, very slow blink. His shifty eyes were signaling lies. 


Guys like Cantor and Romney think that at the end of the day, we’re all on the same side, all Americans. I disagree.

I think obama is the enemy and I’m not exaggerating that. I think he is equal to al qaeda in terms of his desires to destroy America.

So I think guys like Cantor and Romney dance the we’re all Americans dance by allowing obama to lead.

There is no better explanation. Otherwise, care to tell me what you think obama has over Cantor that shut him up? Closet homo? Felony theft? What exactly?


What would a Democrat Congressman do in a similar situation, with a scandal involving a Republican administration?

First, he’d do exactly as Cantor did—report the news to the FBI.

THEN, he’d leak the news to a friendly reporter at, say, the NY Times.

That’s how the D.C. game is played. And if our leaders aren’t willing to do this, it’s time to get new leaders.


"[Boehner and Cantpr] are as much to blame as the idiots who voted for this a##clown. The GOP regime lost the presidency 2 times to a street agitator who is nothing more than a jesse jackson or al sharpton. This in it self should tell you something. Its your turn to be president didnt work. These fools need to go if they want thier party to survive."

it is the American mind set,watch TV pay close attention to the programs, commercials, cartoons,
propaganda everywhere.

Examples intelligent black women tell ignorant geeky withe guy what insurance to buy.

Children making dad look like a moron.

There are hidden messages everywhere.


First time I heard Cantor, I swore he was a demwit. You could have blown me over seeing the R by his name.


Cantor has some serious explaining to do. I believe he has been elected minority whip, and this calls his party loyalty into question, as well as his patriotism.


"Cantor did the right thing, he couldn’t know that this might impact the election."

You must be joking! Cantor and all Repubs hould have use any and all material to sink Obama before the election! Just keep throwing of his own crap at him...some of it will stick.

What was Cantor thinking??

Waaas this the deciding factor in the electon? No of coursen not. But this combined with all the stupic Repub errors (hello Gov. Cristie!!) sure helped to toss the Narcisist-in-Chief over the goal.

Sorry for the typos! That’s the result of posting after a 16 hour work day (and getting paid for only 8 hours——thank you Dear Leader)


"Why Did Cantor Protect Obama?"

Let me think:

1. Bought and paid for

2. Likes little boys

3. Combination of the above.

Piece of cake. Next question? 


"They're all in it together."

Sure appears that way. Which tells me they all answer to someone else. 


  1. Freeper comments truly are the feces created when crazy eats too much stupid.

  2. "Sorry for the typos! That’s the result of posting after a 16 hour work day (and getting paid for only 8 hours——thank you Dear Leader)"

    What is this I don't even